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9 thoughts on “Brainstorming tips for your college essay

  1. Thank you! Sometimes we are so tired and have so much to do, on that moment I feel so overwhelmed. I lack ideas and when I think on editing my own essay!!!! I've had it!!! I used this service to assist me. They have a lot of ideas and edit your essays. admissionessayspecialists.com

  2. Hi. Do you think I will be penalised for a few grammatical mistakes in my commonapp essay? Like missing an 'I' or a comma.?

  3. I am in 8th grade trying to write a personal essay for high school application. I want to write about a large topic of my journey through plastic pollution activism, but I am not sure if that’s a good topic ? I mentioned it earlier in my application but didn’t say how it shaped me as a person. Is this a good topic or should I rethink it?

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