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52 thoughts on “Bob Saget Weighs In On Lori Loughlin, College Admissions Scandal | TODAY

  1. Wow I was like 10 years old 😂 now I’m 35 years old when I saw full house I still on Netflix with 🍿 😂

  2. God I just LOOOVE diabetes jokes!! Always so factual and relevant 🙄 super disappointed in you, Today Show. Why would you promote hurtful, debilitating, and FALSE myths about a deadly disease? Gross.

  3. He obviously was scripted to say that by his owners that give him residuals just in case she is found not guilty  and has the right to sue.

  4. No such thing as bad publicity!!! I started watching old full house episodes after Lori hit the news. This whole bribery case isn't hurting Full House and its actors "Except Lori" at all. Its benefiting them.

  5. That was an inappropriate question, wasn't the reason he went on the show, but he handled it perfectly and so did they.

  6. Bob: “ I can’t beLIEVE she is SOOOO CROOKED!!!!!” “Nor that her DAUGHTERS are SOOOOOOOO STUPID!!!! MY kids got in for only a TEN THOUSAND dollar bribe!!!!”

  7. Lying, cheating, unfaithful, unreliable, useless, good for nothing, screw anything that moves usually describes the majority of America women. Now they can be summed up in one word; A Laughlin. AKA a c**t

  8. Total clickbait. They titled like the whole story was going to be on Lori but it was less than 10 seconds of the 5 minutes. DECEIVED.

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