Becoming Warrior | Part 2: The Teacher | Cinemax
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Becoming Warrior | Part 2: The Teacher | Cinemax

All type of knowledge ultimately
means self-knowledge. INTERVIEWER: Mm-hmm. So, therefore, they’re coming
into– and asking me to teach them
not so much of how to defend themselves,
or how to do somebody in. Rather, they want to learn
to express themselves through some movement,
be it anger… be it, uh, determination,
or whatsoever. ♪ (WESTERN ROCK MUSIC PLAYS) ♪ (SWORD RINGS) SHANNON LEE:When my father came
to the United States,
his training had been
Wing Chun, and then, when started teaching,
he called what he taught, Jun Fan Gung Fu, ’cause Jun Fan
is his given name,
it was like Bruce Lee’s Kung Fu.But it was essentially
Wing Chun.His first student
was Jesse Glover,
He was an African-American man.Taky Kimura,
who was a Japanese man,
he really took on anyone
who had a real desire to learn.
His school was
very revolutionary in that way.
BRUCE LEE: SHANNON: In early 1965,
he had opened his second school
in Oakland.
He was part of a community
of martial artists who were
really interested in playingwith tradition and really
talking more about what works,
as opposed to staying
within the lines of form.
he hadJun Fan Gung Fu,so he’s going around
touting this all the time.
And he had an open-door policy, and he was teaching this
to anyone.The San Francisco
Chinatown community
did not appreciate that.
There were the old guard, and they wanted
to shut him down.They issued a challenge to him,
and they said,
“We’re gonna bring over
our champion and we wanna fight you. And if you lose,
you have to stop teaching.” I was born
in Oakland’s Chinatown,and I started to study kung fu
at a very young age.
And the master, Jack Man Wong,
has this mythical fight
with Bruce Lee, so I remembering
hearing people say,
“Hey, our teacher fought
with Bruce Lee.”
You know, that was really
just mind-blowing. BRUCE: After the fight,
even though he had won,he was very disappointed.
He was winded,
and his traditional, rigid
training had not prepared him
for a fight of this nature.
Out of that, he decided
to do away
with his traditional training.
Because I do not believe
in styles anymore. I mean, I do not believe
that there is such thing as like Chinese way of fighting,
or the Japanese way of fighting, or whatever way of fighting because unless human beings
have three arms and four legs, we will have a different form
of fighting. And he literally studied boxing,
the simplicity of it.Fencing for the ability
to bridge the gap quickly,
but also Newtonian physics. He studied biomechanics
and kinesiology.So, he was really revolutionary
in just looking
at the human body and saying,
“If I wanna optimize this
for combat, what do I do?”If it is a sport, now you’re
talking about something else. You have regulations.
You have rules but when we’re talking
about fighting, -as it is, with no rules.
No rules with real fighting. Well then, baby, you better
train every part of your body. Bruce Lee is a smart fighter.
He’s not just a good fighter because I think,
in martial arts,some people train so hard
to be strong,
but they don’t know, actually,
in a fight,
it’s the mind that needs
to be better than the skill. Here is the natural instinct,
and here is control. You are to combine the two
in harmony. One of his students
was Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who was, you know,
over seven feet tall, and from working with him
and training with him, he gained a huge new perspective
of how he would have to change his approach to encounter
someone like that and how to also teach someone
whose body is that way. When you want to move,
you’re moving. And when you move,
you’re determined to move. Not to taking one inch,
not anything less than that. If I want to punch,
I’m gonna do it, man, and I’m gonna do it, you see. He wanted to bridge the gap
between thought and action. To be so in tuned
with your instincts that you are expressing yourself
honestly right now. He really saw himself
as an individual guideto his students to say, “How do
you wanna express yourself
as a fighter?
I can show you what I know,but ultimately,
you have to test it
and figure out what works best
for you.
Here I am, you know,
as a human being, how can I express myself? Totally and completely.
Now, that way… You won’t create a style because style
is a crystallization, you know. I mean, that way, is a process
of continuing growth. (SWORD RINGS) ♪ (WESTERN ROCK MUSIC PLAYS) ♪

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26 thoughts on “Becoming Warrior | Part 2: The Teacher | Cinemax

  1. Wow Shannon worked a long time to finally get the rights to her father's image. Excited for this next chapter of the Lee family legacy. 👏👏👏

  2. Shannon makes it sound like her dad started studying boxing after his Oakland studio opened, but he was an amateur boxer while in school in HK.

  3. Just curious is that this April 5th that they are going to have this douseries Becoming Warrior on Cinemax as I would love to see this is why I ask

  4. So the Wong Jack Man throwdown is the Rashomon of martial arts lore: Everyone's got a slightly or wildly different version of it. As for the cause of the fight, yes, Bruce had a rep in the Bay Area as being, shall we say, OUTSPOKEN in his view on martial arts, particularly gung fu. Yes, some people in the gung fu community took issue with it. And, yes, some people decided that Wong should be a "representative" and confront Bruce Lee. That much is true and fairly inarguable. Everything AFTER that is, for lack of a better word, murky. The best version I've heard that actually explains a lot of the discrepancies is that someone who knew both men talked shit to them about shit the other guy supposedly said. To Bruce: Wong says you're a traitor to the community and he's gonna kick your ass and shut your school down. To Wong: Bruce says if you're the best gung fu guy out there, you must suck; he'd beat your ass with one hand tied behind his back. The result of this made-up smack talk? An altercation each fighter later regretted and chalked up to the hotheadedness of youth and other people's manipulation. Maybe it's not as dramatic and sexy an explanation as the more popular version, but it works.

  5. Watched 3 episodes of Warrior, and to see the conflict between the Irish and Asians,and the politics behind that particular society at that time, intrigued to the upmost.

  6. Bruce Lee was so ahead of his time. He was a mad scientist. Like the scientist that put together Frankenstein.


  8. I thinking about that scene in the film, No Retreat No Surrender when Sifu Lee comes to teach the kid the epic skills.

  9. Bruce Lee was so wise and so beyond years, in many ways. While there are many Humans that understand Bruce, there are many more that don't quite know what he was about, as a person, as a Martial Artist and as a philosopher. I'm glad that Bruce Lee's writings have finally come to light.


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