Back To School: Types Of Students
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Back To School: Types Of Students

(pen clicking) – Hey, can you stop, I can’t hear. – Oh true, sorry. – Thanks. (pen clicking) – No seriously, I really
can’t concentrate with that. – Okay, relax man. (pen clicking) Dude! (pen clicking) (groaning) (dramatic music) – Parenthesis of one minus F to the I. (bell ringing) – Uh, excuse me sir can you please repeat that one more time. – We will look first at cor, corporation, no, coap. – It’s cooperation! – Are you sure? Like. – I’m pretty sure, I’m pretty
sure, I mean it does spell. – Corporate profits and another forty’s, argh! Yow what that says? – Billion. – Billion. (slow romantic music) – You guys are so nasty, get a room. (slow romantic music) – Wake up, wake up. – Oh, uh, yeah, the
answer is 85.74, right? – We’re in English class. – English?
– Yeah. – No!
– Wake up. – No, stop.
– Wake up. – No, no.
– Wake up. – Oh, yeah, yeah I’m
awake, I’m awake yeah. (moaning) (mischievous music) – Excuse me, Armin. – Um Sir, it’s not what
it looks like, she. – No, I don’t wanna hear it, go to the principal’s office. (groaning) – Can’t believe I’m
sitting next to a cheater. – What!
– Gosh! (pen slamming on the floor) (slapping thud) – Yo, can I borrow your pen? – Yep.
– Thank you. (moaning) Here. – No thanks. – Alright. – Yo, can I borrow some paper please? – Sure. – Thank you. Cool.
– Nah, no thanks. – You sure?
– Nah, I don’t want that. – Okay. – Alright class, who here knows
the answer to question four? – Oh, oh, oh! I have the answer, Sir over here. Hello, back here. Are you blind? I’m over here, have the answer. Hello. – The Cos two delta over Sin 34 squared. Excuse me, no drinks in class. Plus or minus the square
root of B squared, (clicking sound) minus four AC over two
A, for Cos two delta. – Yo, you want some? Take it, it’s good. Here, take some. Alright. (“Fur Elise” by Beethoven) – Hey, can I borrow your notes? – Uh, yeah. – Um, never mind. – Baby! – Baby, what are you doing here? – I brought you coffee. – Oh, did you skip class to get me this? – Yes. – Baby I love you so much. – I love you too. – I know it’s only been a week
but I can do this forever. – Forever. – Walk me to my next class? – Let’s go. I love you.
– (girl) I love you. (“I wanna know” by Sickick) ♪ I wanna know ♪ ♪ Would you wanna wake up next to me ♪ ♪ If every night was an ecstasy ♪

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  1. Can't believe this is our highest viewed video of all time! Thanks for all the love! 💛
    We just made a PART TWO to this video! Check it out here: 👫

  2. just to be honest, I'm a fast reader, but I really hate when a student raises his hands to read and they're slowly either reader

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  4. Hello I am your second new subscriber.. 😍😁 love your all videos from USA..😍❤️😘💞💘♥️💖💙

  5. Yes i hate the bully she has braces ughhhhh and picks on my freinds and got me in trouble once uggh

  6. حرم علوكن اللله يغضب علوكن تبوبه الله يحب التوبن والمططهر ين

  7. I am like the slow reader in school and I also hate the people who remind the teacher about the test and home work

  8. I can relate to the artist. But instead of people turning to me for notes, they turn to me for pens or pencils. DOES IT LOOK LIKE I HAVE MONEY TO BUY ALL OF THAT CRAP!? HECK NO! I FIND AT LEAST 95 PERCENT OF IT ON THE FLOOR! SO NO YOU CANT HAVE ONE!

  9. Yes mate I'm looking hello what are the weather questions like today what is the weather course like to do their shared said to theirs treetops she

  10. I’m the artist… I honestly listen better if I’m drawing because I’m able to do something with my hands but I still hear what the teachers saying

  11. When it was the bully u could in the end u could ckearly see how jazz almost started to laugh😂💪

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