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100 thoughts on “Bailey’s NEW College ROOM TOUR! | Zippered Bedding, Decor & MORE!

  1. Yeah bad way I like your house and can I have a sleepover years please because y’all are the best YouTube or stuff

  2. Hi Brooklyn and bailey I’m literally your BIGGEST FAN EVER I never watched you tube and then I found your Hawaii video right before I went and I started LOVING your vids. Anyway I’m getting new clothes and I love your sense of style can you please tell me some of your favorite places to shop??? Lysm 💕💕❤️❤️

  3. every single YouTuber I watch and they do a house tour or a room tour, they just want to ignore the closet, but they have to show it

  4. Oof Bailey I had something similar(mites) that decided to bury themselves in my skin yay! I picked it up from summer camp so I understand your pain😂

  5. Omg I have the same pink lamp!!! Btw I love you guys soo much❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ you guys are soo amazing

  6. I love your room so much Bailey I’m thinking of making my room similar to this because my room looks really bad right now love both of ya sooooooo much ❤️

  7. I feel that it is a little unfair bc Brooklyn Got such a bigger room than you it’s like three times what you have Bailey how did you agree on letting Brooklyn have the big

  8. How to tell Brooklyn and Bailey apart:

    Brooklyn: She had darker blush

    Bailey: She has lighter blush

    That’s just a way u remember 😛

  9. I love when u guys do room tours because I love ur styles and I get so much inspiration from u guys😍😉 (since I just moved into my new house)

  10. I’ve never understood why people in the US don’t use curtains. I mean I understand why you want the room to be super bright but am I the only one to think it’s so so cute by using curtains? And the room can still be bright even with curtains.

  11. Brooklyn And Bailey,
    I love your guy’s videos so much! You guys are so super pretty and so inspiring to me and I just wanted to tell you guys that! I love you guys so much! Everyday after school I look forward to kick off my shoes, turn on YouTube, and of course turn on my abousolute favorite channel Brooklyn and Bailey! If and when you get hate comments, I want you guys to know that there are so many people who love you so much and I’m one of them ❤️ I love you guys a lot and I just wanted you to know!
    ❤️ Brook

  12. you should teach Brooklyn to make her eyebrows better, she would look as cute as you, those eyebrows are out of date

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