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Hi my name is Zubaida Marufee Islam. I am from Bangladesh. I am studying at Lund University and I am
studying Molecular Biology. Lund University is a public research university. It was founded in 1666. It is one of the finest and broadest university
of the world and it has been constantly ranked as one of the top 100 universities of the
world. As far as i know there are eight different
faculties and the faculties are distributed all over the city. There are two more campuses which are situated
in Malmö and Helsingborg. I haven’t been to those campuses but the one
that we have here is extremely beautiful. I am Mostafez. I am from Bangladesh. Right now i am studying in Sweden. I am studying development studies in Lund
University. Basically I haven’t thought about Sweden before
coming to Sweden. I was looking for different kind of scholarship
programme and i found SI scholarship which is Swedish Institute study scholarship. There are giving really nice benefits like,
they are giving full tuition waiver and they are also giving some living expenses and I
think it’s really nice. Then i start googling about Sweden and Swedish
education and I found there are some universities in Sweden which are really good in social
sciences and specially development studies which is I was really interested in. I thought like it might be a good opportunity
for me. And I also start looking at Sweden and Swedish
cultural system and found like they have really good culture in terms of education and in terms of people
and what I found in Sweden here, that many people are speaking Swedish and also they
are speaking English aswell. I think like 98% people in Sweden are speaking
English really well. I would say that the education system in Sweden
is different from Bangladesh because the Swedish people believe in innovation and creativity
and they believe in a lot of group discussions so they are a lot of group discussions in
our courses and this actually makes you confident about yourself because you start to speak
within groups and that makes you confident to speak in front of a larger audience. I really like the Swedish education system
too because it cares about the students and the teachers are really down to earth. I found most of the teachers are down to the
earth. They really care about you and they care about
your education. They are really caring in terms of giving
you feedbacks and giving you the grades. I like that the country is very calm and quite. I can say that Lund itself is very calm and
quite. The city is very organized and I like their
culture of Fika which is a break in between a meeting or studies or presentation where
they serve you with coffee, cinnamon buns cookies and tea etc. This is really relaxing. It doesn’t make you feel pressurised all the
time. I had to apply at a Lund accommodation. They have this online application process
with a certain deadline and you have to apply as early as possible because they give you
the accommodation based on first come first serve basis. So if you apply earlier you get better accommodation
for yourself. Otherwise all the accommodations get booked but we
non-European students have this advantage of getting guaranteed accommodation from LU
accommodation. So if you can apply at the very beginning
when the website opens taking the application the students then you can be assured of getting a better accommodation. University, specially my classes are not so
far from my home, so usually i go there by walking. But apart from that the transportation system
in Sweden is really good if I compare it to my country it’s really good. Because everything you can know when the bus
is coming and where the bus is coming. You can know it by mobile applications and
it’s almost accurate. Like the bus are coming at the same time and
they are reaching your destination at the same time so it’s pretty much accurate and
it’s cheaper because I buy a travel card which is like 600KR per month which is compared
to my country which is 6000 BDT. Well I mostly commute by bus because Lund
is a very small city and they have this extremely good public transport system. So most of the people here use bus but many
students. I would say most of the students have their own cycle
and they use cycles to go from one place to another but I don’t have one and I don’t know
how to ride one but I think the public transport system that they have is really good that’s
why I use it. I hardly get to see any private transport
here because the public transport system is better than anything else. Since I am living here only by myself. For me I feel like, if i live in a regular
size room and I live my life like middle income culture and middle income standard so I feel
like maybe it depends to 7000-8000 KR per month but of course depends on the lifestyle
of person and it varies person to person. I usually go to Netto that is in front of
my housing. I also go to Kott and Spice which is the new
Bangladeshi shop in Lund. I used to go to Malmö to get halal and cheaper
meat but the new shop that I just mentioned about Kott and Spice. They have very good halal and cheaper meat
and they have fresh vegetables which we get at a very reasonable price so nowadays we
are going to Kott and Spice more often. One advantage of bringing your spouse is if
your spouse wants to study in Sweden then if you are already studying in Sweden then
your spouse doesn’t have to pay any tuition fee which is I think one of the advantages
so you can bring your spouse and your spouse can get an international degree along with
you. I really miss Bangladeshi food to be honest
because I found like most of the Swedish food are not that spicy and so blend but I really
like spicy food in Bangladesh so I miss that. I also miss my family in Bangladesh of course. I have a small family there, I really miss
them. I miss three Fs about Bangladesh that
is food, friends and family.

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