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82 thoughts on “Boku no Hero Academia 2nd Season Ending 2 – Datte Atashi no Hero. (Synthesia)

  1. Hi RekiFr! .Take a look at the ending of Princess Principal, it seems that would be interesting this song in a piano 😉

  2. Could you maybe do a piano cover of one of Nano's songs? like maybe Silver Sky or The Crossing or Nevereverland? it doesn't really matter which one to me since I like them all :3 or do you only do anime songs? She also has some anime songs like Savior of song or Dreamcatcher or My liberation… Sorry for the request but I'm a huge fan of hers but you can find almost no songs on the piano of her.

  3. I would pay an embarrassing amount of money to see or read or experience in any way more of this ending's au lololol. awesome cover as always, cant wait to learn it! ^^ (whispers sayonara moon town? puppy eyes)

  4. RekiFr! Why don't u upload anything???

    Edit: Okay, it's been 3 months since the last upload. You're losing subscribers. 🙁

  5. I know you have lots of song requests already, but could you try and make one of Sayonara Moon Town? It's the second ending of Boruto and I think it would sound amazing on a piano. Thank you so much in advance!

  6. Hi, my friend, I want to say that I love your songs, my channel is drawing and I would like to know if you would allow me to use your music for my videos, of course I will leave in the description your channel and the music you use,

    Thank you and I hope your answer

  7. Are you alive?Just know,that we love you arrangement!I hope to hear your music again,RekiFr-senpai! (Sorry for my bad English.I'm not from England)

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