Become an early years teacher
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Become an early years teacher

The thing I enjoy the most about being an early years teacher is that moment when a child does something or learns something new, and you can sit there and think ‘I did that. I impacted on your learning and your development.’ I was out in Tanzania for a while. I worked a lot with children over there doing health education really. And I found that it really just enhanced my passion for early years, and really kind of making that impact early on. And then the university actually told me ‘You know you are actually eligible to do this now. And it’s funded by the government.’ And with my degrees I’ll get a bursary. So it was no brainer really. I started doing an easter holiday’s scheme here, and I just developed a real passion through doing that. You see the kids discovering the world around them and interacting with the other children, and really getting on with one another. It’s such a good course to do to get that understanding of how children initially develop. In early years every day is so special Every day you can witness the children’s change week by week and it’s just so fascinating. You’re arming them with skills that they’re going to have for the rest of their life, and not just throughout their school careers. Teaching children how to read and write and you know essential math’s skills, all those core subjects are a big thing. But also it’s about that social and emotional development which you have a huge impact on in those early years. And that can really impact on the rest of their lives. I’ve seen children who arn’t engaged in learning. You know don’t come from the best background at home, they don’t have the best home environment. And to see them then go on to school and progress. And I think if they have a positive environment in an early years setting, with the early years teachers who are pushing them and challenging them to develop, it will last them forever. I love it. It’s I think the best decision I made was going on this course.

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