Beth Tfiloh Middle School Evening of the Arts 2019
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Beth Tfiloh Middle School Evening of the Arts 2019

Ya’aleh v’yavo v’yagi’a v’yera’eh v’yeratzeh
v’yishama v’yipaked v’yizacher zichroneinu ufikdoneinu v’zichron avoteinu v’zichron Mashiach ben David avdecha
v’zichron Yerushalayim ir kodshecha v’zichron kol am’cha Beit Yisrael l’fanecha
lifleita l’tova So you ain’t got any family
Who said you needed one? Ain’t ya glad nobody’s waiting up for you? When I dream on my own
I’m alone but I ain’t lonely For a dreamer nights the only time a day… Appointments are scheduled on the third Monday of every month. You’re welcome to schedule and appointment to schedule an appointment, but not until next Thursday, when appointments for appointments are scheduled. How on earth does anything get done around here? You’re Julia Scrumptious! So I’ve been told. Come along now children. Let’s go. But daddy! Just a moment, Mr. Potts. Exactly what is it you’ve come about? Daddy’s invented a… Shh! Ah, sweets! With holes! It just so happens that these holes are seemingly deliberately placed and precisely arranged. They are, are they. And I Boris will be…Boris! Brilliant! And we will be English! (Singing while dancing off stage)

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