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Back To School

Before I talk about prison- Before I talk about school, I just want to
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for an exciting announcement. You’re welcome. (Awesome as theme music ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Sudden realization that you have to go back to school Oh boy! It’s that time again,
back to school! Hee hee hee,
I cannot contain my excitement for a new year of discoveries
about the world and myself. Person: “Hey, didn’t you graduate six years ago?” Domics: “..can a man not wish
to be young again..?” Yes, I’ve been done with school
for a while now and while being an adult
definitely has its perks. Domics: “Yes, uh-may I have
four dozen doughnuts, please?” Employee: “Haha, having a party later, huh?” Domics: “No-hoh-ho-o, I am NOT.” I still remember and miss
the simple and carefree days as a kid. Most of you watching will probably be starting
a new school year soon. And some of you have graduated and are advancing on to
the next tier of education, and I’m aware other students
around the world start at different times in the year so I apologize if this one’s
too late or too early for you. You might be groaning at the fact that you have to go back
to doing homework, putting up with boring lectures, being forced to socialize
with undesirable people. But you may also be looking forward
to making new friends, seeing old ones, learning something new
and all sorts of things. Try not to expect it
as a repeat of the previous year. That’s kinda lame… Make it one with new opportunities,
do things differently. Also for your first day back, if you plan on stressing over what to wear because you’re worried about
how people will think of you, ehh, don’t. I guess it’s easier said than done because some of us
are more insecure than others. But let me tell you that
no-hoho body really cares… and those that do care… are nobodies. See, that’s why the statement
make sense to nobody… I mean maintain a decent level of hygiene, first impressions aren’t only limited
to the clothes you wear. But do you think I remember
what anyone wore on the first day of class
when I was 15? Hellllll no! Why would I waste storage
in my memory for that? I don’t even remember what I wore, there is no legacy to it. But, if you want to look good
just for yourself, *Lips smack* who am I to stand in the way
of you doing you. I tell this to people all the time, having gone through
my years of education. School isn’t for everyone, I realized that, for a lot of people
they’ve simply been told that school is important and mandatory. and they continue living with that mindset without finding truth in it for themselves. How many of you guys, show hands,- actually wait no, I can’t see you. But how many of you
are in college or university, just because your parents told you
it’s the only way to get a job, and how many of you who chose not to go to post-secondary education, get heavy judgment from peers when they find out you’re not in school. And how many of those people choke because they have trouble eating their words when you prove yourself to them. School isn’t for everyone, Yeah, elementary, junior, and high school definitely build your foundation
as an adolescent, but after that, I think you should be free to choose how you become an adult. I mean most information learned
at school is out there in libraries, does anyone even go to libraries? Okay, the Internet, readily accessible for anyone willing to teach themselves. I did not go to school for animation. And if I realize it sooner
how much more fun it was, I would have either dropped out
or switched programs. I still have ways to go
and improving my skill, but everything I’ve learned was through friends and the Internet. When I say school isn’t for everyone, I mean that as long as you have some sort of drive for knowledge to improve yourself and grow as a person, then it doesn’t really matter
which direction you go. School is simply a platform
of which these things can take place. But you can’t teach someone
who’s not willing to learn. And I get it, the public schooling structure
can be pretty skewed. All of you have your own
developed interests. And the education system
generally tries to examine you on your ability to perform
in multiple subjects that you may not equally find interesting. Therefore making your grade point
average a flawed representation of how intelligent you actually are. It discouraged me at first when I just couldn’t do well
in some of my courses. Was I just stupid?
I mean, I tried my best… I wouldn’t say I struggled in school… thanks Kumon. but at some point I just came
to the realization that maybe I just suck at physics. Person: “Oh hey, same here!” Domics: “I know right? “Oh…” And that’s perfectly okay! There’s always room to learn and improve. and there’s always room to accept that you’re just bad at something. We’re all stupid in
different aspects and categories, what’s not okay though is to claim to be incapable
without first trying. You guys will be discovering
more about your strengths- stra-stran-kafus, I hate that word… Your non-weaknesses in these coming years. and as tough as it may seem, make the best of it. Because you’ll only get to
experience it once. If you’re still in elementary school, I’d say kick back, have a popsicle. Enjoy yourself for now, your homework consists
of simple math and reading books. When you hear the adults telling you to enjoy being a kid
while you still can, believe them. Sure, you can still be a kid at heart when you’re an adult, but it’s not the same carefree kind as what you guys are experiencing now. I really miss it. And it’s a shame when I see some of you
in such a hurry to be adults. Domics: “Hey kid! What’s the rush?” Kid: “I wanna pay taxes!” Domics: “what the fu…?!” High school students! My tip for you… Just survive. I’m serious. I’m not even gonna sugarcoat it. High school will suck for a lot of you. You may meet a few great people
and make a few endearing memories, but you can’t really credit
high school for it. High school is what you make it to be, just do your best in your classes and accept that those four years are merely a time for you
to discover yourself, and what kind of adult you want to be? What a lot of you consider “achievements”, don’t really carry over into adulthood. Trust me,… no one really cares that you scored that-that one touchdown back
in tenth grade… Make friends with who
you feel comfortable with and not with people who are your friends under condition and by that, I mean you’re only friends as long as you are providing them with a certain benefit of some sort. Those aren’t friends, okay? Those are just convenient acquaintances that you just happen
to see on a daily basis. But even if you make good friends, you must accept the possibility
of drifting apart with some of them after graduation. It’s not necessarily anyone’s fault. It’s sad, but people just grow, sometimes apart and on their own paths. College and university students, come here, come a little closer… Turn the volume up… BALANCE YOUR TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! School, work, relationships, hobbies, whatever things you wish
to be involved in, make sure you keep a balance
between all of them. Because no matter what, stress will find its way
to throw you off. and the more balanced you are, the harder it’ll be to fall. If there’s too much on your plate, be prepared to sacrifice some things. In the 4 years I was in University, I gave up a lot of my hobbies, besides building plans, site elevations
and cross sections of parapets. By the way, this is called a parapet. And yes, that’s one thing. I learned from my years in architecture. I didn’t really draw any personal art, I also stopped watching anime, and I couldn’t really play
too many video games. Maybe that’s why
I lost my passion for architecture, or maybe it was just
the intensity of the program. I realized those things
were a big part of who I was, and I couldn’t bear
to fully immerse myself in a career where those were absent. And yeah, some of you guys
on this channel might be new and not know that I studied architecture. But obviously I settled on a different path. Your experiences in these years
will likely be the most memorable. This isn’t just high school part 2 but now you don’t live at home, this isn’t just high school, but you get to pay for courses that you like. This isn’t just busywork
until you’re done, and all of a sudden
you’re ready for the world. This is one of the ways
you enter adulthood and join the rest of us who have been molded
by our own unique experiences. Experiences ranging from sweet to bitter, Experiences that make you think
if that never happened to me, I wouldn’t be who I am today. And if you’re not going to school, or taking your year off for a breather, earning some money, and maybe travel, or even if you’re going straight
into the working field. That’s fine, too. It’s fine. Everything’s fine! Why did I even make this video?! I just want to tell you guys
to find enjoyment in the time you have, while you have it. I’m not telling you to live every day as if it was your last. Goodness! No, that sounds
exhausting and subjective… Do-does anyone really try to live by that? All I’m saying is as long as
you use that time to at least make something of yourself and discover more of what goals
you want to achieve in your life, then it’s not wasted time. But with that said, you also can’t just mindlessly
follow your dreams. You hear that advice a lot, but in reality it’s very unsustainable
for everyone to do so, it might be better to say: “follow your dreams,
but not off a cliff.” As in chase your dreams
but be mindful of where it leads you, and think things through before deciding to make a leap. Everyone’s kind of in a hurry
to figure out what they want to do
for the rest of their life, but understand that, you have the rest of your life
to figure it out. Even right now, a lot of you adults probably have jobs that you’ve been in for years. But still, something deep inside your mind is telling you, this isn’t it. The search isn’t over. You may be comfortable
with something one day, but then totally change the next. As humans, we never stop growing. We are always adapting and changing. I wish you guys some good discoveries in the upcoming semesters. Good luck. Wait, no, sorry. I mean, you succ. (I wish you success,
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