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Barbie – Skipper Quits College | Ep.213

Barbie – Skipper Quits College Ahhh! It’s so nice being able to park my car in the garage without Skipper’s car in the way I miss her… Well I don’t miss her using all my makeup and borrowing my jackets Or her spending hours in the bathroom when you really need to use it I still wish she was living here Me and Annabelle lucky Auntie Skipper go to college Why’s that? Because we get our bedroom to ourselves Well I think it was nice having her around the house (Phone ringing) So you’re happy to give your room back to her? Oh no! I don’t miss her that much! Hello? Skipper! We were just thinking about you Ok… A surprise? Alright, well we’ll be home See you soon What was that about? Skipper’s just around the corner She said she’s got a surprise You think she buy us presents? That’s it! Wow! She the best Auntie ever! Well if you buy us something then you can be the best Aunties too Maybe she’s doing really well in college? (Doorbell) Well, we’re about to find out You’re what?! I’m moving back home! But… Isn’t that great! I don’t understand Don’t you… I can’t wait to tell the others Oh dear… You’re what?! You heard me, I’m moving back home! So you not get us any presents? Presents? And…why are you moving back? I’ve had enough of college The psychology course is really hard and I need a break Oh… You are happy I’m moving back aren’t you? Ummm… Yes… Great! Help me get the rest of my things out of the car You’re moving back right now? That’s right! You don’t want to think about it…? Oh no! What are we going to do? I’m not sure but I’m not losing my car park in the garage! Are you sure you’re not rushing into this? I’m sure College is not for me But you were so excited about psychology I can always go back to it in a few years if I change my mind A few years…! Oh, and can you move your car I need to get mine into the garage Oh come on…! Chelsea…! Can you come here please? Yes Skipper… Can you please… …move my things out… Yes! Thanks for looking after my room for me You sure you can’t sleep in Stacie’s room? I’ve just set this room up the way I like it No Chelsea, I… Or we could be roomies and share this bedroom Sorry Chelsea I’ll go tell the twins… No one here? Ahhh… Skipper Looks like I won’t be moving out anytime soon What? Girls… Girls, are you in there? Ok, I’m coming in Read the sign Do not open door! Annabelle! We say no one here! Come on Chelsea has to move back in with you two Uh uhhh! That not happening! Oh yes it is! Oh no it not! Right! I’m coming in! Let me in! Stop it Auntie Skipper! This our room! Ok, Ok, I give up Yah! Just Joking I can’t believe you trick us! Just do it! It’s not going to work We’ll see… Alright… (Dialing) Hello? Good afternoon Is Skipper Roberts there please? Speaking Oh, I have the Dean of the college on the other line He wants to speak to you The Dean? Oh, alright I’ll speak to him Hello Skipper This the Dean from your college I just hear you want to quit college Yes Dean I need a break I didn’t realise it would be this hard Hard? It so easy I do it with my eyes closed! Huh? I think you come back to college and we make everything easy for you Really? Oh yes I even give you all the answers to the tests You would do that? Of course! But you have to leave that house and come back to college right now If you don’t, then I call the police and… Oh… Ummm… Well this is very awkward I told you it wouldn’t work… You’re dropping out of college? What! Who told you? It’s just that… I’m just surprised I thought you really liked that course I did, but it’s getting a bit hard now Why don’t you give it one more go? I don’t think so Zac Well… Then I have to break up with you What? Really? No, not really The twins told me to say that Zac! Well we tried everything but it look like Auntie Skipper staying here That’s ok It’ll be nice having her around again but I’m definitely hiding all my makeup I can’t believe we not going to have our own room anymore At least you have a bedroom I still sharing with Mummy and Daddy! Well I’m off now Off where? Back to college What? Zac made me realise that I shouldn’t give up when things get hard and I do really like that course Yay! Girls! Sorry We going to miss you Auntie Skipper Well I’m glad you’re still doing the course You’ll make a great psychologist Thanks Alright, see you guys soon By Auntie Skipper Bye Skipper I can’t believe she changed her mind (Front door shuts) Well I’m exhausted! I’ve finished moving everything out of Skipper’s room Well move it back because you not in our room
anymore What? Skipper’s decided to go back to college You have to be joking! Now I have to move everything back into my room…

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