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52 thoughts on “Big Questions Ep. 25: Pomona College

  1. Want to study at Pomona or one of the other 5Cs? Find out how Crimson can supercharge your application. Go to https://hubs.ly/H09NBk90 and apply for a free assessment!

  2. You guys have to Washington University in St Louis! It's an amazing school that hasn't gotten the attention it deserves, which makes it hard for people to find out more about it.

  3. Can you guys please do embry-riddle Aeronautical university at Daytona Beach ? Really underrated probably the best aviation university. Also you guys did Cambridge and Oxford but not Imperial college of London which is just between those two.

  4. Can you please do rice university and Washington in st Louis for their architecture program? That’s what I’m interested in majoring

  5. The students don’t look so happy and looks so boring. Go Swarthmore College in PA! Much more intellectual and beautiful atmosphere and campus. Also a consortium with UPenn, Haverford and Bryn Mawr

  6. Great college, I always walk through there every so often and explore the area with respect to the campus.

  7. As a non-american, I only recently found out about the existence of liberal art colleges lol. Good thing too since many of them meet full demonstrated need

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