Back to School SWITCH UP Challenge!!!
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Back to School SWITCH UP Challenge!!!

hey guys you guys been asking a lot
about George our puppy we decided to put him in more of our videos and today we’re gonna
be doing a back-to-school switch up challenge we have to school in two days
so it’s very close and we are super excited about it and we have a mega
twists there’s a little mini challenges before each of the rounds and
they’ll ever win a challenge is going to appeal so if you want all the challenges
you can peak for the whole video alright guys so now we’re gonna do our first
child to see who’s gonna peak first we have to roll and never get bigger number
yes there’s no book skies about this
gorgeous Smiggle butterfly line it’s really pretty like metallic and then it
has a case in the middle then I got this really pretty teal on then out of the
class playing even though some of your bagging I think if I love the color I
got this laughing Claire’s adorable and I got probably my favorite this one oh
it’s so cute I dunno yeah there’s just this black one does he make sure challenge number two we’re gonna be
asked a question I never get that right and the fastest is going to be peeking
all right so what’s the question what famous Swedish youtuber just got married Pewdiepie you know I open this huge box and inside is a tiny eraser I mean it still works the same we’ve all
in this amazing so for this challenge our mom
is going to pick a number between one to ten she’s gonna show it to you guys
movie camera I’m the first one to guess it isn’t one that got panic okay um 2 7
9 6 3 5 4 I’m gonna peek guys no way crazy I got a
simple calculator oh this is like the best day run oh my
goodness good she has to do her mat’s on a
normal calculator would like it was you ever so awesome you know let’s just walk
no no change back time I keep my get it got to be I’m gonna do this is weird because it says I guess
it’s mystery backpack just playing green red wait to use this for school library
board and it’s so sequencing on the side can we just move on to Round six and
we’re going to get any no question good job whoever is the closest wins how many
subscribers does sis versus bro have seven million around 9 million our winds
blew hard subscribe you’d actually up eight point eight million I’ll give you
I thought she was gonna do one of her tricks again when it was bad but she
didn’t but she wanted me to swamp there’s even not to my school uniform
for and for two so for this challenge we have to guess what it is you can get it
right then there’s got to be okay so let’s shake it not a copybook
it’s too light too your hands over the ball so you know look at my own this is these beautiful
purple clothes in the process okay good hey everybody it is a lot round and I want Elena she’s
gonna be okay I just put it just it just it just it what if it’s one of her trips was about to challenge so guys we really hope you enjoyed our
practice lose my job we got amazing school supplies and some weird does for
supplies light it was so much fun so guys make sure you hit the subscribe
button if you like one and another fish but I will see you next time bye here’s
some more fun videos

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