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hey guys and welcome back to my channel today
I am bringing you a highly requested and exciting video I am doing my back to school supplies
haul for the 2016-2017 school year I am going to be a Junior in high school this year and
it’s kind of my biggest pet peeve when somebody makes a school supply haul and they’re not
going to school I don’t know why anyways not the point most of these things are from Target
and I will be linking all of the products that I mention in this video down below if
you are interested in checking out any of these products and buying them I make it easy
for you if you are not already subscribed to my channel please subscribe I upload videos
every Sunday and sometimes more I make beauty fashion and lifestyle videos all sorts of
stuff and I have more back to school videos coming in the future by the way I have a giveaway
included in this video so make sure to stay until the end to see what you could possibly
win so with all of that being said let’s go ahead and get into what I got so as for my
backpack this year I decided to get the North Face borealis backpack women’s obviously at
first I did not want to get this backpack at all but I decided to get it for multiple
reasons I really like it now and I’m excited to use it’s very high quality and I know it
will last me for a long time so first off I got some goodies from Yoobi they sent me
some stuff which is so so nice of them this video isn’t sponsored or anything so the first
thing is this composition notebook I think it’s so cute most of these are so boring I
also got this mini supply kit you guys have probably seen this on YouTube already but
I am obsessed it’s so cute oh my gosh so I think I’m just going to keep this in my backpack
my sister is totally jealous basically this is a little bag with a bunch of really cute
erasers so there is a elephant a unicorn a penguin a pineapple panda and a cupcake I
don’t think I’m going to use them as erasers cause I don’t want to ruin them also this
pack of binder clips which are so cute they all have little faces on them all of there
products are available at Target and of course yoobi .com I will leave a link down below
to their website basically for every product that you buy from this company they will donate
a school supply item to a kid in need of some school supplies which I think is so so cool
and I’m really glad that I was able to talk about this brand to you guys because I think
it is amazing since their launch in 2014 they have given school supplies to over 1.5 million
kids which is amazing next bag did I shave my armpits ok good I got this pencil bag which
is so cute I’ve seen this all over Youtube and it kind of reminds me of a marble paint
design theses are these little post-it flags I use this as book marks in my books and my
notes and all of that sorta stuff so these are really helpful I got a planner which is
so necessary I feel like every year I get a new planner and then I use it for the first
two weeks of school and then I don’t use it but this year I am determined to use it so
this is one is by sugar paper Los Angeles very fancy it is bright pink which I’m obsessed
with I think it is so cute it just says 2017 a water bottle this one is from Swell I take
my lunch to school every single day so I decided to get this lunch box it is from the brand
byo it’s really cute very exciting so this brand called tesla amazing sent me a whole
bunch of these magnetic notes and I honestly have no idea what I’m going to do with all
of these they are kind of like post-its but instead of having a sticky part they are magnetic
you can stick it to any smooth surface which I think it is really and my favorite part
about it is that on one side you can write but the other side is dry erase portion like
you can use dry erase markers so they have a whole bunch of different sizes and this
is one is actually transparent I think I’m going to open it this is like the coolest
thing I’ve ever seen it just like sticks so cool those are just going to stay there for
the rest of the video on to more Target stuff if you watched my school supply haul from
last year you would know that these are my favorited pencils I’m like swinging it around
this year they have them in all black and I’m really happy about it highly recommend
I also got a whole bunch of lead for it I got two packs of the neon flashcards they
are like little mini ones and they are on a ring too otherwise my flashcards would be
everywhere in my backpack and it just makes a mess this is a new product to me hopefully
they will work they just look really fancy so I decided to give them a try I love these
I literally use them for all of my classes for note taking and annotating and all sorts
of stuff highly recommend getting these I got a big pack so I can have an endless supply
of color options I also got this pack of pens these are like one of my favorite pens so
I got like 5 of them also some highlighters because necessary next bag I got a pack of
I like whipped that out I got a pack of dry erase markers these are in all black because
… me I got a huge notebook from five star I got the same one last year this is my favorite
one because it is so big and it lasts me all year long it is super durable I’m going to
take all of math notes and I’m going to take my physics notes in here too I also got another
smaller notebook I’ll probably need it it’s college ruled I hate wide ruled paper oh gosh
we got even more stuff I got this little accordion I decided I’m not going to use binders anymore
at least next year because I do most of my work on my computer so any papers or handouts
that I get I’ll just like put in here I also got two folders these are by Five Star a blue
one and a really pretty purple color I’m sure I’ll need them I got some filler paper this
one is the reinforced kind I really like them cause they don’t rip as easy which I don’t
really know where I’m going to put that paper because I didn’t get a binder oh my gosh are
we at the end? so those were all the products that I picked up for myself but onto the giveaway
it is not from Pink I just stored it in this bag basically the only rule is that you must
be subscribed to my channel this giveaway is for my subscribers and then comment down
below anything with your Twitter or Instagram handle so that I can DM you if you are the
winner just make sure you are following me on there so I am able to DM you unfortunately
this giveaway is only open to the United States it’s not international so I’m really really
sorry I hope that I can do an international giveaway soon all the details of the giveaway
will be in the description of this video I decided to giveaway my back to school essentials
so I’m not really giving you guys boring stuff like binders so the first thing is this pencil
bag my Yoobi of course it’s so cute it’s like neon and bright and very fun so you will be
winning this as well as a planner because like I said earlier planners are so essential
to jot what I need to do for homework or tests to write in your planner I got you a big pack
of some colored pens like I said earlier I really like to use color to take notes I feel
like it helps improve my focus also I’m going to be giving you guys some of the magnetic
notes that I mentioned earlier a Starbucks gift card because why not and Starbucks is
so essential because you need your coffee and stuff this body spray from Bath and Body
Works this is the moonlight path scent I think this smells so good you can keep this in your
backpack to spray throughout the day last thing is this hand sanitizer from Bath and
Body Works it smells really good and I think this is also really important to keep in your
backpack so that is everything for this video I really hope you guys enjoyed it be sure
to subscribe if you are not already and make sure to enter that giveaway by commenting
down below I love you guys so so much stayed tuned for some more back to school videos
in the future I have another haul coming this week on Wednesday I believe so stay tuned
for that thanks for watching and I will talk to you next time bye guys

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  1. I'm going to be a senior in high school but I commented on the wrong video so does that make me not ready for college next year because yikes…
    ig abigaild18

  2. Im going to 7th i love your videos your pretty i hope to win fine felisha that my instgarm i dont have a tiwtter sorry

  3. I go back to school this year really too early for me , because usually we go to school September 9th but this time we are going 4th of September. I'm going to 7th Grade that's means first year of middle school I'm really too excited 😍❤️this is my INSTA @mar.maris ; sorry I don't have Twitter .

  4. It annoys me so bad when people get rubbers but are too afraid to get dirty. Other than that, great video! I subscribed! 😉

  5. like how a lot of people hate wide ruled paper i used it in elementary school and i hated it i always wished i could use college ruled until i saw the 6th grade supplie list said ruling of your choice i was so happy

  6. Why did you use quotations for a composition notebook. It is actually a composition notebook. Sry I thought that was so funny and one of my pet peeves is when people use quotes for no APPARENT REASON 😂😵🤣

  7. ~entering the giveaway now~I literally watch your videos everyday because your SOOOO inspiring, Super nice, Beautiful, And Your just legit AMAZING!! I love you so much! I subscribed last year when I first found you! From just seeing your videos on ur recommendations I knew I'd love it! So I am subscribed and I'm also in the US!! My Insta is 0k_Itz.Kamm (the o is actually a zero!)

  8. Hailey holmberg 7th grade. P.s love your videos super inspired I whatch u on my free time and enjoy all your videos

  9. i watched ur school supplies haul from last year before this and didn't even realize it was the sane person

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