‘Born This Way’: Graduating UTRGV student uses class project to help teach acceptance
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‘Born This Way’: Graduating UTRGV student uses class project to help teach acceptance

As I stood on the chair, all I heard in my head was Lady Gaga’s voice saying, ‘You are not a freak. You were born this way, baby.’ En este momento, I chose to make a difference. I had received a second chance and I was ready to face the world. You know, theater for me has helped me unleash my identity. My being comfortable with my sexuality, with who I am. And a lot of people still, you know, don’t accept it within my family. But it’s okay, it gets better. I kind of idolize this person as we all know as Lady Gaga. She also was a theater performer. She reflected a lot on the arts. The performing arts. And I feel like she is very genuine in her approach. She saved my life. I was able to come to terms because of her, because of theater. Those two merges, connections, that kind of sparked a light To saying, ‘You know what? It’s okay. You are who you are. You’re accepted and you’re loved.’ It just brought back such dark moments in my time. Where I thought I had closed, didn’t want to open them again. This book kind of helped reflect upon that. I want to say it helped my find closure. In saying that after everything you’ve been through, You’re okay. You’re good. And you’re not finished yet. I don’t want kids to go through the things I went through, feeling alone. Feeling like they don’t belong in this world I want something uplifting for them, something positive, something great. Promoting higher education, I feel that’s the most important journey. UTRGV has been part of my academic career now.

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