Beyond the Birds & the Bees – What Comprehensive Sex Education Looks Like
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Beyond the Birds & the Bees – What Comprehensive Sex Education Looks Like

– You know, it’s called a vagina. (screams) – That ruins a perfectly good banana. – Well, I know, and then you just… – What do you think we’re
gonna talk about today? – Sexual intercourse. (group giggles) – Alright, get it out
now, all your giggles, whatever you need to. Healthy sexuality education encompasses all the different components,
aspects, of one’s sexuality. So, parents are doing the primary work by communicating their values. – Could you tell me about sex? – About (coughs) sex? – And, then, teachers
and other professionals are providing young people
with the information they need and the opportunity and spaces they need to discuss those things with their peers. Sex education in kindergarten
should focus on empathy and narrating emotional experiences. – Fidel, when are you glad? What makes you glad? – Doing cartwheels. – Doing cartwheels makes you glad. – Sex education in elementary school should be an extension of that and focus on how we treat each
other, and that it matters. We’re gonna get explicit really quickly, we’re gonna talk about anatomy. You ready for that? Okay. Sex education in middle
school should include puberty education that
is medically accurate and comes from credible resources, as well as how that
information can be applied to the social dynamics
that they’re experiencing. Sex education in high
school should include additional information about
safe sexuality practices, and, also, continued practice on how to apply that information to the complexities of social dynamics. So, students have the
opportunity, in a school setting, to talk about these issues, learn about them with the very people who they may be exploring
those things with. And that’s something that you can’t really create in your home.

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