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18 thoughts on “Barnard College Student Brutally Stabbed To Death

  1. Multiple "teens" seen running from the scene. When the news media uses the code word "teens," you know what that means.

  2. How horrible.
    Since this is NYC as soon as they catch the creeps some liberal nonprofit group will pay their bail. well that's if they hold them on bail. you never know nowadays. The Dems want them on the street so they can vote.

  3. Back in my Alabama days me and my boys would search for suspects like this ourselves with some gasoline and a noose. We’d make sure justice was served, even if not so efficiently.

  4. This is a tragic story and sorry but the blood is not only on the hands of the kids that did this horrible act but their parents for not setting the right example, being in their life encouraging to do what is right in society, being a positive influence instead of wrong. The NYC public school teachers that do not do enough to teach these kids not to be thugs in life, the NYPD 26th Precinct Community Affairs Officers for not building enough positive relationships in the community the areas that need it most like the Projects. There should always be officers in that area of the park at 5:00pm the time of day when students are going from the Columbia University campus back to there apartments where some of them live in near Morning Side Park. The blood is on the hands all the way up to the police commissioner & the Mayor of NYC, where the murder rate in NYC is up 8.7% in 2019. Thoughts & prayers for the family & friends of this poor girl Tessa.

  5. Shit-skins have a room temperature IQ. Keep acting like lower sapiens are capable of socializing on the same level as white humans and this will keep happening

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