BEX V Rainier Beach High School
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BEX V Rainier Beach High School

Two critical Seattle Public Schools
levies are on the February 12th, 2019 ballot for renewal, the district’s
Educational Programs and Operations Levy and Building Excellence 5 Capital
Levy or BEX 5. The BEX 5 levy will replace or modernize eight
aging schools. Rainier Beach High School it’s a special community for multiple
reasons. The opportunity is amazing. And we ask kids to do more. Our education is
skyrocketing ever since we got the IB program. The International Baccalaureate
program, the college prep program and it prepares you to be successful in college.
I took advantage of the IB program. The rigor is higher and I don’t want a low
ceiling for our students. The courses are challenging but it challenges us because
we do need that challenge. We need to give our kids the technology and the tools
of a 21st century school that can help them reach their dreams. They want to be
successful they want to be meaningful, game changers, agent changes for the
community and the world at large. I want to just learn in a safe environment a
comfortable environment . Our heating system sometimes it’s on sometimes it’s
not usually in the mornings classrooms are extremely cold. We’re in the Rainier Beach library right now and you can’t really tell but it’s like freezing in
here. We’ve gotten small parts of the school fixed but the thing is we need the
whole school to be fixed we need the structure to be different.
Our kids are amazing and nothing can hold them back. There are students in
this school that has so much going for them so much potential
knock-knock-knock and we need to rebuild our school like we need our school to
look as successful as our students. Yeah, that would really mean a lot for
everyone in the community. It’ll be perfect.

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