Because of a Teacher (A Tribute to All of Those Making a Difference)
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Because of a Teacher (A Tribute to All of Those Making a Difference)

Right now there is a kindergarten teacher perusing the aisles of Target. Even though he still has two more weeks of summer break he is already dreaming up ways to make his students feel welcome. His classroom will be a refuge. For a few kids, it may be the only place where they feel truly safe Because of a teacher. There’s a language arts teacher who will take a week and give up her lunch period (those blessed 26 minutes to scarf down a meal) in order to help us didn’t learn how to read And although the progress is slow, this boy will become a reader. Because of a teacher. There’s a math teacher who will have a room full of kids who claim that they’re just not good at math. By the end of the year his kids will be geeking out over ways to solve complex problems. They’ll see that math can be creative and even fun and they will become problem solvers. Because of a teacher. There’s a science teacher who will inspire her students to chase after questions and one afternoon They’ll be so excited about their experiments that they won’t even notice the bell ring. And they will become scientists. Because of a teacher. There are history teachers who will inspire students to record history and a group of P.E. teachers who will encourage kids to get more active. There are technology teachers who will help students send their work to the world and fine arts teachers who will get kids to find their creative voice. There are foreign language teachers who will help kids communicate globally and there are CTV teachers preparing students for all kinds of jobs. And there’s this teacher-librarian who will see the students as children instead of data. He’s creating a makerspace while also inspiring kids to fall in love with reading and they will become lifelong learners Because of a teacher. Right now there’s a fourth grade teacher with a scribbled up yellow legal pad. She’s dreaming up wild new projects and even though she jokes about not wanting to go back to school, she is secretly excited about meeting her new group of students This is her 27th year, and she’s still taking creative risks to her. It’s no big deal It’s what she does, but it’s a big deal to her students. To them she is a hero and this year she will make her students’ world epic. Like she always does. They will remember her forever and she will change the world in ways that she cannot even fathom. All of this will happen . . . Because of a teacher.

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34 thoughts on “Because of a Teacher (A Tribute to All of Those Making a Difference)

  1. The aren't many school offering computer as an option in high school at least in USA & i wanna become a computer science teacher.

  2. Thank you so much John for making this video! As a retired teacher and now an educational advocate for students I know there are many fabulous teachers and staff members that need to be recognized for the spark of curiosity they nurture every day in students.

  3. Don't forget the special education teachers! There is a special education teacher who will teach their students invaluable life skills, and these students will reach their full potential…because of a teacher.

  4. Hi John, I just stumbled across your blog and I absolutely love your videos!! I am a high school teacher and instructional coach and I am about to start my own blog. I was wondering if you use a certain site/program to make your videos or you have them made. Any info would be greatly appreciated!!

  5. Great video, very sweet! Watch Peter Gale Headteacher video by following the link

  6. I am a south-African, my English teacher passed away on Monday morning, I only realized now what a great man he was. Next year I will take up my studies to become a teacher, to be able to continue the work he has done over the past 55 years

  7. This is great. Have been combing the internet for an inspirational BTS video for this year, and this is the one!

  8. Stories for Teachers:

  9. This is so nice because when I was younger I used to hate going home because I always was nervous about getting in trouble. I loved school so much.

  10. A lot of this video describes my science teacher Miss Dale from high school, she left in 2016 and I really wanted to say thank you to her for everything considering all of the things I'm doing and interested in now is all down to her taking me outside of the classroom and helping me talk everything through. It leads to me wanting to follow in her footsteps and become a teacher myself 🙂

  11. Thank you John Spencer, 23 years and counting. So excited for all of the innovation and terrific new ways to teach and learn. Thank you for the thank you.

  12. Great stuff John, making the light come on for students is a great motivator! I started a podcast to remind and inspire teachers, you might like to listen or be a guest sometime!

  13. I am a teacher and proud of it. I am glad I made a difference and you are welcome and I thank you for your recognition. Love you man.

  14. I’m a new subscriber and I literally cried watching this video man. I’m 21 and taught English in Somalia for a brief time and absolutely loved it. There was no doubt in my mind this was my path in life. After telling everyone I know about my new found passion I didn’t get the reaction I expected. Teachers don’t make much money and most people my age thought it was “girly”. The opinion of other people could never ever change my mind but on some level it made me ashamed to share my dreams with people.. until I found your videos that is! Thank you for reminding me Mr. Spencer!

  15. I'm taking this idea for a presentation on the importance of good teachers… Thank you for this video

  16. I had 2 teachers this year and they were everything. They were amazing. They were so sweet and funny and would joke in class, let us eat, but they wouldn't only teach but they would talk to us. TEACH US and would inspire us and honestly they were more of a mom to me than anyone else. I will miss you guys and I hope your next group of kids sees how truly special and amazing you are because we sure as hell did. This year wouldn't be what it was without you 💜

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