Blended Learning, Real Teaching
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Blended Learning, Real Teaching

(crowd clamoring) – To do blended successfully you really have to trust your students to take ownership and become a part of their own learning in a way that they might otherwise not be doing. – But it doesn’t get direct sunlight. – I started blended over a year ago and I got into because
I was starting to feel like I was teaching my
kids science really well, but I wasn’t really teaching them to be great students, and great learners. With blended, though I can go up to kids and I can really know: Are they getting what they
need to get out of this? And then those kids that
are, I can push them further and I can dive deeper
into something with them. They were performing on
standardized tests as well and really learning
that content and for me that just really made me stop and think, oh, this is something. We’re onto something here. – Everybody was like “Can I hold him? Can I hold him?” A traditional program it takes longer and to tell you the truth, it’s kinda boring. But the advantages of having a blended, is that you can get half the
work then in the computer and it’s fun to use a
computer for your class and the half part is that I don’t find the traditional part boring anymore because
I know all the stuff. – It’s just really
freed me up as a teacher in my instruction, and I’ve gotten to know
my kids so much better than I ever had in the past. I can tell you not only
what they know in science, but I can tell you what
are their strengths and weaknesses in literacy. I feel like I’m really teaching my kids, I don’t feel like I’m
teaching science anymore, I feel like I teach students.

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7 thoughts on “Blended Learning, Real Teaching

  1. luis I wanted to know the whole process of the blended learning you experienced in class ansd whether both face to face and computer based was done with the same set of students.

  2. AEP 800 Video Comment:

    This video, “Blended Learning, Real Teaching”, hits on many of the points discussed in my Module 13 post (Education Week, 2012). In the video, the educator discusses how blended learning in her classroom enabled her students to take ownership of their own learning. It shows how through the use of technology, blended learning can help students transition away from simply memorizing content to pass a test, and instead internalize the material in a way that seems applicable to their own life.

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