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Beyond the Classroom | Ricardo Laremont

Hi, my name is Ricardo Laremont. I’m a professor of political science and sociology here at Binghamton University. I have a wife who teaches here in the English department. I have two girls who are twelve; one’s biological, one’s adopted. When I came here in ’97, I studied Mandarin. When I adopted my daughter in China, I was the only one of the entourage who could order food. If you want to know one thing
that I’m crazy about, it’s “The Godfather.” . . which my wife rips me about all the time, because I can repeat scenes verbatim. “You come to me now? Now you come to me? You say, Godfather, do this thing for me. If you had come to me before I would do this thing, but you don’t come with love . . . you don’t come out of respect, you come to me now when you need me.” I used to play the trumpet but, music is a jealous mistress, as Duke Ellington said. So, if you don’t have the time to practice at least a half an hour of the day, don’t
bother. I don’t play anymore, but I still listen rather passionately to both jazz and
classical. I miss playing, but I had to make some choices. You’re either going to play, or you’re going
to write. Um. So vicariously, I enjoy myself through listening. I primarily look at Islamic law and Islamic politics in North Africa and also in the Middle East. So the next project involves looking at Tunisian youth and finding out how they see the future. One of the things that I’m focusing on is soccer clubs. When you look at Tunisia, when you look at Egypt, the resistance against . . . authoritarian regimes came from soccer clubs. Why? Because soccer clubs, you knew how to fight the police. You know. They knew how to retreat and advance. So there’s an interesting culture to soccer clubs that I’m examining.

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