Brain Freeze | Explorer Academy: Race for the North Star Award
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Brain Freeze | Explorer Academy: Race for the North Star Award

♪ EMMETT: Twinkle,
twinkle, little star ♪♪
that’s not supposed to
be where you are… It doesn’t make any sense. The constellation… CRUZ: You know I can’t
take you seriously
when you’re doing that. LANI: He shoots, he scores
and the crowd goes wild. CRUZ: So, the constellation? EMMETT: Here’s the thing. CRUZ: You’re saying
it’s not real? EMMETT: Exactly. It
doesn’t make any sense. Here, I grabbed
a screenshot. SAILOR: Why aren’t
you guys ready? CRUZ: Emmett found something
fishy at the planetarium. SAILOR: Get your heads
out of the actual clouds. We can stargaze later. Class people, class.
Let’s go. LANI: For once I’m glad
I’m stuck in Hawaii. But I can help with this
constellation mystery. LEGRAND: Nice of the rest
of Team Cousteau to join us. As I was saying, the Computer
Animated Virtual Experience is
a technological masterpiece. The atmospheric conditions
inside the cave are real. You can experience
heat exhaustion or in
today’s case, frostbite. DUGAN: Yeah,
virtual frostbite. LEGRAND: I assure you,
trips to the nurse’s
office are quite real. You will have one hour
to search high and above to
recover the Nautical Spyglass Scope from an
ancient shipwreck. First team to bring me the
scope gets the top grade and
one step closer to winning the North Star award. The Academy’s greatest honor. CRUZ: Wow!
SAILOR: It’s freezing out here. Let’s go. We’ve got to find
the Scope first. CRUZ: Wow, it’s
really cold in here. I can’t see a thing. Legrand said “high and above.”
The phrase is “high and low.” SAILOR: He wants us
to get to higher elevation
to find the ship. CRUZ: Which is back that way. Watch out! Wow, there it is. EMMETT: Last one
down is a rotten egg. Let’s never speak
of that again. CRUZ: Come on.
We’ll save time
if we split up. (sneeze). EMMETT: I’m not
seeing the Scope. CRUZ: Me neither. If it’s not in the
ship, it must be nearby. EMMETT: Come look. SAILOR: We’ve found it.
Sweet as. EMMETT: We’re going to need
tools to chip away at the ice. SAILOR: It’s
really down there. Back in New Zealand, my
uncle would just torch it. CRUZ: Hm, yeah, that’s it. SAILOR: That’s it.
EMMETT: That’s it. DUGAN: Back off.
We was here first. CRUZ: You won’t even
know we’re here. It’s going to be real
hard to start a fire
in these conditions. Yeah, it worked. SAILOR: We almost got it.
Just a little more. CRUZ: Yes! SAILOR: Avalanche, look out. EMMETT: Hold on.
CRUZ: No. SAILOR: I can’t
believe we lost. EMMETT: We survived
and we got a B+. Legrand saw we had the scope. CRUZ: And we have
something the others
don’t, thanks to Emmett. BOTH: What are
you talking about? CRUZ: Let’s go take a look
at the photo you took. Emmett’s discovery of the
fake constellation has to
do with the North Star. SAILOR: Because they
wouldn’t have added it
to the planetarium if they didn’t want
us to find it. LANI: Mind if I take
Mell for a spin while you
guys think this through? CRUZ: Sure Lani, go ahead. If it’s a clue to help
us with the North Star,
what does it mean? LANI: Look familiar?
That’s you guys. Well you at 500 feet. You see what I’m seeing? It’s a treasure map! The stars in the
constellation must point the
way to the North Star Award. SAILOR: The brightest star in
the constellation is directly
over the Planetarium. EMMETT: And the second
brightest is over the library. CRUZ: The library.
SAILOR: The library. CRUZ: I wonder what
we’ll find there. Captioned by Cotter
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