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Brown University Pre-College Programs

things I’ve learned over my professional
career is that if we ever have the opportunity to work
with high school students, we should take it. Because really having a
understanding of the things that they’re thinking about,
passionate about, also worried about is really critical. ALEX: I’m very, very
happy with the people that I’ve been exposed to here. It’s a really good
mix of people. The instructors are great. They’re very hands on, and
they talk to us directly. They give us really good advice
and really good information. IAN: We can offer young
people an opportunity to develop the skills that
are necessary to voice their opinions and bring the
best of themselves to the work that they want to do. ADRIENNE: The Pre-College
Programs offer over 300 courses
in subject areas that range from science,
technology, engineering, and math to literature,
philosophy, religious studies, performance art, languages. It goes on and on. IAN: Brown is a
liberal arts college. But when you come here,
you don’t just read books. You do pretty much anything
you can possibly imagine. FEMALE STUDENT: Brown has such
amazingly specific courses, and it was exactly
what I wanted to take. And I love it. LESLIE: The day was done
with, but we’re still wanting to talk about what
had happened in class, and still meeting
people outside of class to talk about what we had
learned or stuff like that. That made it very,
very much communal. JOAS: The incoming
student will come into this classroom, this dorm
room, this university space where they’ll find
another set of students from a range of states in the
country, a range of countries in the world with a different
set of opinions from their own. COURTNEY: Most of
my friends, they’re from all over the world. One was from Italy. One was from Thailand, England,
California, Washington, all over the United States. MALE STUDENT: Meeting
new people, new cultures, new languages. We taught each other a lot. Like he taught me
stuff I didn’t know. I taught him stuff
he didn’t know. ADRIENNE: The
opportunity just to learn from peers about
their own experience is as important as what they’re
learning in the classroom. TAYLOR: It’s a lot of
helping each other, rather than just
working on your own, which I think is really cool. ADRIENNE: We’ll provide
students with more space to make decisions on their own. Meaning what courses you take,
when you sleep, when you eat, when you hang out
with your friends, when you do your
out of class work. ALEX: It’s a really great way,
especially before college, to understand just the campus
experience, the lifestyle. And being on an Ivy
League campus in itself is just great for inspiring
you to do your best. ADRIENNE: We are a
vibrant community throughout the entire summer. FEMALE STUDENT: I
don’t want to go home. FEMALE STUDENT: It’s one of the
best experiences of my life. Definitely go for it. FEMALE STUDENT: Go for it. COURTNEY: Just go for it. TAYLOR: Do it.

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