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Beyond The Classroom: Experiential Learning

Upbeat Music Beyond the Classroom: Experiential Learning study abroad made me very worldly when
you’re in a foreign country and you’re in a situation where you don’t know the
language you don’t know the culture you don’t know anyone around you it truly
makes you find yourself and find what you’re capable of I talked to the speech
pathologist who has worked with severely autistic children for some time and she
was very excited about working with a robot in an attempt to increase our
communication skills we’ve really been trying to build off that by making these
small programs for the kids so I’ve seen the effects of how the technology really
helps children with autism and I wanted to be a part of that you find things
that you never find in a classroom situations like you get stuck and all of
a sudden that’s really more like real life
not everybody has all answers and sometimes you all get stuck as a team
and you have to go fishing to find the answers most of the students who came on
this trip with border link of they had an initial interest in migration issues
and immigration in the United States after the experience not only are they
still interested in the topic they’re really motivated to make a difference
I’ve wanted to be an immigration lawyers’ resolved eight years old this experience
kind of enhanced it more and made me more passionate about what I want to do
so I found my internship because the owner of the business was actually an
alum there is kind of a small business revolution happening right now it’s
fashion and that’s what I’m kind of gearing towards it gives you more
hands-on an experience I got a summer internship with the National Weather
Service in Binghamton as a summer volunteer from there I learned a lot
about the weather service I learned a lot about forecasting I was able to
interact with the public I was able to go on storm surveys it was a really good
overall experience my experience the National Weather Service has made me
realize that forecasting might not be the exact path I want to go but that’s
what internships are for service learning in these types of environments
when you’re immersed in helping others transform students because they start
thinking critically about shoes in ways they never might have in
the classroom

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