Best Books for Engineers | Books Every College Student Should Read Engineering Books for First Year
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Best Books for Engineers | Books Every College Student Should Read Engineering Books for First Year

Maybe you guys are wondering what books I’m reading this fall, and what books you can be reading this fall to crush it in your engineering Road well in this video I’m gonna show you seven books that just showed up from my Amazon shopping cart And they’re all about how you can crush it in college How you can start your career on fire, and how you can rise to be the best engineer you can possibly be? Hey 1% nation, I’m Jake Voorhees and you are watching episode 51 of the 1% engineer show But we empower young engineers to rise to the top 1% Of their career if this is your first time of the channel guys make sure you subscribe because I release videos on Wednesdays Saturdays and Sundays for engineering career success And if you want the 1% engineer kit guys comment below, and I’ll make sure you get a link for that I read books all the time It’s part of the reason why I have a bookcase Strategically in the background of this show and that’s why I talk about professional development books a lot I’ve referenced them in my videos and I read constantly most successful people talk about how much they read how much that their mentors encouraged them to read and everything under the Sun about awesome books like these that we’re about to go over so this video is the 7 books that just Arrived from my Amazon shopping cart and I’ve been waiting to read there’s some heavy hitters in here and a handful from Cal Newport So let’s jump right into it guys with book number one influence the psychology of persuasion This book is written by Robert Steele Dini PhD who did most of his career as a professor at Arizona State University? It sold over 3 million copies and has been translated to 30 languages and it’s won numerous awards this book has been mentioned over and over and over again by the Podcasts that I listen to so you know books are good when awesome people will just continue to reference them and this book talks about The top six principles of persuasion that you can deploy in your life to be more likeable to crush it in job interviews To network well at events to network well during internships, and your first job and really quickly those six principles are reciprocity commitment and consistency social proof Authority liking if people like someone they’re more likely to follow them or list to them and Scarcity Mach number two is the productivity project by Chris Bailey? I’m very impressed by this guy because in this book he talks about watching 296 TEDx talks in one week and then summarizing them when I’m super impressed by Bailey because he is a 28 year old author and is crushing it with this book after Bailey finished up college He took a one-year break to do some intense Experiments on productivity using himself as a human subject things like going three months only using his phone for one hour a day ten days of intense seclusion Waking up at 5 a.m.. Consistently and before this he basically had no reason to be an authority in productivity He just did all these experiments and ran all this data and put out content about this and made himself an influencer in this space This is what I talked about you put out content guys You’re gonna become an expert in it people are gonna know you as the productivity guy if you write about this and that’s what he did so I’m super excited to read this book and Regurgitate the advice right back to you guys he can be better students better Professionals and be more productive with your time book number three and we have three from this author because he has that awesome Count Newport’s so good They can’t ignore you this is one of five new port books about personal development, but first let me tell you about Newport Let me tell you about why I have bought three of his books And why I’m warranting all of those in this video Newport released his first book which is in this list when he was 23 after graduating college while he was studying at MIT For his PhD he’s now a 35 year old professor at Georgetown in DC And his niche is college and early career success this book and it’s kind of an attention catching read cover That’s why we’re leading off with it But it’s actually all about how to find your passion and become awesome at what you do instead of actually Firstly pursuing that passion his thesis and it’s based on evidence according to this book is that you don’t actually fall in love with what? You do until you become awesome at it, so he believes that it’s less about actually starting with a pursuit of passion But it’s about changing the attitude around what you do at work and becoming so good at it that you fall in love with it And you just become an expert in that field and find ways to make it good make it awesome And I do want to say don’t fully believe in this I think you have to be in an area You’re kind of passionate about or interested enough to become awesome, so it definitely goes with a grain of salt But I’m excited to read it and I’m excited to give these lessons back to you guys number four another Cal Newport and this is how to win at College and this book overlaps with a lot of the lessons that I teach you guys It’s a guide to getting ahead once you have gotten into college It’s a study from the most successful students around the country we’re talking MIT Harvard places like this and it provides 75 simple rules that will allow you to Rocket ship to the moon to the top of your class and it’s things like becoming a club president not worrying as much about your GPA but killing it in the classes that will matter for your career don’t pull all-nighters Be healthy and always be working on some sort of grand project some sort of side project This is what Ash Norton talked about in her interview always be working on something have something to talk about that’s going to impress people number five another Cao Newport award-winning textbook This book is about unconventional strategies that real college students have deployed to get better grades in less time It’s one thing that most college students are very interested in a lot of textbooks reference these types of strategies Win more with less time because that’s what everyone’s interested in that way you can have more time for video games more time for partying But you have to get good grades, otherwise you’re gonna fail out it basically debunks the theory that a lot of students believe in that 4.0. Or really high grades nothing. I’m advocating for a 4.0 But you should be trying to get good grades is reliant on all-nighters and cramming and ultra ultra high amounts of studying And that’s just not absolutely true It’s about studying smarter not harder And it’s about a lot of the things in my top 9 study tips for engineers things like streamlining your study habits So you’re more efficient with that time taking better notes how to provide the best answers on your tests and quizzes and to know which Reading assignments and which assignments in general are critical and which are not? Number six getting from college to career by Lindsay Pollock Lindsay Pollock is a career expert and global spokesperson for LinkedIn Lindsay Pollock offers the first guide about giving you the confidence skills and Experience needed before you start your first major job search this book is packed with career advice for students on Landing your dream job after you graduate She has 90 action oriented tips within this book that I’m super excited to relay back to 1% nation things like avoiding mistakes Subscribing to your local newspaper how to do emails like a professional make every event a networking success essentials within internship achievement prepare for interviews and things like this It’s not really excited for this one – and book number. Seven kind of this little guy It’s only forty pages or so is called the strangest secret by Earl, Nightingale Earl Nightingale was a motivational speaker in the 50s and his famous for producing the first spoken word record kind of like a Audio book back in the 50s that went gold so it sold over a million copies when it was released in 1956 a Nightingale was inspired by a book Think and Grow Rich which is on this bookcase right here And the core inspiration behind driving this book and also his passion that fueled inside of him from reading thinking Grow Rich was It was a six word mantra that we become What we think about so essentially this book is a tool to eliminate negative thoughts from your mental space just being positive being goal-oriented and Just think of the task at hand whether that saving money or achieving better grades or getting those first jobs But it’s mostly about slashing all negative thoughts and knowing that you’re going to succeed Knowing that you’re gonna be successful in whatever your goals are and just envisioning that perfect job and visioning that offer Envisioning getting into grad school, whatever it is that’s on your plate This book provides you a simple short 40 page framework to achieving that so I hope you enjoyed my book lineup for this fall These seven books will probably all be individual videos themself and if you’re interested in any of these books I have links down below and let me know in the comments section which of these books you are most likely to check out which One are you getting excited about so if you enjoyed this video guys consider subscribing? So you don’t miss out on the videos that I released three times a week for engineering success Thanks for watching the one percent engineer show guys and stay hungry on your quest to become a more engineer Cheers

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22 thoughts on “Best Books for Engineers | Books Every College Student Should Read Engineering Books for First Year

  1. They sound great. It seems daunting and confusing to make the most of the college experience and career search, so I'm hoping these will clear that up.

  2. I read a big chunk of How to Become a Straight-A Student and I'm surprised at how practical it is. Thanks for the recommendations!

  3. Awesome, you read my mind. I need to get into reading more, I'm definitely putting a couple of these books on my list. I really want to read Dale Carnegie's "How to Win Friends and Influence People" as well. Can't wait!

  4. This is kinda off topic, but can you create your own engineering company after college. Kind of like how bill gates used his knowledge to create things which built up to Microsoft, rather than just hiring people who are engineers, and you yourself don’t know much about engineering.

  5. Hey, thanks for posting the video. I'm 16 right now, and I'm dual enrolled (basically I'm in college). I'm trying to become a roller coaster designer/engineer so thank you for sharing these books, looking to read the 2 college ones by Cal Newport and gonna read the other one later… trying to get into reading cuz I think it will help with my attention span and being more productive… anyways, thanks a lot for the content, hope you become more popular on YouTube

  6. Hi! i`m 17 years old and want to become an engineer, is reading books the best thing to do right now to build my future career? Great video:)

  7. I have been hearing so much good things about "Think and Grow Rich". Definitely checking that book. Also "So good they can't ignore you". Thank you for this video.

  8. Dude wtf? You and I both have that Influence book interest. I literally have not met another CE who was into that. I highly recommend it too. I always recommend that over "how to win friends…" book, even though the latter is more popular. Similar books though… Btw, I did not read influence until May 2017. So, it wasn't something I used in college unfortunately. But I will use it in Grad School.

  9. Any recommendations for books to give a 9 year old who is good at maths to introduce engineering. Any recommendations apart from books even…

  10. are these books are quite understandable for someone who's not an anglophone ? ! ( English is his second or third language)? if not ; are they available in other languages ? ! thank u for the video.

  11. Is it just me or are none of these book for engineering there just for students
    A proper engineering book is “engineering workshop practice “ by H.grisbook and C phillipson

  12. Hello ! I really love your videos. It's really useful. I'm a College student taking up Chemical engineering. Can you please suggest about the engineer's habits that we can apply??

  13. None of these books are for engineer students man !! The title of this video is misleading, one would expect more books related to math or computer science.

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