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WHAT IS SCHOOL FOR? Feel free to call me slow but, I spent 16 years going to school and I still don’t know. When I finished, I didn’t know how to do my own taxes, purchase a home, or apply for a loan. I didn’t know a thing about investments, building credit or getting a job. I graduated at the top of my class and what did I have? This fancy diploma to sit at home with… my mom. But luckily, they did teach me some important skills like factoring trinomials and how mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. I’m so happy I remember the Pythagorean theorem ’cause it helped me a lot. Ok, I’m lying let me stop. Because all the stuff they taught me truthfully, I forgot. Mom, remember when you would ask me: “What did you learn in school today?” And I would say: “Nothin’ much.” I wasn’t being modest The truth about it mom is I had already forgotten. And it’s not just me– millions of students sing the same song. How many of you guys avoid eye contact with the teacher to try not to get called upon? Afraid to raise your hand for fear of being wrong, which proves that school isn’t an environment for learning or building up the intellect. It’s just a game you play for grades and how many A’s you can collect. But I guess what do you expect when the most commonly asked question in class is: “Is this gonna be on the test?” Is this gonna be on the test? See if school really put learning instead of testing and memorizing as the top standard then the letter “F” would not stand for “Failure.” It would stand for “Find another Answer.” And if school was really interested in our personal and academic success, students would wake up later, have more freedom and homework… a lot less. And that’s not my opinion, this conclusion has been scientifically tested and proven. And any teacher that doesn’t believe me feel free to check my works cited page to inspect. Oh, and I did it in MLA format because I know that’s all you will accept. See students would get more benefit from an extra hour of sleep than putting them through the torture of an extra essay, reading 150 pages, doing problems 1-60 on the worksheet, and having 3 projects due by the end of the week. Not only is it pointless pain but it’s also dim-witted. Because we get so much work, but they don’t teach the time management skills to deal with it. See in school we are controlled by bells. We have to learn in rooms with the Feng shui of a prison cell. We have to ask permission to relieve bodily functions but not before the teacher asks a million questions like: “Why Didn’t you go before class” I’m sorry my bladder is kinda on its own schedule and it’s not always timely. See teachers always say: “Use your time wisely.” But that never made sense to me. ‘Cause these six cruel hours of our lives we call “school” might literally be the worst use of time management ever in history. Think about it, the traditional teaching method is foolish. No, it’s useless multiplied by the square root of… stupid What they do is: They cram information in your head, force-feeding ya And then you throw it up on the test. THAT’S NOT EDUCATION…. that’s bulimia. And the more bulimic you are the better you will do on assessments. So it’s no wonder why so many students graduate mentally and emotionally anorexic. See school teaches you how to memorize dots. TRUE education SHOULD teach you how to connect them. TRUE education teaches you how to catch a fish. School teaches you: yeah you caught the fish but u didn’t show your work so it doesn’t count. Throw it back! I’m just asking What is school for? It’s not education, that’s just not true. If you still think that, you might be sniffing the glue. See the word education comes from the Latin root “educe” meaning “bring out” i.e bring the gifts out of a person and make them viable. But school doesn’t bring out much. It just stuffs more facts inside of you. Now some of that stuff is justifiable. We need reading, writing, and some arithmetic– that’s fair. But are you telling me metamorphic and igneous rocks are more important than self-care? If suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death of ages 10-24 and Harvard studies suggest the biggest predictor for success is self-control and emotional health, then why the heck aren’t we taught how to handle stress, bullies or rejection? How about anxiety or depression? You know– skills we need for our entire lives. Bro, I don’t even know how to cook. I’m honestly surprised I’m still alive. But hey at least I can name all the battles that happened in the civil war. Seriously, what is school for? Some say you need it to be successful and that’s something we do not doubt. But do you own a MacBook or iPhone? Did you know they both were created by a dropout? Are you watching this video on Facebook or YouTube? Doesn’t matter which you choose. They both were created by dropouts. Ever used Snapchat, WhatsApp, shopped at Whole Foods? Well, Thanks a dropout. Does your home furniture come from IKEA? OK don’t get the wrong idea– he was not a dropout, don’t be a fool. I mean how could he drop out, Ingvar Kamprad, founder of IKEA never even went to school. I know what you’re thinking: “He’s just picking and choosing, there’s millions who didn’t go to school that aren’t successful. Who is he fooling?” And You’re right! But open your history books and start perusing. You’ll find the very people we idolize in school never really had formal and/or secondary schooling. I’m talking George Washington Abe Lincoln Americas best presidents had zero school between them. Ben Franklin Thomas Edison Shall I proceed? Ernest Hemingway Mark Twain Teddy Roosevelt Margaret Mead Now, please! I’m not saying drop out. ‘Cause some schools are great and many teachers are rare treasures. I’m saying that there’s a difference between people who are smart and people who score better. I’m saying that your future is something no test will ever measure. Even if that test begins in 3 letters like SAT, ACT. It’s BS if they say those determine your L.I.F.E No, your destiny is in your hands. You must shape it to be great. So don’t expect school to open doors ‘Cause it’s more likely to slam them in your face. Sometimes I wonder about all the dreams lost in school and how much potential goes to waste. If it wasn’t for music and YouTube then I would have been just another lost case. Everybody watching this please close your eyes. Imagine a child sitting in the back of some teachers class in some town, he never raises his hand, he fails most of his classes but inside of him lives a passion. And if nurtured and brought out will lead him to discover the cure for cancer. But you see, I’m afraid that child’s gift will never come out. He will never win the Nobel Prize award because in class he was ignored and his worth was judged only by his scores. So teachers, principals, parents, advisors, and students, I ask one more time: “What is school for?”

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  1. Cried watching this bc it’s relatable. People always think ur dumb because you don’t get good scores,you don’t raise ur hand,you get the wrong answers,but inside it doesn’t matter because at the end it’s just a score and you have something important or a passion inside of you.

  2. I hate school bcz teacher never understand me and my most unluck is to got gread in first 10 . I hate myself for that why I got hard work at last time . But in school I learnt that it makes me worst .

  3. Русские школы ещё хуже, да ещё эти экзамены от которых "зависит" будущее

  4. Lol 6 hours , i need to wake up at 6:00 to get the bus for school ,classes start at 07:30 then i go home at 18:30 because school ends at 17:30.. When im home i study until dinner and do my homeworks and go sleep .. Dont have time for me (sorry for my english, im 15 and im from Portugal..) also i learned it in games

  5. Half the teachers don’t even help people I got a referral for turning around to make sure I never walked into a table

  6. If we had less time at school we would have more time to train or practice for our hobbies wich could set us up for life but we get almost no time because of all the homework if you think about it it’s just a waste of paper same with detention at my school we get paper for a detention and they don’t even give people enough time after detentions to get food unless they’ve got it because we only get 50 mins of lunch and 15 mins at break and I still cannot remember one thing I done before the summer just think about the people that want to be musicians MMA fighters and footballers/soccer for the Americans you don’t even need any school to do that and I can guarantee if everyone that does things like that never went to school they would probably be some of the most successful people in the world

  7. School is nedeed. You are basically trying all this subjects, and trying yo see which one you like more or is easier to you. After that, you can choose to go to college or other options. But, at the same time it has a lot of uselles aspects. They should ALSO teach things everybody should know, like all the things talked about in this video plus basic economic and finances stuff.
    Basically school prepares teens for professions and college but not for the life behind work.

  8. So your telling me i can just can’t go to school and my mom would automatically say yes you guys got a really nice mom then

  9. 5th grade messed me up all I got was yelled at friends and some good grades thats the reason I was failing half the time because the teachers don't teach you stuff about the real world

  10. My nephew got suspended for writing FOR THE REPUBLIC as the answer on a history test. (High school. It was covering the rise of Palp as emperor. Pure propaganda) Yup, my brother really raised those kids right. Kid was top of his class in most areas too! Solution? He and his sister finished as homeschoolers. Some of the smartest kids I’ve ever met.

  11. School is to train children to follow rules and the curriculum of the government so when they grow up the government can keep society stable as it would be implanted into their brains from a young age so they create the perfect environment that would develop into the required mindset of the independent civilian that would make up the towns and cities – I’m 13 btw

  12. I had struggles with math and when I got a bad score my teacher said to work harder but when I worked harder I only got a worse score cause it was stressing me out every day.

  13. Tbh it is not for education it's so u can flash a around a paper that will get u a job. I mean a paper we r better off just doing a test cuz some ppl I don't think they even really remember 😶

  14. Everybody’s hating on teachers, and even though they are sometimes the problem, it’s mostly the curriculum. Teachers have to teach what the curriculum says, otherwise they lose their jobs

  15. I still don’t see your point.. school is necessary to learn. If we didn’t have school we wouldn’t have police officers, an army, or a proper government. Really man?

  16. tbh i think my school is just using us for our money, we all have to pay 10 for a gym shirt, 40 for a parking pass, and if you want one 150 for a senior package

  17. That was beautiful I’m going into 6th grade this year and I feel that same way I still don’t know my Multiplication facts most of my friends do and I’ve tried for years but nothing 😊🙃

  18. My principle saw this because I showed her and she started crying 🙁

    Then I started crying 😕

    Btw I didn’t get in trouble but also my principle told all teachers in my school to show this to their students! 😀

  19. There are two types of people, those who are smart enough to drop out and be successful, and those people who have literally no skills and need school to help them get a job and make a living

  20. I've never thought of school this way… I, of course, still love school, probably the only one in my class but…

  21. That is true but school makes you have a good job to work in the futre so you dont have be homeless when your older

  22. It's annoying that this is how school is. If it weren't 8 hours with 7 different teachers and homework I could enjoy it. It's dumb that people who haven't even step foot into a class room controls our lives. I try to explain stuff like this to my parents but they don't listen. School is torture I would rather sit in a blank room for hours then go there. Parents don't understand how much school sucks. It's so stressful and I teachers want to do is give me more tests that I fail most of the time and then I think stupid because of a letter. I sit in 7 different classes everyday and don't learn crap. I try to memorize it but I get to a test and fail. Wich means all the work I put into that test is a waist. I cry every day after school because of stuff like that and other things. And then another day of waking up at 7:00 in the morning for another day of bullshit!

  23. I dropped out of high school my senior year because i wasn’t going to pass, and because ive always had all F’s in school. But now it is 3 years later and i own a power washing and window cleaning company. (Just as i planned all through school) but i did not need school at all because all school is for is to get a high school diploma and then go to college. Im never going to college, so i wasted 12 years of my life… It did help with social skills, but I feel that could of been be built in a different way. Fuck school, its not for anything but to keep people in a lower class, middle class, and upper class. If you want to build a real life for yourself, become an entrepreneur.

  24. I only sub because of this
    It’s so true

    But to be honest it’s where I found my friends
    It’s where I found my talent
    It’s where I learned how to multiply and subtract and add
    But the thing is that’s all I really needed to learn
    So I don’t get why we had to learn everything else
    The coins we could’ve learned with our parents

    School is where I can meet my BEST friends
    But I wouldn’t really say to… learn
    You know what I mean?

    It’s where I had Friendship

    Since I moved to a school that my friends weren’t attending to go

    Middle school was hard
    And it still is
    I’m barely attending 7th grade
    And I miss them a lot

    So instead of asking that

    What is school trying to show us?

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