Becoming a *Better* Storyteller + An Untold High School Story
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Becoming a *Better* Storyteller + An Untold High School Story

– Hey, everyone. It’s your girl Jenn and for this video I am tackling something that
I’ve always wanted to do, which is to become a better writer. Like, I’ve always had this
fantasy of becoming a writer and I live in the woods in a log cabin and I write with a quill or a typewriter and I’ll write all my
magical stories there. But before I get to that point, I should probably work on
my storytelling abilities. So, for this video I have
partnered with Google and they have gifted me their Pixelbook Go and I’ll be using this guy to kind of take me on this journey on
becoming a better writer. Phase one, finding a class. I’m opening up my Pixelbook
Go and I love this thing. It’s super lightweight and
barely weighs two pounds so I can take it anywhere. I’m also very inpatient so I love that it starts up in seconds so I can start cracking on straight away. I have always been a G Suite gal. I surf on Chrome, use Gmail, Gcal, Google Docs, Slides, Drive. I pretty much do everything on Google and once you log into your account everything is already synced up. It’s freaking great. So now let’s Google some
writing classes in my area and as you can see there
are a lot of options. But I’m gonna commit to the Writing Pad. There’s good reviews and there are a lot of
different classes to take. And I think I’m gonna join
the storytelling class. So, let’s go with that. It’s a five-week program
that happens every Monday. So, now I’m gonna add
all the dates to my Gcal and now we wait for the first class. It’s week one and I had
no idea what to expect but I packed my Pixelbook
Go to jot down any notes. I didn’t bother packing the charger because it can stay
unplugged for up to 12 hours. The batter life is insane. So, I drove off to class
and then I came back and I was a little disgruntled that I didn’t get any
B-roll of the classroom but I’ll explain more inside. Why? Just not the place to film. Like it’s a very intimate and small class. There were maybe eight of
us and I love our teacher. Her name is Lauren. I got a little curveball. The final assignment is us
reading our story out loud to just our friends and family and whoever else is invited to this event. And I wasn’t expecting public
speaking to be a factor here but just gonna roll with it. Lauren said the most powerful stories are the ones that have
actually happened to you. So, she kinda got the ball rolling by throwing a couple of themes. She said shame, betrayal, catharsis and I stopped at shame because I have a lot of
stories involving that theme. And I think I wanna talk about a story that happened to me in high
school that just changed how I felt about myself, about friendship. So, I don’t know I feel really inspired so I just wanna get started right now. So, I’m gonna set up shop
here and then you know Ben’s (laughs) Ben’s like already in bed. – Trying to sleep here, guys. – I know, it’s like 10 o’clock but. I opened up my Pixelbook Go and I’m just going to go on Google Docs and I’m just gonna start
the rough draft of my essay. And also I love the keyboard
on the Pixelbook Go. They have hush keys so
they’re really, really quiet and satisfying to type on. Like, listen. (keyboard clicking) Like, they’re so quiet. So, it’s really great for public settings if you don’t wanna you
know make a commotion with the clacking of your keyboard and it’s really great for, you know, Ben being on the other side of the bed. – Yes.
– He doesn’t have to hear me. – Thank you Google, I can sleep. – So, it is week two now
and I am modifying my draft to make sure that it hits the story spine. The main thing in a story is that there needs to be dramatic tension and it should start right
when the catalyst begins. And the catalyst is the thing
that makes the story change like it’s the reason why
the story’s happening. And so, it’ll build,
build, build, build, build and then you hit the climax which is like where like the mic drops, where the tea is spilled. And then that’s when the dramatic
tension’s supposed to end and then you wrap up your story. Hi, guys. It is week four now and I actually missed class
for week three, so my bad. I’m pretty much on my final draft. Right now, the teacher just wants me to expand the story more somehow. But I feel like this is it, like I don’t feel like
there’s anything more. But I’m gonna try and
squeeze some more things out. (calm music) We are on week five. I’ve got a couple of days before the actual storytelling event. And I am just making sure
I get my practice in. Our teacher, Lauren,
stressed the difference between a page versus the stage. Like, there is a big difference on how a story sounds like on paper and when you say it out loud on a stage like conversationally. And she basically wants us to
sound as natural as possible and avoid memoir voice
which literally means that like you’re reading
out loud from paper. So in order to avoid this,
I’m using my Pixelbook Go. I am gonna record myself to
make sure that I sound natural and I’m also gonna set a
timer for five minutes. I’m gonna use my Google Assistant to start a timer and start practicing. Hey Google, start a
timer for five minutes. – [Google Assistant] Sure, five minutes and we’re starting now. (calm music) (alarm ringing) – [Ben] Wow.
– [Jenn] Hi. – [Lauren] Our next
storyteller is Jenn Im. Please welcome Jenn. (applause) (cheering) – So, I was always a floater in school. I didn’t have a gang or a group of friends but that yearning was definitely there. But everything changed when I turned 16. I had finally found a clique. And there were three of us. And I feel like in any group of friends there’s like kind of a hierarchy, low key. So, the queen bee was Natasha. And she was everything I wanted to be, tall, thin, beautiful. And she was like talented at everything. She was like your true renaissance woman. And then there was Raquel. Raquel was like the edgy, boisterous one always with like the crazy plans and she was new in school so I introduced myself
to her in stats class. And it’s a little fuzzy on
how we all like become a trio but we started to have
lunch together everyday. And I was stoked. I was like, oh my god, like
I’m part of this group. And suddenly I felt this pressure, this pressure to be a good friend. And for some reason that meant to like look good in front of them, like have a good outfit
to present to them. And so this is when like
my obsession with clothing really started to ramp up. I would save up my lunch money
and then blow it on clothes. And I remember this one time
Raquel let me borrow $20 bucks and I never paid her back
because she never asked for it. So I thought it was
like kind of a situation where if she needed the money then she would just invoice me. And so I just like let it go. Another highlight was when Natasha let me borrow her beautiful blazer. It had gold buttons and I
was like obsessed with it and I also had zero intentions of giving this blazer back to her because it was like a part of Natasha that was like in my closet. And during this time, Natasha and Raquel were
getting closer and closer and I was starting to
feel like a third wheel. I was like, hello, like I’m here. And they would have
like these inside jokes and side conversations. They had this notebook that
they would pass around in class because back in the day
texting was really expensive so writing in a notebook was the most economical
way to communicate. And it just drove me crazy. But my redeeming quality was
I was the first of my friends to get my driver’s license. I inherited my brother’s Honda Accord and I would drive us
from point A to point B. And it wasn’t my favorite activity because I was technically
breaking the law. Because when you first get your license you’re not allowed to
have anyone in the car without a license with you. So I was just like a ball of anxiety just being like okay
we’re here like get out. And so one time I dropped
all the girls off at home and I look in the backseat
and guess what I find. I find their notebook. And I’m really excited and I really wish that I had some moral
restraint of being like oh no like I don’t wanna
invade their privacy but I tore into it straight up. And I’m like I can finally see their intimate and private world. And it’s fun until like my
eyes lasered to my name. Like, suddenly I see like
pages and pages about me. And they’re not good things. You know, they brought up how
I still owed Raquel $20 bucks. They pointed out that I
still have Natasha’s blazer. And just the fact that like I’m always like high-strung and nervous. And there was like some
other things in there but they’re ranting. And I’m just frozen. I feel exposed, I feel
like a reject, and it hurt. And it hurt because they had a point. So I cry, I’m upset, and the next day I give the notebook back and I’m like completely normal. I’m like here you go, like
I didn’t read it, you know? And you know I never
confronted them about it. To this day, they have no idea
that I read that notebook. And I was just like in
full damage control mode. I was like okay like
eventually I paid Raquel back the $20 bucks in segments. I gave back the blazer back to Natasha. And like when I’m driving
I’m like I’m cool, I’m chill. And you know we graduated. And that moment was really important to me because it highlighted the fact on why I was floater in the past. I didn’t know how to be a good friend. And I know it’s like common sense to you know give back things
that belong to people and pay people back and
be like good energy. But at the time, I thought being a good
friend was looking good and I feel like when you’re
younger you learn by messing up. When you do something
wrong, someone tells you and if it’s warranted you change. That’s the only way you can evolve. And it really set me up for
the friends that I have today because with age comes
self-awareness and I feel like my I guess like my sense of
community will always be strong. And I’m really happy
with my community today and some of them are here
tonight which I love. And I hope that if they
ever have an issue with me, they tell it to my face
and not in a notebook so I can continue to evolve. Thank you. (applause) (cheering) Guys, this is the last update and I am really happy with
the way I said my story. I also definitely wanna
take another writing class but this time I think
I’m gonna head towards the nonfiction or maybe
the fiction, I don’t know. But either way I wanna thank
Google and Pixelbook Go for helping me with this journey. And now I am tagging Dulce Candy to do this challenge, as well. I will leave her video
in the description box so definitely check it out. And I will see you guys
in the next one, bye.

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