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Oh my god Im shaking right now There’s this giant box It’s from Yoobi Which is an American Company That makes extremly cute school supplies And I’ve been waiting for this package … I can’t even talk anymore I’ve been waiting for this package for a very long time I don’t know how to explain But I’m shaking right now So let’s get started and open it I know there’s a book over here but whatever OH MY GOD I can’t oh my god I think I’m gonna die I’m not gonna look and I’m gonna pick up things ok Oh my god this thing is huge So this is a pencil case and It says Mermaid Vibes and it’s clear and it is HUGE I didn’t think this thing was going to be so huge but I’m telling you it is So this is the YOOBI company This company is a bit special because For each product you buy Yoobi gives one back to a school in need in America It has glitter over here Prepare yourselves, get some food, some water It is going to be a long video Oh my god This is a tiny notebook It says “stay cool”, it’s got a cactus on it, it’s so cute my god You buy’ Yoobi gives adorable If you get bored in class you can color this in This is an ice cream pencil case from Yoobi Look this one is huge aswell I thought they were going to be much smaller Oh my god, why can’t I open it help scissors I don’t think you realise how happy I am right now Why can’t I open this pencil case can someone tell me please help now It’s so cute my god By far the cutest erasers I’ve seen in my life They’re fries , apple, ice cream, giraffe lion, hippo Next I have this little notebook what was that called? rainbow and it says “good vibes” It’s absolutely adorable, so tiny and cute And I love it Ok, moving on we have some index cards I usually don’t use index cards I don’t know I haven’t seen them in Romania Maybe they exist, maybe not They’re some cards that help you study Look at the box, it’s adorable It looks like this After I open it ok so here it’s got some dividers Up here you can write for example history, maths,romanian There are more in here.. two more You can learn easier like this With these cards for example, you write down what you need to remember and other stuff Moving on I don’t know what this is ah yes So this is a.. I don’t know what it’s called in Romanian exactly Pen cup I forgot how it’s called in Romanian And it’s got a cactus and let’s open it up now Ok so it’s this thing You put your pencils inside This box is huge let me show you Ok so this is a sticker book And it’s got a lot of stickers, over 600 ok so it’s got some hearts ok it’s got letters, balloons uh these are cute ah ok ok oh my god these pencils are so long they’ll fit in my pencil case so these are just some pencils with some very very cute patterns oh nooo why does the avocado have stripes on it it’s not fair these are also erasers all are cute except for the avocado which I don’t know why it came like this but I’m mad about it oh ok this is cool it’s very cool and it also has a keychain this is a mermaid pen I think it feels so nice writing with this these mechanical pencils this one is with cactus and this one with leaves super cool…moving on this set of 10 mini highlighters which are very very cute next I have this unicorn pencil case which is super super cool as you can see it also has this on the back and inside I found these glue sticks which are absolutely adorable they got unicorns, rainbows and smiley faces Write in the comments which pencil case I should use the unicorn one or the ice cream one Moving on I’ve got this set of 24 mini coloured pencils I wanted to get this because I don’t use coloured pencils that much in school So I could’ve got the mini ones then , here we have some sticky notes oh this one, this one is cool so this is a pen that’s liquid inside I don’t know if it shows yeah so it’s liquid and it’s got glitter inside and a flamingo that a turtle? I don’t know I think it’s a turtle I have no idea ah it’s a leaf…very cool pen moving on 24 mini pens in every possible color and with glitter moving on I’ve got these washi tapes this one is rainbow and this one is glittery and it’s super cool next is this notebook that has plenty of patterns on it the inside is like this wow you could color these in in class if you’re bored ok next it’s this cactus binder it’s very cute inside we have this unicorn pencil case super super super cute ok this is a liquid diary which is very cool I want to open it right now tell me that this isn’t the coolest diary in the world that’s the inside wow is this just a cover? can you take it off? how cool is this next are these stickers for your planner or agenda they are very very very cute I know I said cute a million times but these are all extremely cute and that’s why ok these are cactus pens which are extremely cute this holographic notebook and it has a rainbow here and the best part about it is that here you can put pencils and all your stuff it’s actually a pencil case in a notebook ok we have these stickers which are tropical and stuff these stickers which are doodle they’re very cute here it says “YAS” and here is a narwhale and they’re extremely extremely cute then there’s this pencil case, which is for my sister, it has glitter inside you don’t necessarly have to use it for pencils you can use it for makeup and anything you want it’s liquid it’s so cool next I have these holo pencils which you can’t really see on camera that they’re holographic but trust me they are next is this planner which is a unicorn look how cute it is inside oh my god here you can write down what you do everyday next I have these scissors that say “YAAAS” this folder it says “stay sweet” and it’s a pineapple ok these are much bigger than I thought they’re some very cute erasers flamingo, pineapple,melon,leaves and they come in this adorable tiny container next is this leaves notebook that is.. very big extremely big it’s like this inside next I have this flamingo notebook it says “stand tall” and it’s very very cute then I have these 2 notebook which are absolutely amazing they’re holo they’re like some kind of mermaids and I like them very very very much so I had to get 2 next I have these erasers cause I got a lot of erasers watermelon,donut,unicorns forever and rainbow next this package of washi tape one is with tropical leaves this one is with stripes next this black notebook with is absolutely adorable that’s it on the inside then I got this unicorn notebook, absolutely adorable its super cool this glitter notebook it looks like this very very wow it’s very very very glittery next I have this cactus notebook next I have this holographic thing in which I’ll keep my money at school next I have this rainbow keychain very very very cool and these ice cream erasers and the last thing this absolutely enormous backpack from YOOBI it’s got cactuses and a pineapple pompom it’s such a big backpack, all my stuff will fit in I’m telling you this is gigantic that’s how my floor looks like right now I hope you enjoyed this haul and I’ll see you next time BYEBYE

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