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Hi sist- You already fuc*ked up you idiot You have to do it with me dumbass N O P E That’s what I just asked you though *laugh* and you said it was okay, Hi bro- sist- ers- ers One more time Hi bro- sist- ers- ers Hi brothe- Hi- oh F*ck what the f*ck Hi bro- sist- ers- ers. I’m James (; and I’m Ian 😉 and welcome back to brother and sister * british * Brother and sister How are you sitting like that with your feet like… in there like FOCUS On today’s episode we’re going to be going Back in time to discuss something that I am horrified even to think about… school. (children : yay!) (Ian: were not going that far back) Yeah but it feels like it was a long time ago>:(( School for me was a sPoOkEd situation I definitely knew it that I wanted to graduate EARLy (me) and get out, and I was really not feeling life anymore (also me) Oh thats got deep really fast (grammar??) I definitely agree I’m OnLy a sophomore and I’m trying to leave as early as I can so- I love (-interrupting people) that You should definitely have like a high school education but you don’t really need anything after that (or no education at all) After I graduated I have not used a single one of my classes ever (lies you read a lot liar) Except for maybe math I actually liked math a lot (thats what I thought) Yeah I’m like failing math so- I love (-interrupting people) that for you I think the worst part about me for school is that I am someone who very much likes to live on the edge *all my friends are dead * Be crazily (grammar?) and be wild and for mE, having to wake up every single morning at the same exact time With our mom coming into my bedroom singing songs and screaming at us to get out of bed Racing down the freeway to get to school that was scary (I bet it was hoe) I remember we would sprint into school eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevery single day nah I would never run I was to tired for it (mOOD) Well then yah you were late, and then you complained about it (loser) I was never late You were an athletic sister in the morning. I was not (also me) oH, then came homeroom I had the worst homeroom teacher ever. (Cant relate) Our homeroom teacher would not let us be on our phones or eat during homeroom (cant relate) I got in a fight with her so many times about eating (other kids in my other classes) She was like put your coffee on the back table or I’m gonna send you to the principal’s office And I was like please do girl I would love to go (KIDS AT M SCHOOL NO JOKE) If I was gonna own a college one day I don’t know why I would ever own a college hello (pprobbaly a make up college tbh) I would put like a Chipotle in there a Wendy’s over here like I’m McDonald’s in the English hall (grammar? also I would only go to this college for food tbh) Oh yeah..!, no youre gonna,, youre gonna own a college!? *CHOEKS* Good morning sisters! and welcome back to another day of sister school, dont forget to finesse all of the straight boys (all the girls at my school) for some dickity picities! for lunch today we have…you guessed it *hm* Chipotle just like every day (omg my life in one sentence) have a nice day sisters Speaking of college (like you went sister stop talking about it) do you think you’re going to go to college Absolutely not (me) It’s like it’s very pointless I don’t really like *something* interested in anything in college So not sure why would I go for four years? (Big mood sis) Hey everyone I’m professor Ian I’ll be your sub for today do whatever you want I’ll be playing fortnite in the corner (every kid in my school) Alongside of makeup I also really love interior design (um sis we know) and I think I knew that college is not for me when I went to visit F.I.T. in New York And we looked at the dorm rooms and they were literally like 3 feet by 3 foot rooms (id love to be scrunched up in a ball n that room tbh) And I asked about decorating the rooms because well *hello* (hi) if you’re at a design school You’d think you’d be able to like make your dorm room cute (AHA BITCH YOU THOUGHT WRONG) the person doing the tour was like “Oh yeah we’re not allowed to paint or decorate the room.” I was like hello (hi) you have to live in this ugly and crusty dusted busted rusted busted wooden box for four years and she is like (Oh, no you just have to live here for two years then you can get an apartment :)” I was like oh yeah with my $4,000 a month apartment in the middle of Manhattan On top of my a Million dollar a month student loans when I’m learning absolutely nothing…ow *LE GASP* IAN *10 bands* I hate high school. (mood) Really yeah you do So much- o. I straight walk around with headphones and my hood up every day (meeeeee) Oh you’re one of those people (um james stfu so am i sis) Yeah, kids at my school are very annoying (m00d) Tea. I can feel that- and that everyone is fake too- Oh Get em expose em drag em girl When you started gaining followers like some of your friends like expect more from you? Yeah, literally was the worst, is that happening to you now that you’re like/ so much/ Instafamous (I cant write anymore sorry to stop making you laugh im probably not funny anyway k bye) yeah/spill the tea sister Everyone wants me to buy them stuff ah…me as soon as I started gaining followers and I set for covergirl everyone thought I was their sugar daddy all of a sudden I’m like hello. I’m looking for our suger daddy I’m not trying to be your guys’s suger daddy in the middle of Bethlehem New York Who’s asking you to buy you things, and what are they asking you to buy? I’m gonna name any names/oh so sorry I didn’t know you’re loyal to these people Sweat shirts, shoes, shirts basically everything sick clothing What a weird request Well they think I could afford Story time My high school bully Like hello made my high school life a living hell/hey there/every day of my life You know exactly who I’m talking about Literally sent me a dikitty pickities because he was convinced Did you say you say dicitty pickities? I did let me finish my story please/Inever want to hear that ever again He was convinced that I was gonna buy him Gucci shoes He’s like oh, yeah, like I really want these Gucci shoes like I’ll do anything for them And I was like oh really like what Do you have to offer? He’s like I’ll send you anything. Mind you this guy was really hot Well I thought he was hot at the time. He now he’s hideous literally so ugly But I think it also is the fact that his personality is literally one of the worst in the entire world I think that I’ve ever met But anyway regardless of a personal look because what’s on the outside is not important Apparently what’s in his pants as though? It was it was really good And he was like are you gonna buy me the shoes and I was like no absolutely not And he’s like aw that was really crappy of you And I was like wow so was you bullying me for the past ten years of my life. He facetimes me at least once a week with some other random college girl that he’s like trying to get in the pants off then like oh my god. Hey James and then whole like pan the camera on her She says hi and just hang up every single time/ you remember last year when I was biking home And then become that like arguing with that kid and then The next day in school. I got punched in the face. Yes I Remember that video that was all over Twitter. That was a weak punch. What basically the kid thought We said something to him probably probably probably did say something to him He then started DM me on Instagram saying is gonna come to my house And he came to my house at like 12 o’clock in the morning We love a man who follows her with his words rang on the doorbell And asked my dad to fight me my dad then grabbed a baseball bat and chase him down the driveway oh I would run after them with a baseball bat too 100% really? 1000% That it’s like our dad like down to uh tea Well anyways the next day at school It was an English class like eighth period yes yes he came in and started screaming sh*t at me Called me a pu*sy and decided to punch me in the face and then continued to scream and then ran out the door down the hallway And he got suspended. so It’s pretty dumb. That’s the thing that happened to me when I was in high school We’ve talked about this before but I also got punched well yeah from a skateboard kid dude right yeah, Jamie Can’t say names He’s gonna hunt you I said in my other video already. I dare him to come a hunt me down That would be really good and fresh ah my puncher does I make up we love a 5 million view video my puncher does my makeup that was one of the dumbest things I’ve ever said Okay, so although high school may have been not the best for both of us What was one experience that you did like with high school? In school like nothing Well, I’ll go because I for one do think education is sort of important here in the current world. We’re living as sike Okay, you are about you have about like four brain cells total so I don’t bashing education here sweetheart I for one like the fact that they kept me on a schedule because I am probably the laziest well not lazy I’m a really bad procrastinator If an assignment was do for me first period you better bet I was finishing it on the way there like with my binder In my hand scribbling down the answers from some other bitch. That was sitting next to me in homeroom I literally passed high school because her (something) so lit straight A’s love that for me queen of scamming but what was I saying You’re obviously like very antisocial in so weird I was like literally friends with everybody I’m not antisocial I’m just antisocial to like a lot of people But I’m like really social like my good friends I had a new friend over every day when I was in high school probably no I have like well. I’ve lost friends since high school started. Oh, I’m down to like five now when I was younger my goal is to be friends with everybody like I wanted to be that bitch the one that was like best friends with everybody Mr popular and I quckly realised that was not gonna happen once everybody was calling me annoying and did’nt want to hang out with me. Why would you say that? What is even like going on in school right now like fill me in on the gossip well one of the biggest problems for Our principal is probably um kids vaping in the bathroom. Oh, I mean good though You guys do not need to be smoking in the school bathroom/who said I’m doing that well he calls um literally 150 kids like and he’s calling and like/what and he’s called 1 well Good for him nahhh That is so trashy like you do not need to be doing that ever Like you actually just like walk in there’s like 15 kids just like sitting with a vape pen in the corner That’s gross you guys are like 12 years old speaking of vaping and smoking and drinking and partying Is the Clit still a thing? 100% there’s one tonight actually ughh Thank god. You’re not going. I can’t believe this is still a thing Holy crap/you didn’t even go noo I never once went if you’re you’re probably very confused if you’re watching this right now when I was in School there was a spot right near our house in the woods that kids would go and party There’s a huge bonfire, and they get so black out drunk every single Friday afternoon I would go on Twitter and like I would be like posting a makeup look and I would see everybody from my school posting Clit tn/clit tonight/clit tonight?/are you going to the clit tonight It’s not like that anymore though really it gets busted a lot more good yeah Let me get busted all the time by the police they start to catch on and oh there’s a new place now oh No, where is it now mom and dad know about the clit they 100% know about the clit they are not stupid You can probably tell school is not for either of us, I guess social media is the way to go Right Stay in school kids, please Education it’s not for everybody, but it isn’t poor in, so please pay attention in your classes work hard And then you can have fun later on because if you High schools important College is not, but that’s a whole separate story all right guys that is all we have with this videos tonight We really really. Hope you enjoyed it this episode of brother and sister And if you did Please don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up down below and go check out the other episodes We have I come first in that the brother and sister Feel powerful oh, I don’t like…this is so we need to change it sister and brother if you like to follow me on my brother journey all my social medias are Ianjd12 Oh my god. If you would like to follow me on my make up journey in instagram and twitter they are both jamescharles my snapchat for behind the scenes is jamescharles with an exrta s after charles there you go, thank you guys so much for watching. We’ll see you in the next one. Love you guys. Bye, bye bye bye bye bye you already f*cked up you idiot you have to do it with me dumbass

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  1. me: sneaks my tablet and watches it at night, then my mom caught me

    james and ian: kids vape and get drung in freaking HIGHSCHOOL

    me: feels like a good child

    (i'm not asian but sudanese)

  2. james telling me to pay attention in my classes while i sit here and watch all his videos while i'm deadass 3 weeks behind on everything

  3. I spoke into the microphone I said “brother and sister :school” it autocorrected to “hell”, which some people describe school as,but I don’t.

  4. The years of high school
    Freshman’s: I’m new here, and I’m ready to learn!
    Sophomore’s: (aka me) just silently in the corner working
    Junior’s: has a breakdown almost every night
    Seniors: Finally.

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