Behavior: Tattling on the Playground?
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Behavior: Tattling on the Playground?

The kid who does something wrong has a bunch of rocks in his pockets or whatever and the Tattler Which one do you think is more needy? The Tattler you got the informant, you know, it’s always the girl with a nice little dress and holy she goes not gonna Anthony’s got rocks at his pocket, you know any or he just did this he just did this, you know And he just took the ball and took the thing and you’re like oh, but and we tend to do what? We tend to go oh, yeah. Oh, okay, I’ll take care of that and you go running down there and she’s sitting there going That worked quite well for her when really my response should be more like oh, you know what how’s that slide treating you today? You haven’t fun at recess and she looks at you like And goes in plays and that’s okay And then of course I’m gonna mosey on down there to see if there’s rocks in anybody’s pockets and you know do my own thing But I’m not gonna like overreact to that Thanks for watching and I hope you found this video helpful If you did make sure to LIKE and subscribe so you can never miss another video I speak and consult on school behavior, and I love to help districts solve some of these problems See you next time

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