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Lean Academy therefore we do our basic mission to move the culture of companies in a positive direction for that we have a system which includes the training of internal lean experts Each Lean Academy seminar is organized in a different partner company. And because of that. To inspire students as much as possible. And to simplify the methodologies we teach them to put into practice. To better understand the issue we do not use only demos and videos, but also team games Studying is very interesting because it is a combination of theory and practice and it’s easier for me though I manage specific topics and methods how they work in practice, what is it in practice brings a particular company and from that we bounce The participants will look into ten companies and not just to look, but there they solve some specific problem that is beneficial for the company and at the same time, it’s a straightforward application for them of the new methodology I like the fact that the emphasis is mainly on the practical part Every host company is definitely an inspiration for me, because in every company I can get some experience or some detail that can be used in our company as well. Each student, together with his / her supervisor selects a project that is complex and has a benefit that is higher than the cost of studying. I am definitely looking forward to the project because management expects a lot from my project. We support it by instructing during the implementation of the project, so that the whole project is implemented successfully.

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