Before You Apply to College, You NEED to Watch This Video!
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Before You Apply to College, You NEED to Watch This Video!

if you didn’t do well in high school or
the SATs and still want to get into a good school
then this video is for you what’s up man what’s up well what’s your name my name
is Hudson I’m from Orange County California and what do you study here
I’m at ha I study Business Administration we were
talking a little bit before and you say you kind of have a unique process of
getting in here but it’s not unique to this school because it’s a big part of
the admission process you can talk about how you got into UC Berkeley for sure so
I’m a junior just transferred in here but I’m supposed to be a freshman
age-wise so he’s a genius yeah here you go we
give some good of us in California we have something called community college
system and since we have a lot of UCS which are public universities the state
requires them to accept transfers so if you like graduate high school you don’t
really get into good colleges you can go to CC or Community College study for
like one or two years that are getting associates and then you can transfer to
any you see you have to get accepted of course but there’s really high admission
rates at these UCI’s because they need the transfer students first like
somewhere at Harvard for example I think like 11 kids get accepted a year it’s
like crazy whoa first I think Berkeley has somewhere like around 5,000 this is
a lot that’s like a whole school year at Fisher
what are the grades you need in Community College to get into a good
school like this so honestly Oh California set it up really well there’s
a site called you can go to that site put in the major you want the
school you want like literally I knew exactly what
classes I needed to take and all I had to do is just get the best grades
possible and I will say you don’t need a four oh I personally had a four oh but I
know so many people that were in the summer program with me that had anywhere
from like a 3/4 to like a 3/7 like grades are not everything especially for
this halls major like you need the extracurriculars and professional
experience I think more so than the grades first like for an econ agree I
think it’s all about the grades because like sure they still carry extra
clickers but I’ve heard at some of these UCS they don’t even read your essay
question really just look at your GPA and
you finish the prereqs all these schools especially for transfers complete
different for high school it’s completely different but for transfers
it’s all about finishing the prerequisite coursework so it’s like
taking econ one and Chu taking the calc sequence and taking your English all
that’s required before you can even transfer that actually sounds like I
wouldn’t say it’s easier in terms of the amount of work you need to put in but
it’s more guarantee that you can get yet because yeah like yeah so path right you
just need to complete step by step the hardest part is just kind of like
navigating through CC because I know a lot of my friends like the counselors
there don’t even know what they’re doing like I would ask them questions and they
wouldn’t even know the answer so a lot of days just figuring out on your own
like for example check do not take a
teacher there without checking that site and i will say like there’s some really
big loopholes at CC like i took most of my classes online that’s how i finished
in a year and like I took I think 40 units in one semester well because in
California you can go sign up at another CC like a crosstown take units there and
taking us at your home CC it’s so gonna be you just did it all in your dorm room
or my mom still cooking me dinner where did you find out about this okay so
honestly my brother was kind of a potato in high school and a family friend
reached out and was like hey you know you can do this ec thing and get to a
good school like all your friends are going to he’s like okay but so he like
dropped out sophomore year cuz in California you can take a test called
the chess B that’s what I took and it’s basically like a diploma equivalency for
high school so he took that test dropped out went to CC and he was actually at
UCLA when he was 16 so Wow he graduate when he was 18 so you guys
aren’t necessarily geniuses but you know how to navigate the system exactly thank
you I’m so glad I found you because now they can get into the top UC schools
exactly and apply to the privates I got some privates I would never guess I
would get into like what slight flex but I got into Cornell and Georgetown
both of which have like ridiculously low acceptance rates it’s honestly a
crapshoot I got denied from like 20 schools and gotten to those two honestly
take the shotgun approach apply to a bunch and I stays matter a ton what
do you say is gonna help you with us is honestly time like once you start
working some of the opps you’re gonna notice a lot of them are similar so I
would use like the same well I’m about to drop some knowledge right now oh yo
I’m ready they’re ready too by the way if you want help on your
essays and increase your chances of getting into these schools you’ve gotta
check out today’s sponsor bull’s eye so there are new app that helps you
organize all of your college applications but the most important part
is they can connect you with advisors who are recent graduates from top
schools like UC Berkeley UCLA MIT and Stanford so today we actually got a
really special offer if you’re applying to college soon click the link in the
description join bullseye comm slash free session to claim your first free
20-minute session with an advisor you can ask them for some advice how to
frame yourself in your essays things like that they will help you gain to
these schools for free so click the link in the description join bullseye comm
slash free session to claim your first free 20-minute session within devices
and hopefully this can become your new life yeah I’m gonna give you the best
essay you can write all these privates ask why Cornell why Georgetown all this
is so such bullcrap here’s what you do you do a day in the life so I had listen
just wait I’m about to drop it okay so for example I basically wrote like oh
I envision myself waking up as a senior going to Acts Hall taking the X class
with Professor X right now it’s very specific
I get so specific but it’s the same outline for every school oh I went to
this club I’m currently the president of this club I’m leading all this stuff blah
blah blah oh I’m doubly major in this because I
was able to follow my passions ba ba ba end it with like now I’m hanging on my
with my friend bah-bah-bah and basically you create this outline you can repeat
it for every school just find a different class different professor
different club oh and throw in like oh I’m about to go to chosen coffee shop
right now drop like these little knowledge pieces oh hey Georgetown I
said walking the class making sure to step over the something seal there’s a
seal though it’s like I know and I got in that school I don’t know if that was
deciding factor but I like to think so well how did you find out information
about these schools did you watch YouTube day in their life just Google
everything’s on Google my friends and everything is on my channel because you
can watch the day in the life baby University Village and then you
literally just script out what I’m saying in the videos and read that into
your college applications if you get in you got to subscribe subscribe now right
now exactly that like button right now what do you know comment how
good-looking I am thank you I’ll see you next time and
Rustique thanks

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83 thoughts on “Before You Apply to College, You NEED to Watch This Video!

  1. Hey Hafu ! Can you make a separate videos for Master Degree Students I mean the colleges which good for doing Masters Degree for the people who have not got top notch colleges in their Bachelors but have a hope that they would get in for a Masters Degree in future if you make it I would be very thankful 😊.

  2. If you need some extra help on your college application, you can get FREE Advice On Your College Application From UCLA Grads ➤

  3. Yes, as a former college counselor, I can confirm that a lot of your chances of getting in depends a LOT on your intended major. The more space in the major, the more transfers they accept.

  4. I go to Cuyahoga community college in Cleveland Ohio and I want to know can I get into UCLA with my associate degree?

  5. Sometimes, the one who gets a job is the one who is the most prepared. I want to encourage everyone to enroll at California State University, Sacramento at a cost of $7,400 per year. Take copious notes in all of your classes and memorize all of your notes the semester that you're graduating. You'll be able to ace any technical questions at a job interview. Someone from a high tuition university may get a job because they're more qualified, but you may get a job because you're more prepared.

  6. Grade is overrated in 2020. As long as you have what It takes to success in your field you should be fine. I believe being able to teach yourself your major is better than grade, such as teaching yourself programming early.

  7. Thinking about college is just simply overwhelming as a high schooler, knowing that you might not get into your dream college. Watching this helps a lot :>

  8. I'm from instagram!!! 📸 Thanks also for following me, Hafu! I watched every videos u had tho I'm a graduate now, I'm missing college every now and then 😪

  9. Yes, I attended Cerritos College Norwalk and transferred to CSLB and majored in Psychology, I just did’t like the field, I returned and majored in Electronics and computer science before it was defined 1998. I was eating lunch with my friend Calvin Chung, he attended UCLA and majored i biology but today he fixes IPhones. I asked why not go into field, I make more money fixing phones and i like it.. Downey California was

  10. This video was very helpful & calming! I’m ALMOST done with my college application process and this really helped rework my mindset. Definitely earned a new sub & I’ll update you on acceptances very very soon 🙂

  11. For maybe someone reading the comments, in hs I had below a 3.0 GPA. Yes I know its low, but my hs was top 20 in the state so everything was college prep and just harder. I studied hard yet the cards didn't fall into place. I now have a 3.65 GPA and have guaranteed admission to UCSB which has like a 4.0 GPA minimum for high school students. It's pretty crazy to think about how your life can just u-turn through hard work and persistence. UCSB isn't the top school on my list and isn't the best that I will get into which is even crazier to think. I hope everyone watching takes the time to research cc's to not only get into some of these schools but to save a lot of money too.

    This is a wonderful video too! He is a smart guy.

  12. I m definitely planning to go to a CC and then transfer to a good college cause I have lower chances of getting in top school as I am an International student.

  13. I already turned in all my college applications but I really wish I would have had this video during the application process😭😭

  14. Hi can you please do a campus crawl for CMU and can you compare MIT and CMU for Artificial Intellegence as CMU offers a BS.AI and MIT has an AI oriented CS course. I am really confused about what to choose and what to do. Especially because CMU offers a lot of other majors like major in robotics , additional minors in machine learning and courses like Music and Technology. Btw I am in 7th.

  15. Hey, Hafo
    I've decided to apply to American Universities, I am from Afghanistan.
    In Afghanistan, the school grades are in percentage and I got 70% out of 100% the schools don't have AP classes or extra circular things, there is a very low amount of opportunities for students in schools, can I right these extra circular or etc… things now because I am graduated at 2017 from school.
    can you help me, I really don't know what to do?

  16. Wait so he didn’t finish high school?? How could he attend community college without a high school diploma/transcript? And i thought UC requires you to submit your high school transcript/diploma?

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