Basic English Grammar: Have, Has, Had
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Basic English Grammar: Have, Has, Had

Hi there! My name is Ronnie and today I’m going to do a lesson It’s a very, very basic, very simple, very easy lesson for everyone to enjoy This is by request by the way, So thank you And today we’re going to learn the verb “to have”. Now, the difficult thing about this verb is, is has to change when we use he and she. Thank godness .. the rest of them don’t change when we use different pronouns. I will conjugate the verb for you and you can just learn how to do this. We say “I have” “He” and “she” These are the ones that are important, we have to use “has”. Because these are singular people. “I”, “he”, ” she.” Then we have “They” and the last one is “we”. Both “they” and “we” are two people; at least two people. We can say, “they have” and “we have” ok? so the very.. difficult and most important ones to remember here are if it’s a singular person, “he” or “she”, we need to change the verb to “has”. Good! The next thing is the negative form of these verbs. In the negative, we have to use the word in English “don’t”. So, we’re going to say: “I don’t have” For example, “I don’t have a cat” “I don’t have a dog” “They”, we can use the same word, “don’t have”. So we can say: “they don’t have any hamburgers” And again we because we use have we can say “We don’t have”. For this one unfortunately I can’t say “He don’t has”. That would be too easy for you guys. We actually have to change this word And we actually have to – they’re coming for me “oh no”! Help Okay I escaped He and she with has… We have to change this verb to doesn’t So I can say he doesn’t have and she doesn’t have so when we use the negative form, we use the verb have for all of them. The one that changes is don’t, doesn’t, and don’t. This is the very – oh no they’re coming for me again- This is. Nope they’re gone. Nope they’re here. “He doesn’t have” “She doesn’t have” “I don’t have” “They don’t have” “We don’t have” I hope that makes it easier for you When you’re dealing with have and has The other part of this word is the past Does anyone know the past of have? It is had… So This is very easy and you’re lucky for this one When we use “had,” we don’t have to change it with the different pronouns So we can say I had, he and she had, they had, and we had they had, and we had They had a fire That’s why the sirens are there Basic use of verbs: to have, to had When we change the past of had into the negative is where it becomes a little difficult Back in old old school english and I think a lot of the times in Britain and in British english You can say I had not She had not They had not. We had not. But this is very unnatural for us us being people from Canada and people from America And modern day english We just don’t use “I had not.” It’s very Shakespearean. If you’re into Shakespeare you’d know this I had to not eat in that…which is kinda weird. So When we use had We have to look at this verb again Who knows what the negative and the past really of doesn’t is? The answer is didn’t. So for this one we’re going to say I didn’t or did not have For all of these, we do not need to change it. He and she didn’t have and they and we also we use didn’t So the more you study English the more you are going to learn there are things that are very difficult and hard and remember But! There’s going to be some tricks I can teach you to help you remember those I hope that helped you and everyone else I’ll see you again soon!!! Bye Basic use of verbs Lesson

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  1. hi! thanks so much . could you please make a video or guide me how to use ( from and of) for example! ask from him
    or ask of him. take from him or i took from him.

  2. Hello thank you very much, when I watching your lesson because I always confuse to speak and used that words… God bless ..I'm watching from kellerton IA

  3. thank you.. I know English but I don't know how to communicate with others. ur grammar is very helpful to me. plz upload many more videos

  4. You teach better than my English teachers in back 90's in France & Somalia.merci,(mahadsanid) thank you Ronnie.

  5. Superb mam, really good for ur teaching. I had confuse where we use has or have. Now I clear mam. Thanks

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  8. Thank you so much for explaining that about how need to use these sentences how we can call them all
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  9. I have
    To have
    Present perfect : She has
    He has
    Pass tense : she had he had
    Negative : she doesn't have
    he doesn't have
    Negative pass tense : she didn't have
    he didn't have.
    They have
    We have
    Negative : they don't have
    We don't have
    Pass tense:
    They had
    We had
    Negative pass tense: they didn't have
    We didn't have.

  10. How the how does this video have so many views! What am I doing wrong with my average of 15 views per video. lol. Nice job!

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  15. I'm a beginner with English and I don't know how to start or from where you did mention "Shakespeare" should I start with that, and by the way I did copy that "" my spelling is sucks too I need to work on that if you know a way to help me please say it…… and thank you

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