Best MBA Colleges in the World – USA, Canada, UK, Australia, India
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Best MBA Colleges in the World – USA, Canada, UK, Australia, India

What are the best MBA colleges in the world? In this video, we’ll first list down the best MBA programs in USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, Asia, including India and then we’ll talk about why this isn’t the right question to ask when starting your research. So watch till the end. Over the years, several reputed pulications have come up with MBA rankings. Each publication uses a variety of criteria, including alumni ratings, post-mba salary, ROI, class and faculty quality and diversity among others. USA leads the world in the number of popular business schools. American MBA dominate most of the rankings. But there are many excellent MBA programs in other countries with varying formats and costs. When you have 1000’s of MBA colleges to choose from, it helps to have a filter that will make your job easier. That’s where MBA rankings can help. Rankings also help business schools establish their popularity and enhance their brand value. At a macro level, MBA rankings and their underlying parameters can provide insights into how the country and its economy use these advanced management degrees. Among the many rankings available we have collated data from three sources that rank international programs. Keep in mind that these rankings change every year, so we have listed some of the top MBA programs that consistently get featured by top MBA rankings. The United States is the birthplace of the MBA degree. It has held on to its first mover advantage by housing the best MBA programs in the world. More than 50% of the top ranking business schools in the world are american. The majority of the full-time US MBA programs have a duration of two years and they accept relatively younger candidates as compared to other countries. We recommend around 3-5 years of work experience while applying. Here’s a list of the best MBA colleges in USA. Most of the non-US MBA programs, mostly in europe and the UK are one year in duration. These programs are more intense and suited for experience professionals with a slightly higher work experience , the average being around 6 – 8 years. The advantage of a one year MBA would include lower costs incuding tuition fees, living expenses and the opportunity cost, making it a good choice for the budget and time constrained candidates. Here’s a list of the best ranking MBA programs in Europe. The United Kingdom has some of the oldest universities the familiar language that’s english, the multicultural society and London being one of the economical and financial centres of the world make the UK quite and attractive option for an MBA degree. Here’s the list of the best MBA programs in the UK. Canada has become a popular MBA destination for international students. This is mainly due to the opportunity it provides to conveniently transition from studying to legal working status. In addition, it also offers affordable education with world class resources, a multi-cultural exposure and good living standards. Here are some of the top MBA colleges in Canada. Australia is gaining ground as a desirable MBA destination Australia is pretty friendly for arranging scholarships for deserving international students. An MBA from an Australian university can provide a rich, intercultural experience along with an opportunity to train in a competitive world class environment. One thing to note is that while the cost of an Australian MBA is somewhat lower than the leading programs in the US but its living costs are quite high. Here’s a list of the top MBA colleges in Australia. Top asian destinations include Singapore, India, China and Honk Kong. MBA programs in Asia offer a fantastic ROI, in comparision with those from US, UK, Europe. Here are some of the top MBA colleges in Asia. Okay now that we have covered the best MBA programs in the world let’s come back to the point we raised earlier. When you’re just starting your MBA planning and research, is this really the question you should be asking? The answer is No. Let’s take an example to understand why. Most would agree that Harvard Business School is among the most respected names in the world, but let’s say you want to work in an Asia based social impact fund. Sure the Harvard brand can open up doors globally but you may be able to accomplish the same career goals by choosing a top MBA college in Asia and a fraction of the cost and time. The main point here is that the best MBA in the world may not be best for you. So while applying to MBA programs, use the rankings only as a reference. Remember that these rankings are based on certain parameters so there is always a chance there may be a mismatch with your aspirations. Make sure you apply to programs where you fit in well. This means you need to do your research and select the MBA program that would be the right one for your post-MBA goals.

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49 thoughts on “Best MBA Colleges in the World – USA, Canada, UK, Australia, India

  1. Got any questions for us about your international higher education plans and business schools? Paste them here along with your profile details. We'd be happy to share some perspectives.

  2. sir i want to take admission in insead business school…what is the suitable profile…i am a civil engineer with one year of working experience ….but i want to work in finance industry as venture capital should i even opt for insead or go for mba in my home country and then go for masters in finance few years later..

  3. Hey sameer, i have scored 658 in gmat and i have 2 years of work experience but my bachelor's percentage is 66%. Will i be able to make into some good b school ? If yes, then suggest something. Thanks

  4. Mr.Kamat, you have been a wonderful helper to me. MBA Crystal Ball is really informative. Are the MSc Management programs good alternative to MBA in UK and Canada? i am looking for a 1 year MBA/MSc ROI & (Opportunity Cost) with a good job market for Indian students. i have a 4 years BFA in film & Mass media from JNAFAU & AISFM with 8.1 CGPA. Have roughly 2years work exp & few good internships along with one NGO volunteer exp during college. Is my work profile and academic profile even suited for Management and if so which ones shall i opt for? Please guide me. Here's my Linkedin resume:

  5. Hello sir, could you please make a video regarding the post-study work permit after an MBA in USA/UK? Thank you for your help. 😀

  6. Hi sir,  I'm in third year of engineering and planning to pursue MBA but unfortunately I have low past academic records(10 &12th) 

    What should i do should I take some experience first or should I go with master in management from abroad?

  7. Hello sir , I have completed my graduation in B.Tech in ECE with 72% in 2018. I want to pursue my MBA now and I want to know about the value of the Indian MBA for a fresher with little work experience. My initial thoughts were to do an MBA abroad, but most of the B-schools require work experience and also the fee in foreign B-schools are very high. Can you make a list of colleges that accept students with no work experience for an MBA programme and I am asking for the colleges that have a considerable percentage of fresher's in their class profile not just exceptional scenarios like Wharton or Stanford

  8. Hello sir i am graduated for more than 4 years in civil engineering with out work experience i would like to come to india for studying higher education i am confused between mba which i like it most and ms in civil engineering ,please could you give me some tips?? Thank you

  9. Greetings Sir,
    My query is that, can students take admissions to mba colleges right after their graduation without any work experience ?

  10. In city university of London they need some work experience up to 6yrs . May i know the importance of work experience in the branch of international trade in MBA . Can u please make wake video on that ?

  11. Sir, kindly help me in sorting out the best B School for Operation Management Globally as I have an experience of 4yrs in mechanical maintenance engineering

  12. I am 4th yr engineering student just want to that
    I want to join like fresher.Is there no option for me in these top B- school

  13. Hi Samir, I have 9 years of IT experience and I want to do EMBA in ISB – PGPPRO and also kindly suggest if there is a good university from Australia equivalent to ISB – My final goal is to settle down in Australia.

  14. Hi Sameer, thank you so much for your informative videos. I am in my final year of under graduation pursuing B.Com (Accounting and Finance). I will pass out in May 2020. It’s a 3 year degree. I have been consistent at getting good grades and taken part in numerous extracurriculars. However at this point in time I am very confused on taking up a Masters (MiM, MS Fin) or an MBA ? I am veering towards getting work experience before I go abroad but would love to hear your point of view. The end goal being an easy transition process from student to resident.

  15. I'm from India and looking for study in Canada. Im bcom graduate having 3.5 years of experience under accounting and finance department in MNC. I would like to know which master degree is suitable for me. Please let me know. 

    Note: I did not given GMAT &GRE exam. Please suggest those courses and University where GMAT n GRE scores are not required.

  16. Sir plz help me.
    I have completed 12th class with Biology, then I didn't know what to do. I was not aware of my future. So my parents got me admitted Into a 2year medical laboratory diploma.I just finished it this year that's why I don't have a degree yet(I'm 21yrs old now). I feel like I wasted 2years on it while other are doing professional degrees and are already half way on their graduation.

    I'm stuck, I don't know which degree to pursue to get a decent job. I got enrolled in a bsc.(biology) degree as the deadline was about to end. But it will take 3years to graduate & I won't get a job even after completing it as it is a research oriented degree. By the time I complete it, I'll be 24yrs without any job. So I'm thinking to drop it and do any professional degree.

    Plz help me with career guidance.

  17. Is MiM from Top universities like Lse or imperial or King's College or Manchester is better than Mba in normal university?????
    Please help me out with this !! Sir

  18. I have so far completed B.E. and I want to study Mba from recognized university. So what are the prerequisites for pursuing Mba ?

  19. What above the middle class family can get into these college not having so great score like 600 above gmat score.

  20. I'm one of the students who aspire to learn from a foreign university .I have doubts regarding how much will it cost to study abroad and how can I get scholarships.

  21. Hello,
    I am interested in applying for MS in Finance to schools in USA.
    My question is whether US universities accept a Correspondence/External Under Grad. degree.
    My Under Grad. Degree in B.Com. is External/Correspondence.

  22. I have completed my MCA and working in TCS from last 5yrs. Is it  worthful for doing MBA Regular degree (evening class) Or Part time MBA. what can i get after doing MBA in IT industries ..what is its scope and future.

  23. Hello sir/ma'am,

    I completed my graduation this year from Civil Engineering, now I am planning to do an MBA.

    I need to know two things

    1. What would be the best specialization for me?

    2. My academic profile is not so good till my intermediate, I got 67.4% in 12th and 76% in 10th(high school) but I got 79.4% in graduation. So what can I do to improve my profile? To get accepted in top B-schools like IIMs, SP Jain in India or top B-schools of America.

  24. I am a BBM undergraduate with 3.0/4.0 CGPA , I have 2 years of entrepreneurial experience , I lost another year due to a medical disability. I am right now 24 years old.

    I believe I am out of bounds to many MBA colleges as a result of my low CGPA.

    Some of my quries are

    A)Will a second undergraduate degree at this stage help me in securing a top tier MBA/MiM, granted I pass with a CGPA that is in range of my target school?.

    B)What kind of profile building measures can I take to improve my odds of securing an admit in the top 20 colleges either for MiM or MBA.

  25. Hi, I'm from India currently in 3rd year Engineering. I have more than 10backlogs and a year drop. Can I still get a good college in canada?

  26. Hi

    i am pursuing my third year in mechanical engineering and i have always wanted to do higher studies and for the past few months i have fixed on MBA in abroad. Now the problem i have is i have got is i have to come back to India before i'm 26 due to some family issues. The problem is i cant have the minimum 2 years work experience which most reputed colleges ask for. so i want to know if doing an MBA is worth without work experience. As i badly want to do it can you let me know the ranked colleges which take in students without work experience too….preferably in France.waiting eagerly for your response.

  27. Dear Sir/Madam

    I have completed in my graduation in commerce discipline ( in 2017 with 57.3% marks. 

    Class 10th score 7.2 CGPA

    Class 12 score 66.4

    No work experience

    I want to pursue MBA and given CAT 18 And scored 82.5 percentile 

    And I am planning to give tha same this year(CAT 2019) but my preparation isn't good this year compare to last.

    I need some guidance from where I should go for MBA here in INDIA or in abroad. Thank in advance.

    Thanks & Regards


  28. Hello Sir,
    I have been working as a Cabin Crew with an International Airline. I wish to pursue MBA from Canada. Where all can I apply with this work experience?
    Thanks & Regards.

  29. Helo sir im a BCOM student i have got 49% in Bcom, 81% in 12 th and 80% in 10th.. And now i got a work online its a work from canada.. Its a money transaction work.. So sir i would like to know whether i can get an admission in US or in any good colleges in other states

  30. Right now I am working in an IT company under technical domain and I want to change from technical to non technical management is my domain of it ok if I do MBA and change my courier path.

  31. I’m going to complete ACCA soon, and I want to study further, abroad in USA, which course would be suitable for me after finishing ACCA? Like should I do an MBA in USA?Could you please suggest?

  32. Hii sir …. Am doing ug final yr nd i need to know is there fiance marketing course (dual specialization)available in india ???……. Pls tell me 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  33. Can u please make a dedicated video of
    Mba in travel and tourism management
    Because there's very less information about this course

  34. Hello sir.. I wish to pursue MBA from a foreign univ. but I fear in regards to my GPI which is 6 out of 10.
    Is it ok to have such a pointer…..with a great gmat score? Will I be able to get IVY league ones?
    Please respond sir.

  35. Greetings Sir,I need to ask from you whether the best B schools of the world accept gap years considering one has taken them to prepare for competitive exams?

  36. Good Evening sir
    i would like to study and settle in new zealand is the univeristy of auckland / waikato/canterbury are the good university and will i get a global recognition once the education is complete . i want to go for post graduation in supply and logistic or entrepreneurship, i have a four year work experience in the gulf and hold a pg in finance from jadavpur univ , awaiting for your response

  37. Hi Sameer. Thank a lot for this informaticve video.
    I am commerce graduate and Chartered Accountant (CA) by profession with 3 years of work experience in Big 4 accounting firms. I am planning to give GMAT this year. Please suggest what institutes should I target with this profile?
    Thanks already !!

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