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64 thoughts on “Barnard College student, 18, stabbed to death in Morningside Park mugging

  1. This is devastating, vile and outrageous. Increased security in this area should not be viewed as an affront to the neighborhood but as a precaution for our Columbia and Barnard students. This young woman was a precious human being whose life was snuffed out for no good reason! I am sickened and heartbroken just thinking about her family receiving that call during the holiday season. A student cannot even walk in the surrounding area without being targeted and stabbed to die on the cold December street.There needs to be multiple guards in a given area and rotation to have a post taken over after the previous person departs! Shameful!

  2. Outrageous but unsurprising. Sad that criminal activity has returned to that area. It was well known as a dangerous place to be at night, but this incident and the other shooting that occurred several months ago in that park seem to suggest a gradual return to the criminality of the past decades.

  3. Thank Mayor DeBlasio and the politicians for stopping the Stop and Frisk initiative, which made criminals think twice about carrying weapons.Thank the politicians for the "no cash bail" program ,which automatically releases criminals after arrest, instead of keeping them in jail and off the street.And most of all thank them again for the "raise the age" act making a huge list of crimes that teenagers were formerly charged with as adults to be charged as toddlers in family court.Welcome back ,old NYC, with a return to the average 2000 plus murders we had every year.

  4. THAT HAS BEEN A MUGGING HOT SPOT FOR YEARS WTF WHY WHY WHY SMH ITS NOT RIGHT…116 street and morninside is the Hot spot for low lifes even if there are cops around so watch out young women…

  5. NEVER relax. This is why people cross the street, lock their doors, hug their valuables closer, take the next elevator, and move away when they move in.

  6. Violent crime is up because douchebag Deblasio panders to certain groups of people and won't let the cops punch and choke them when making the arrest. Bring back Giuliani and Stop and Frisk.

  7. How horrible.
    Since this is NYC as soon as they catch the creeps some liberal nonprofit group will pay their bail. well that's if they hold them on bail. you never know nowadays. The Dems want them on the street so they can vote.

  8. Its crazy how kno one knows the race of these murderers but because its in the hood by a college they are assumed black.
    Its all races that live over there i use to live down the block.
    Guilty b4 found.

  9. She was stabbed in the face & neck. You dont do that to someone if you're just trying to rob them…you do that because you HATE them. But of course- no one heard any ethnic slurs, so this will not be a hate crime. We all know that this will be out of the news in a couple of days.

  10. Just a sick, senseless crime. I wonder if she would have just given her valuables if they would have let her go? Or did they want to get rid of the witness or sexually assault her? Lots of questions, the only one answered is who did it so far.

  11. Terrible, terrible news. I can't imagine the fear this poor girl felt as she was being attacked. I can't imagine the pain her loved ones are feeling right now. An evil act that has no excuse, lives have been ruined forever. The only thing that seems to amaze me these days is how awful people treat each other. Just unbelievably sad

  12. Bring back hanging only crazy people would risk their life by hanging and it Has to be speedy if they are found 100% guilty there is no appeal straight to death row and hang by the neck…. I bet my life crime will go way down .. humans are cowards they will only pry on someone if they know that they are easy or weaker or smaller they will not pry on someone that will hurt or kill them … America is doomed…. life is not for everyone if you can’t live a civilized life then you need to be put down… we need to start vetting people before they have children .. not everyone deserves to have babies

  13. “Black fatherless gangs “are out of control…….all because of 2008-2016 presidency and lack of laws and parenting ….it’s pure Evil ..

  14. This is a tragic story the kid that did this should be tried as an adult and sentenced accordingly and sorry but the blood is not only on the hands of the kids that did this horrible act but their parents for not setting the right example, being in their life encouraging to do what is right in society, being a positive influence instead of wrong. The NYC public school teachers that do not do enough to teach these kids not to be thugs in life, the NYPD 26th Precinct Community Affairs Officers for not building enough positive relationships in the community the areas that need it most like the Projects. There should always be officers in that area of the park at 5:00pm the time of day when students are going from the Columbia University campus back to there apartments where some of them live in near Morning Side Park. The blood is on the hands all the way up to the police commissioner & the Mayor of NYC, where the murder rate in NYC is up 8.7% in 2019. Thoughts & prayers for the family & friends of this poor girl Tessa.

  15. The usual subjects: black men who are being supported by welfare and everything else that the state can offer, but who still decide to make crime and violence their preferred lifestyle. And of course, our liberal-leftist media will try to obfuscate or not give a name to the truth, in the hopes that it will all go away.

  16. Diversity is our strength….one child at a time. Please just keep this in the cities. The people who are responsible should have to pay with their loved ones.

  17. Criminals are everywhere, like sharks lurking among us waiting to attack, and we need to be smart and not put ourselves in their traps. Barnard College is an all women's school that should be very well protected with multiple armed security guards and surveillance at every corner, within 3-4 blocks from the campus at least, at all times! This should have never happened.

  18. RIP to the girl. Hopefully this will deter white people from moving to NYC. There are too many white people in NYC already. Y’all can move to places like Utah or Montana instead.

  19. The System will prosecute you if you are trying to protect yourself. That is what happened to the livery cab driver when he displayed a knife after confronting two in the entrance of a building. They charged him with menacing.

  20. The Corrupt Politicians, aka Intellectual Idiots, are responsible for her death. Had she gotten the upper hand, she would have been prosecuted like Bernard Goetz, and labeled a vigilante.

  21. Packs of black teens roam the Morningside park attacking lone victims. They've had 24 violent attacks in the last year there. No consequences equals more violence…

  22. DIEversity strikes again. Demolish that park, which is stained with the blood of far too many victims of senseless murders and attacks, and expand the campus to take over that blighted land once and for all. To hell with SJWs who cry about "gentrification". This is what you get.

  23. Why are these liberals complaining about this murder? By their logic, many blacks are killed every day with little fanfare. The victim is making the news simply because she is a young white privileged woman who attends an expensive liberal arts college. Accept the consequences of your activism.

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