#BacktoSchool Kingston’s First Day of School After Vacation & Spring break
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#BacktoSchool Kingston’s First Day of School After Vacation & Spring break

nice good morning today is Monday and
we’re waiting for my son’s bus today is his first time to go to back to go to
school since we go back from vacation so there’s some hi hi hi Bubba
hi cute oh did you say hi say hi say hi to the camera
tell them hi everybody happy or p.m. Awareness Month just my oh the boss
talked so long it’s spring now it’s supposed to be fast
maybe they get traffic right so this is the view from our our parking lot the
apartment complex parking lot this is how it looks like during spring huh have you see some snow or bear or
boo bear over there it’s because the Teresa do from the winter but everything
now is completely clear sour mean my son is walking while waiting for the bus
hopefully it will be here soon so he can go to school where we came
from over there and we turn back in there over there so this is it guys
just waiting okay see you guys later first here’s the first here’s the bass and yes
Kingston hello thank you who are those where the bus lady’s misses him ah so my son is going to school today going
back from vacation and spring break Spring Break spring break not spring
break but spring break he’s 14 use it but now my love you have a good let’s go smiley have a good day god bless everyone hi
guys I’m back so have you you’ve seen my son going to
school when the bus arrived and that’s the way it is when he goes to school and
we have to get him ready and prepare him to go to school
so today a little bit a little bit not okay for him bow as soon as I said to
him that he needs to go to school and explain him very well why he need why he
needs to go to school then he will get it so I’ll see you later
I lost oh damn hi uh so my son our son Esau

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7 thoughts on “#BacktoSchool Kingston’s First Day of School After Vacation & Spring break

  1. Such a great vlog in years to come, this moment will be treasured. Great job mom taking good care and love of your son 👍

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