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Hello everybody and welcome back on my channel! Today I’m here to show you what I’ve bought for this new year of school that is close to start. I start by saying that I didn’t buy many items because I already have them from last year so it was useless to buy them another time So first of all I bought these post it that are my favorite ones these are more stiff than the regular ones and I suggest them to you Then I bought two white rubbers that are better than the red and blue ones. I have one huge spiral notebook that I didn’t use last year (but i would have bought it anyways) and I’m gonna use it for German since it’s simple to divide it into Grammar, Words and Exercises and it’s reaaaaally convenient the brand is called “One Color” I bought a new plastic pocket folder because my old one is broken and i bought it exactly like my old one it’s neon pink with this plastic folder on the front where you can add a sheet of paper I use “pen highlighter” by stabilo boss I bought them at the end of last year so I didn’t buy them now. But I bought these two that are the pastel ones I also have the green and the blue ones but I don’t really like them And I use them to highlight my driving license book because I don’t like them to highlight school things I always use this pens by Pilot, they are really thin and they’re really comfortable to write And as pencils a use the HB2 that I think are the best ones to write As notebooks I have bought the Monocromo ones as last year but this year they are the pastel ones I bought 7 in stripe and 2 in squares even though I don’t have all of them here because I’m just showing you the different colors the other ones are the same as these ones I bought this one that is a light pastel green then this beige/rose one This light blue one A lighter and more pastel green A really nice pastel yellow And last but not least the violet one As I already said some of them have stripe and some squares Monocromo notebookes are my favorite because of their cover and also for the type of paper I’m really addicted to stationary things and so I have my “faves” that I can’t change Since you have asked it in my last back to school haul, as case I have a gray Eastpak one and I have the North Face backpack and as diary I’m showing you this one that this company (The blacknotes Diary) has sent me They product these diaries that are beautiful They’re more like planners and thay are more convinient because you have more than one day per page Here for example you have four days Here you have just two days It depends on pages And you also have some quotes and at the begging of every month there is the calendar and also a page with the name of the month and a picture that represents the month November has this fall pic May has spring colors I’m gonna put the link in the description box if you are insterested It’s really big so you can write everything without problems I didn’t buy these post it (that I use very often) because I buy them every year and I have an entire drawer full of them so I’m gonna use my old ones and doing something intelligent ahahah So this haul was very short but this year as I already said I decided to buy just necessary things and to not buy those things that I already have so this is everything I needed Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and give this video a thumbsup if you liked it I send you a huge kiss and see you on my next video!

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64 thoughts on “BACK TO SCHOOL SUPPLIES HAUL 2018 || MG

  1. Potresti fare un video di come prendere appunti?!
    Perché tra quindici giorni vado alle medie e mi servirebbero un video a riguardo.
    Grazie se lo farai. Potresti fare anche un video di outfit da avere nell armadio per la scuola?! Grazie se lo farai.
    Ti adorooooooo mi saluti nel prossimo video?!
    Mi puoi mettere anche un cuore?!.
    Ti adorooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  2. Ma l’agenda si puó prendere solo online?? E poi, l’agenda/diario partirebbe dall’Italia o qualche altro paese?

  3. Ciao marty sei sempre la migliore. Baci ❤
    P.s sono la ragazza che hai incontrato in costa azzurra l'anno scorso.

  4. Puoi parlare del tuo indirizzo turistico? Il prossimo anno devo scegliere le superiori, credo proprio di andare al turistico e per favore ci puoi fare un video oppure rispondere a questo commento e farmi un mini riassunto di come è la scuola? Grazie se lo farai.

  5. che colore hai lo zaino North face? Anche io ho questo tipo di zaino e mi ci trovo davvero bene perché è molto comodo (anche se non è indicato per la scuola bensì per la montagna) e non fa venire mal di schiena

  6. То чувство когда ты ничего не понимаешь,но смотришь из-за красивой канцелярии

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