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Back to School w/ Sam & Cat! 📚 Which One Are YOU? | NickRewind

[music playing] How was school? Learny. Aw jeeze, I gotta get to school. [laughing] Hey, don’t you have to go to school? Yeah, but I do it online now. See? Yay, I’m at school. OK math, let’s see. Channel two. Plus channel five… Equals channel seven. – Let’s go.
– I can’t go. Why not? I’m meeting a friend to work on
a school project. Eh! So what’s your school project about? Oh, it’s– – Ding dong!
– I’ll grab it. – Hi.
– Nice hair. What are you? Jade! [moaning] What are you doing here? You said you wanted
to work on our project. At your house, not here. – Whatever, let’s just go in–
– No, you can’t! So, first you press ‘menu’. And then–
No hey, pay attention, Murph. And then if you wanna watch TV…
Over here. You press the ‘satellite’ button. Nope, nope.
The ‘satellite’ button. [doorbell ringing] Here, pick a channel. Nothing educational. So you psyched about the fights? I can’t go. You’re not coming with us? No, I want to but I’ve got a huge
test at school on Monday. So I’ve gotta study all day and night. Hey, did you bring that stuff
from your mom? – Oh yeah, I got it right here.
– Oh! – Look, I hurt my finger.
– How? I was eating a hotdog and I got confused. Alright, here you go. – Yay!
– What’s that? Oh, it’s called pon thwang. My mom gets it from
an Asian health food store. What does pon thwang do? It helps the brain focus and concentrate. Also improves alertness and memory. Yeah, so just follow the directions
on the bottle, and it’ll help you study. – Thanks.
– Alright, let’s hit it goons! – Yay!
– Bye. – Bye.
– See you. To open, push down and twist. [moaning] It’s time to begin an exercise
called Backwards Acting. – Now you see–
– Sikowitz! Cat, you’re very late.
Class is almost over. This is more important than class. More important than teaching
young people backwards acting? Why are you dressed like a clown? Who is that girl? She’s my friend and roommate, Sam. Well, she’s not allowed to be in– Ah, farm sauce. Class dismissed. This is your classroom. – My classroom.
– Yeah. And you better be a good teacher,
or else you’re gonna be back in Louisiana working in a crawdad factory. Where’s Dice? You said
he was gonna be here. He’s coming. When? What’s taking so long? He’s only 12. Cat had to dress him up so he’ll
look like a regular high school student. [grumbling] Now here are the cards that
Cat and I wrote up for you to use. They have enough facts about history
to get you through one class. – Hi, Nona.
– Hi, Cat. Hey, wanna do something fun? – Well, why don’t you…
– Yes? Watch one television news program and write 500 words on the topic
of news that interests you most. Is this your homework? – No, this is not my homework.
– Really? OK, it is my homework,
but I hate watching the news. So I was hoping you’d understand. Nona, but would you please! Fine, forget it. I’ll watch the stupid news myself. In Washington, the House Budget
Committee passed a joint resolution to both extend and limit spending rules
regarding pension reform. No! The Committee is considering another vote
later on in the first term of next year. There’s a pic of me with a donkey. And a burrito. Watcha doolian? Online school. I gotta prove that I did four hours
of community service this month. Oh. So I’m sending some pics of me
feeding homeless animals. Oh right, because they don’t have
kitchens to make meals. Yeah, sort of. Uh, so there’s a pic of me
feeding a needy donkey. UH, I’m not sure donkeys eat burritos. Yeah, I was worried about that. Here, how about this one? You’re feeding a dinosaur. On a submarine. Oh, I gotta start studying. Gross.

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49 thoughts on “Back to School w/ Sam & Cat! 📚 Which One Are YOU? | NickRewind

  1. THIS is why I love Sam and Cat.
    Cats my fav character
    Why couldn’t they keep these types of shows? If only they didn’t end so soon

  2. Love the part where cat think jade and Sam are hurting each other gomer was in Henry the musical if only that website of Hollywood’s was real for school

  3. Taffi & Toasty
    All That
    Drake & Josh
    The Schwimmer Diaries
    Hungry Girl
    Extreme Groin Injuries
    Star Paws
    Zoey 101
    Hungry Girl

  4. In some ways I’m like cat can’t be late for class gotta be there early and other times I’m like Sam when it comes to homework and studying 😂😂

  5. Even though I hate school, and everything that has a relation with it 😧 I'm just like Cat, I study a lot, I do my homeworks, and I never go late

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