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Beyond the Classroom | Dmitry Ponomarev

Take One: Marker. Hello. My name is Dmitry Ponomarev. I’m an associate professor in the the Department of Computer Science. A few years ago, I went to the conference strip in New Orleans . . . And, in one of the restaurants, they served
the alligator meat. And, that looked weird to me just looking
at the menu and I wanted to try just for the kicks of it. And, while my buildup was big and expectations are high . . . But, it actually tasted, almost like a chicken, so I was really disappointed. Ah, it brings memories to the company and the sight of ?? is great . . . My hobbies. You know, I like to play soccer. And, I played in a league here in Binghamton . . . with the Dome, the airport dome, you know, every Sunday. You know, winter, summer. It goes year-round with pick-up games in the middle of the week. It’s good exercise and good for the community and a lot of different people come. I knew back in the high school that it
was my passion in engineering and computer science was in ??? . . . And, I finished my computer degree in Russia and got my PhD from the Science Department here at Binghamton. And, I have been a faculty here for the last
12 years. I have students from Turkey . . . ah, India, China, U.S., Brazil . . . That’s a big diversity and I understand coming myself from a different background; from a different country. And, going through the experience myself of being a graduate student here. I appreciate and I understand what these students are going through. And, I think I ??? to connect to them. So, my particular area of scholarship and
research is computer architecture. Computer architecture is the art of
design in microprocessors and memory systems . . . So, that they are high-performance far efficient, reliable, secure . . . and, so on. And, a faculty job is rewarding, not just because of the research . . . but also because of students you know . . . is to see the growth of the graduate students and the undergraduate students. It’s an honor. It’s very rewarding. That’s probably the best part of this job. If you go through the undergraduate or graduate program, enjoy the experience, but work hard. Alright. Don’t goof off too much. These are the best years of your life where you learn as much as you learn . . . And, everything is going to count.

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