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– Hey guys, it’s Ruby Rube! Welcome back to the channel! I am back with… – Amelia! – And today we’re going to be doing the back to school switch-up – [Girls] Challenge! – So we’ve done many of these in the past, but because it’s the holidays
I need new stationery. Amelia doesn’t. – I do. I do. My paper case the zip has came off. Now I’ve locked my
pencil sharpener inside. – I still need new stationery. But guys comment down below
at the end of the video who has the best stationery team. Ruby the black catters, or
team Amelia the pink catters. (meowing) Obviously it’s going to be me. So we have the boxes right in front of us, and the way this is gonna work ’cause you probably already know. But if you don’t know, in one of the boxes there is going to be the most amazing stationery
in the entire world. And in the other box, there’s going to be like
boring, dull, bad stationery. But you guys might actually like the boring, dull, bad stationery. Who knows! But a person who gets the good
stationery gets one point, and the person who gets the bad
stationery gets zero points. – Well I’m obviously gonna get the points- (girls talking over one another) – We’re gonna do rock, paper, scissors to see who goes first. But before we do that make sure
you subscribe if you’re new ’cause we’re on the road to – [Girls] three million subscribers! – And make sure you turn
on the notifications, so you know when I upload. But you ready to do rock, paper, scissors? – Yes! – [Girls] Rock! Paper! Scissors! Shoot! (cheering) – I get to go first! It’s round one, and you have to go down. Okay, let’s have a look. Um, you can look. – I want to… Keep! – No! Amelia has chosen to keep,
so let’s have a look to see. Yes! – No! – Wow, I’ve got this pencil
case that is sparkly, and it’s got sequins that
go to rainbow to silver. And then I’ve got this
pineapple pencil case. Like look a this. It’s so cool, and it’s so
sparkly, and it’s a pineapple. (chomping) – I’ve already got like
a million of these! – No, I have a million of those. You’ve got a million of the pencils. – Oh, I do, don’t I? (laughing) – But guys that means one point for Ruby and zero points to Amelia. – I will get you back! – So we need to put our
stationery in our backpacks, and I have this navy, polka dot backpack. And Amelia has this rainbow, sort of unicorn Claire’s backpack. So it’s all empty ’cause
we have to empty it for our new stationery. So let me put pencil cases inside. – I’m gonna put my boring
pencil case inside. – You guys are just
gonna stay right there. – So guys, it’s round two. And it’s Ruby’s turn to turn around. (suspenseful music) I love it. Okay, Ruby come up please. – I want to switch ’cause I feel like I heard like some sort of sparkles, and I feel like you’re being genuine. So I’m gonna switch! Let me have a look. Yes guys! Oh my goodness, look at these! Wow, limited edition notes! Make it happen. And I have this sequin! It goes to silver to like
this kinda holographic color. I wanted to switch because I felt like Amelia was being genuine. – Shorthand notebook. I’ll probably just do that
or rip it off, but yeah. I got it from go, ‘kay. And then this I’ll
probably use for my things. And I quite like this so. Even though Ruby has
the sparkly notebooks, I can still decorate these. So these aren’t too bad. Like I’ve still got lots of
room, and they’re massive so. – That means two points to
Ruby and zero points to Amelia. – No actually, um… Yeah, you’re right. I need to catch up. But I still have a chance. I still have a chance. – All right, in you go in the bag. Right, I’m gonna make some space. – Well, I’m actually
gonna win this you know. You just don’t know it. – All right guys, it’s round three. And Amelia it’s your turn to
go down while I have a looksie. Eh, okay. (suspenseful music) That’s good. Okay, come on then. – I want to keep. – You sure? – Um, yeah. Yes, I told you I would win! I got some of these really cute erasers. They’re fruits! Everyone has to stay healthy. They’re so cute. Now I don’t have to worry about
bringing a drink to school. Look, there’s even chocolate
milk in there, yummy. Oh, they’re pencils. Okay, look. I can prank my friends with them. And I can say that they’re
colored, fat pencils. So yes, so what did you get Ruby? – I got plain erasers. I mean, they’re not that bad. At least I have lots of erasers I guess. But they’re not fun, colorful like Amelia. So Amelia has got one point,
and Ruby has got two points. Amelia is catching up and I need to win. – So guys it’s round four. And it’s Ruby’s turn to turn around again. – Oh! (suspenseful music) – Okay you can come up now. – Look at me. (dramatic music) Hm, I want to switch. – Okay. – Wait so… I want to keep. Okay, I’m gonna keep. – You sure? – Yeah, three, two, one. (gasps) What did I get? Yay! I got colorful folders! I got green, and yellow, orange, and pink! – Well if I ever lose something, then I don’t have to search through the whole thing to find it. I can just look through. Like I can see you. I can see you. – Ow! – Sorry, I don’t know where you were. – Color is definitely better guys. I prefer colorful stuff. Three to Ruby and one to Amelia. So you’re gonna go at the
very, very, very back. Okay, are you in? You’re in. – I will catch up. – All right guys, we’re
moving on to round five! And it’s Amelia’s turn to turn around. It’s my turn to have another looksie to see if Amelia is switching or keeping. (suspenseful music) Okay. Come on then. – Um… I want to… – You can’t smell it! It doesn’t smell of anything. – I want to switch. – You sure? – Yes! – Okay. – No, I wanna keep. – You already said you’re sure! – Fine. – Three, Two. What did I get? (gasps) Oh my goodness, look at this guys. It’s funky tape. I’ve got polka dots. I’ve got zigzags. I’ve got lines. I’ve got zebras. And I’ve also got this thing
which has got paper clips. I’ve got some fun pins. I’ve got some elastic bands. I’ve got some circle some pins. I’ve got some gigantic paperclips. – Well at least I don’t have to get risked told off by my teacher. And I quite like these ’cause like no one will ever know that I am literally wearing paperclips on my
paper because they are white. – All right, into the bag you go. I literally have no room left go into it. Look at my bag. – [Amelia] Look how
much room mine has left. – I don’t know how much stuff I’m gonna be able to fit in here. Like in you go. You can just be nice and stacked in there. – I’m still gonna catch up, you know. And I’m still gonna win the challenge. – Guys, Round six. I need to catch up, but
anyways Ruby please go down. – Okay. – Okay Ruby! – I feel like I want to switch. – Are you sure? (suspenseful music) – Yes I want to switch. – Okay. – I don’t know if that was a
good choice or a bad choice. But I don’t know. – Yes! Double sided pencils. – But Amelia, I know you love these. You find them all the time,
and I know you need them. – No I don’t. I still got loads! – I’m sorry, but you’ve
got one of the flavors which is cheesy popcorn. – I like cheese, so yeah. – All right, into the bags you go. And guys I was just thinking even though I’ve got these
boring, old, plain pencils, I can decorate them with my funky tape. – All right guys, it’s round seven. And it’s the second to last round. So that means if Amelia gets
these two last rounds correct, that means we will tie with four, four. – I will guess them right. – But it’s Amelia’s turn to go down. – Aw, it is. – Okay, one. Two. Three. Three items. (mumbling) – I want to… Switch! – You sure? – Yes. – Okay. – I want to keep. – You said you’re sure. – No. – But you said you’re sure. – I want to keep. It’s my box Ruby. Yes! It’s so cute! – Guys I cannot believe Amelia changed her mind at the last second. Which means I’m stuck with
some Bic original pens for me. – And look how cute this is. And look! I can’t concentrate in
school anymore, yes! (giggling) I told you I’d catch up. – That means Amelia’s got four. I meant that means Amelia’s
got three, and I’ve got four. So hopefully I win the last round. All right guys. It is the final round. Is Amelia gonna catch up, or is Ruby gonna win the challenge? I don’t know, but it’s
Amelia’s turn to go down. – No it’s not. – Oh, it’s my turn. (mumbles) – She is not. Okay Ruby. Hey, that’s my thing that I do. – Hm, I want to switch. – You sure? – Yes. Wait! Now I wanna keep it. I don’t know if that was a good doing. – For sure? – Yeah. (gasps) Yeah! Oh my goodness, I got 20, 40. I got 100 pounds! (screeching) Oh my goodness, Amelia! – I got nothing! Okay, well at least I got, oh, you got. – That means I won the
challenge with five points! – I didn’t know that
Ruby was gonna get money. And I didn’t even know that money was in the stationery world. – Yes, you’re right Amelia. I didn’t know I would. But that means I’ve got 100
pounds to buy more stationery! So I’m gonna go buy some more stationery. I’ll be back. – Can you give me 50, please? – [Ruby] No.
(sighs) (upbeat music) – So this is what I got guys. I’ve got some funky tape. I’ve got some clips and some pins set. I have some basic pens and pencils. I have two cool pencil cases. I also have a beautiful notebook, and I think my favorite
notebook is probably this one which says make it happen. Then I’ve just got some plain erasers, and the colorful folders, and don’t forget 100 pounds! – I’ve got these really cool pens. They’re so cute. I’m not gonna concentrate
in class with these. But I love it. And I got this super cool pencil set with its own sharpener, eraser. It’s even got pens and grips. And then this thing. And then I got cool pens
like these really cool. Like you even got fresh air scent. – [Ruby] How on earth is that? How? (sniffs) – You’ve got marshmallow melts scents. You got root beer float scent. (laughs) And then I’ve got these
super cool erasers. And can’t forget the double sided pencils and sparkle pencils. I’ve got these really cool erasers. Plain notebooks, I’ll
probably use the red one. Because, you know, I can decorate it. And last of all is the
plain, clear zipper file. I think that my favorite has to be, oh no. Um… These pens! – But guys, I won the challenge this time. And let us know in the comments which stationery do you prefer: team Ruby the black ears cat or team Amelia the pink ears cat. And guys as usual we’ll
see you next time on: – [Girls] Ruby Rube! Bye guys! – I’ll trade you a pencil. I’ll trade you this. I’ll trade you all of these – No! Make sure you go check
out my brand new merch. The website is RubyRube.co.uk. And I’ve got really cool stuff on there. And click on any of the
videos on the screen to watch more of my videos. And also guys, check out my
gaming channel it’s right here. (upbeat music)

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