Boston College Awaits
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Boston College Awaits

Boston College is not just a place you
come to. It’s a place you’re a part of. Ours is a tradition, an experience, a
community, an education with the heart and soul, a place that will shape you in
ways you cannot yet imagine. Classrooms and labs, hallways and quads, dorms, game
days, libraries, trains, Boston. This campus will become your home, this
city your backyard, and over the next four years, the purposeful and the
profound will be unveiled in unexpected ways. The joy you discover, that
late-night conversation, the teacher you befriend, the alumni you run into, it all
forms a trajectory. It all serves to shape you, and while you might not have
noticed it, what you love, who you love, and how you love it will slowly fall
into place. You’ll slowly grow from student to
teacher, caregiver to advocate, dreamer to entrepreneur, roommate to lifelong friend,
and the true measure of your success will be the degree to which our world is
a better place because you had the chance to come here,
because you chose to make a difference. You’ll leave Boston College more
authentically yourself than you could ever imagine today. Congratulations class of 2022. Boston
College awaits you.

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