Barrett Honors College, Tempe Campus Video Tour
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Barrett Honors College, Tempe Campus Video Tour

I was a little bit nervous coming into college because I was like what if I don’t meet people, what if I don’t like my roommate, and I had the complete opposite experience Everything is about connections, and I found essentially my second family here I like the whole aspect of having your closest friends live with you and sometimes attend the same classes as you Coming here, I have been able to be surrounded by other students who also really push themselves Welcome to Barrett the Honors College at ASU’s Tempe campus I’m at Barrett because there’s a strong sense of community and because there are so many resources to help me achieve what I want to Barrett offers a support system with advisors and faculty that are there to help you There’s a lot of classes you can take within the Honors Program And you get to really network and make a lot of connections in Barrett. You have the support of a small liberal arts college But the sports and the resources of a huge university. So it’s been really cool the opportunities that have come from being a Barrett student. One of Barrett’s signature classes is the Human Event. So it’s a class that every freshman is required to take. It’s a course that focuses on Ancient Literature and works through modern times. The Human Event is largely Socratic seminar based so that means you’re gonna be conversing with other students You really get a unique perspective on These texts because you come in with your own ideas and preconceived notions and you’re with all these other people who had such different life experiences. Really, it’s honestly a life skills course more than anything. And it really helps you build the foundation for later on and your interaction is gonna be interacting with a lot of different students and the Human Event just helps you navigate through that The Barrett faculty, here their office hours are actually housed within the Barrett community and the complex. The fact that they have such a small class size of roster allows you to really get to know the professors And so it’s nice because you are able to develop those close relationships with them You have three different levels of advisors. You have your faculty Honors advisor, you have your Honors advisor And then you have your collegiate advisor, that’s specific to your college They really do want to help you and they want to make sure that you’re on track and that you’re doing the things that you’re really passionate about The first time I came here, I fell in love with it I took the tour and I just fell in love with the campus I fell in love with the amenities of Barrett. The Barrett complex could be classified as a college within the colleges because of all the amenities it offers. It’s where you live, it’s where you dorm It’s also where you eat and where you meet all of your friends So it’s nice because the teachers are really close But it’s also I mean it’s a quick trip to school every morning when you have your Human Event class As a very freshman you get to decide who you want to live with, you’re not restricted to any living learning community. You get to choose from the different styles of rooms You get to choose between three roommates, another roommate. You can live by yourself if you’d like You kind of have three built-in friends automatically, like you come to school and we were all able to go do things together and kind of have that freshman experience together Everybody had their doors open and we were always talking and we were always hanging out In the middle and which I refer to as the heart of Barrett is called the Great Lawn.
So this area fields so many different activities It sounds silly, but just have the trees and the grass is like my view every morning when I wake up with something I really appreciate So within the Barrett community We have a computer lab that you can go to and use the double monitors that they have there We also have the Writing Center here, so that was really helpful when I was writing my Human Event papers But also that’s where the advisors are housed as well. So that you really have access to everything within a five-minute stride from you So with your community assistants, your peer mentors, and other housing staff, there’s always someone here who can help you So the dining hall is one of the best on campus. The dining hall has probably the most diverse menu I have ever seen. So within the dining hall we have a room that’s called the Barrett Refectory However, no one refers to it as that. We all affectionately refer to it as the “Harry Potter” room That’s a lot of character to the Barrett experience, but there’ll be lots of like Town Hall style meetings here You have the Burning B; you can grab a cup of coffee. It’s a more artistic atmosphere They feature student artwork there. You cannot sit in the Burning B and not see someone you know pass by and start a conversation with them When you become an upperclassman, you have the opportunity to move across the street to the Vista Complex It differs from the dormitories and in that it’s an apartment style living I love having the gym so close by, you have like the big lounge chairs and the pool and the hot tub and the volleyball court So the nice thing between Barrett and Vista is that there’s a little strip walkway that houses a lot of restaurants but also houses a lot of stores. Really great to have those resources so close by. I didn’t expect the amount of opportunities that I had afforded to me immediately as soon as I walked onto campus and the fact that I was able to experience what I did in college is something that I’ll take with me for the rest of my life. Future Barrett’s students should know that you will find your community here You will find where you belong you will find things that click with you. And you will be successful as long as you put forth the effort because the resources are here, you just have to go get them. The best way to get to know Barrett at the Tempe campus, is to visit us. Schedule your tour today!

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