Back to School with Baldi’s Basics Gone Wrong!
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Back to School with Baldi’s Basics Gone Wrong!

– Well, it’s that time of year again, back to school. And in this video,
we’re going to be, whoa! What happened to you? – Oh jeepers. Is it back to school already? (buzz) You should have destroyed
the games like I told you. It’s too late now. You’re doomed.
(buzz) – Wow! Aren’t you optimistic? Bye. Let’s go to class. (peppy dance music) (school bell rings) Hello, everybody, my name is Tommy. And welcome back to school! And in this video, we will be asking all the
Baldi’s Basics characters what their favorite subjects are. – Oh, hi there! Welcome back to my schoolhouse. – Uh, hi, Baldi! – It’s time for the pop quiz. Math! Problem one. Seven times six equals? – 42. – You’re doing fantastic! Problem two, eight times three equals? – 24. – I don’t believe it. You’re incredible! Problem three (distorted, robotic buzzing) times (distorted, robotic buzzing) divided by (distorted
robotic buzzing) equals? (ominous music) – Here’s where things go wrong. 6,461? Okay, I’ve got a new problem to solve. This guy. Whoa! (wooden popping) (loud banging) (light toy piano music)
Oh, look! I brought my Pokemon to school. So what are your favorite subjects? – Science. – Field trips. – Social Studies and History. – Oh, you like Social Studies and History? My Dad would get along with you. – [Man] No pets in the halls. – Oh, come on! – 15 seconds detention for you. Your parents will hear about this one. – Hey, what’s your favorite subject? (door thuds) No, okay. – Let’s play!
– So look at me. I already got detention on
the first day of school. Oh, hey, look. It’s Playtime.
– Let’s play! – Hello, Playtime. So what’s your favorite subject, Playtime? – Recess. – Recess, of course. – Let’s play! Ready? – No, I’m not playing. (sharp snapping)
– Ooh. That makes me sad. – Okay, you know what? That’s it for detention. (door thuds) Well, I’m back in the halls again. This is the broom closet. Let’s ask Gotta Sweep what he likes. Well, look at that, it’s Gotta Sweep! So, what’s your fav,
I’m talking to a broom. I’ve lost my mind. Anyway, what’s your favorite subject? – Sweeping time! – Sweeping time. Whoa! – Gotta sweep, sweep, sweep! Gotta, gotta, gotta, sw,
sw, sw, sweep, sweep, sweep! – Thank you! Whoa! (wooden popping) – No running in the halls. (loudly bangs) No slamming doors in the halls. 45 seconds detention for you. – What’s your favorite subject? – You should know better. – Oh, here I am again. Oh, look who’s here, First Prize! Look at him. – I see you, friend. – Hi, I see you, too. So what’s your favorite subject? – Will you marry me? (toy gears whirring) I hug people for all eternity. (toy gears whirring) – This is a little awkward. Let’s move on. – [First Prize] I have lost you. I don’t like that. – So I, oh. It’s Arts & Crafters, hi. Are you gonna come out, or
are you just gonna be shy? There you are. So what’s your favorite subject? (scary music)
What are you doing? Hi, what are you doing? (wooden popping) What did I do to deserve this? – No running in the halls. 60 seconds detention for you. This is going on your permanent record. – Hey, what’s your favorite subject? (door squeaking) – Justice, it fills my tummy. – Oh, hi. Oh, look who it is. – Give me something great. – Got nothing to give you. What? Why are you looking at the camera? – [Bully] I’ll take that. It’s mine now. – [Tommy] Let go of my video camera. – This is a nice camera. Ha, ha, ha, ha. – This my camera, you. – It’s mine now. – No, give me the camera. Give it to me. – [Man] No escaping
detention in the halls. – He stole my camera, are you serious? – 75 seconds detention for you. You’re not off to a good start this year. – He stole my video camera from me. He stole. He stole this camera from me. – I know. You let me deal with him. No bullying in the halls. – Thank you. At least he’s doing something about it. – 99 seconds detention for him. He needs to grow up. – You stole my camera from
me, and you got me in trouble. – I’m gonna take your cam. – You know what? I’ve had enough of this puppet show. It didn’t go the way that I wanted to. I hope you enjoyed that. Oh, wait, you did? Well, that’s just fantastic! I did not enjoy this, so I’m
gonna end this video right now. Thank you so much for watching. And I will see you all next time. (door clicking) (wooden popping) Aaahhhh! – Give me something great. – [Tommy] Take one hand, and
put these two fingers together. Put your pinky on top, and grab your pinky
with your index finger. And you just made
yourself a puppet friend. (peppy dance music)

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