BEST CLASSROOM PRANK EVER!!! Professor Stabbed in Lecture (Prank in India)
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BEST CLASSROOM PRANK EVER!!! Professor Stabbed in Lecture (Prank in India)

Ok now First Welcome to the college I hope you enjoy the three years that you are gonna spend here and please ensure that you make maximum use of it most of because, you all are *** students your creativity, your talent is what the world would like to see that is what the college would like to see This is Chirag a student from our college he has come to take class for you so class, Chirag here This year we have started with a protocol… umm.. so first day no studies at all so I would like to ask you to introduce yourselves so we’ll start the introduction from here yes.. you don’t have Maths you only have Maths in July so that would be the basics right? ya, it would be some basic maths but not like “1+1” but a little serious ok yaa tell me my name is.. I am interested in Animation and Photography Sir please help me sir stop top, what’s wrong? what’s wrong? 1 sec. 1 sec. leave leave leave leave leave leave who are you? leave leave… move move.. Please help me sir I haven’t done anything F**k he’s bleeding 1 second 1 second leave him leave him.. get up calm calm calm.. calm down.. listen.. just let me talk to him please sir.. help who are you? I am the Professor what’s the problem?.. tell me the problem there’s no problem, I just want to hit him hey.. hey.. hold on.. hold on.. Please get out of our way.. or else we will hit you too just get aside.. if you are the professor just stand aside cool down friend hey hey.. stop f**k man.. he’s bleeding.. come here sir you need to be out of this.. you just be out of this you too come outside Hey! You just get away! Why the Hell are you getting into our way? Hey just get away! sit on your places! no one is going to shout! no one is going to shout! stop this f**king camera just sit on your places just sit sit down sit sit.. I am telling you to sit take away everyone’s mobile phone give your mobile phone put your phone in this bag just keep it! Guys it was a prank

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