Back to School Supplies Haul 2013-14 – Shopping at Target (Part 3 of 3)
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Back to School Supplies Haul 2013-14 – Shopping at Target (Part 3 of 3)

Hi everyone, it’s Alejandra. And welcome to
part 3 of my back to school supply haul. So yesterday, I showed you the best school supplies
I found at Wal-Mart for less than 20 bucks. And then the day before, I showed you my favorite
school supply finds at Dollar Tree for less than 20 bucks. And today, today is the last
video, I’m going to show you all of the coolest school supplies I found at Target for less
than 20 bucks. So this goes to show, you don’t have to have a really big budget to find like
awesome school supplies. You can still shop on a $20 budget and get awesome stuff. So at the end of this video, I’m going to
start a giveaway, a donation giveaway to give all the school supplies I’ve shown in these
three videos to one person that’s going back to school this season. And the way it’s going
to work is I’m going to put a link in the description of this video that you can fill
out if you are interested or you know somebody who could use the school supplies. Just put
your name, email, and then reason why you think like you need the school supplies or
you know somebody who could use the school supplies. So yeah, that’s how it’s going to
work. So let me show you exactly what I found at Target. OK. So the first I found at Target was this
aqua blue binder. It’s one and a half inches. It’s made by Avery and it was actually on
sale for $3. It was regularly $4 I think. But what I like about it was how the rings
are on the back spine as opposed to the center spine. So a lot of binders you see especially
the ones that are like decorative or have a pattern on the outside, they have rings
that are on the middle spine. So you kind of want to avoid that because the papers kind
of get caught and stuff and they’re hard to turn especially when you open and close the
binder. So look for rings that are on the back spine. So yeah, so $3 was I thought was
a great price and I like the color. They had lots of other pretty colors and stuff. All right. Let me just line that up before
we continue. OK. So the next thing I found was a gusseted binder pocket. So I originally
showed this in my warranties and manual binder for holding like manuals and stuff. But I
feel like it’s a great addition to the school binder for holding pockets of paper or extra
paper or your composition notebook or regular notebook or something. But anyways, Target sells them for $1.19,
which is a great price. I forget how much they are at Staples but I think they’re more
expensive than $1.19. So Target is the place to get them. But Target sells them in clear,
purple, red, green, blue. Yeah, I think that’s it. But yeah, this is great and it was $1.19. OK. The next thing I found was this bright
orange notebook. Now, this was a $1.50. It was a little bit more expensive than $0.17
from yesterday’s Wal-Mart haul but target actually had no books for $0.17 also. But
I feel like, I don’t know, I really liked this one. It has a nice hard cover and the
lines are dark, there’s perforation on the edges and stuff and I really like the color.
I feel like, I don’t know, bright orange is just fun and you could put stickers on it
to decorate it or you could draw one or something. OK. So the next thing I found was a pack of
lined paper for $0.82. So if you watched yesterday’s Wal-Mart haul, this was the same thing, the
same brand, the same amount of paper and the same price. So Target and Wal-Mart are the
best places to get lined paper because they have the best prices. OK. Next thing I found was a fun black and
white polka dot composition notebook for $0.75. So Target actually had composition notebooks
for $0.50. Yeah, they are $0.50 but this one had a little bit of a thicker cover and it
had fun patterns and stuff. So I was like, “OK. Well, if I only have 20 bucks, I think
I’ll splurge and spend the extra quarter and get the nicer composition notebook.” And then
I felt like you could always color in these white polka dots with your markers and just
make it like more colorful. So yeah, so we splurged and we spent the extra quarter to
get the fun composition notebook. I found these in the dollar bin. These are
so fun. They’re sticker labels that say, “Hello. My name is,” and they have them in five different
fun colors. And I just feel like you can put like one of them on each thing like one on
your notebook, one on your composition notebook and stuff. And so, if you lose something, people can
return it to you because it’s labeled. And these are just fun and colorful and you can
like color-coordinate the labels with what you’re labeling. So if I was going to label
this orange notebook, I would probably put the purple, “Hello my name is,” because purple
and orange look nice together. So that was a dollar and I found them in the bin right
when you walk inside Target. OK. So next thing I found was this mini size
composition notebook. And I saw this and I was like, “Oh, this is so cute. I’ve never
seen a mini size composition notebook.” And immediately I was like, “Well, what am I really
going to use this for? I only have 20 bucks. Do I really need to spend $1.99 on this?”
But then I was thinking, I got everything else I needed and I was like, “OK. I guess
I can splurge on this.” And I figured I would keep it, if I was in school, I would keep
it in the pocket in the bottom of your backpack for like quick notes like if you just need
a quick sheet of paper, you just pull this out and you write your notes. OK. So next thing I got was a 5-pack of post-it
notes in fun pastel colors. Now, the reason why I got pastel colors and I actually looked
for the pastel colors is because sometimes if you have like a lighter pen like a red
pen and you write on a dark bight post-it note, it doesn’t always show up because the
ink is kind of light and the paper is dark but if you have a nice light pastel post-it
note like any color ink will show fine and it won’t like mask what you’re trying to write. So this was $2.79. It was a little bit more
expensive than the Target Up & Up brand. But they were actually out of the Target brand.
So I probably would have gone the Target brand if they had them. OK. So next, I found a 2-pack of yellow pen
Sharpie Highlighters for $0.88. I feel like $0.88 was the sell price. I’m not really sure.
But I think this was the sell price. I don’t think it was originally $0.88 but I feel like
that was a really good deal compared to all the other Sharpie brand highlighters. And
I love the yellow ones so two to a pack was such a great find. OK. So next, I bought 2-pack of Pentel RollerGel
pens for $3.69. I feel like I totally splurged on these considering this was the most expensive
thing that I bought at Target. But like I said in yesterday’s Wal-Mart haul, I feel
like you just don’t want to go cheap with the pens since you’re using the pen all day
long for taking notes and doing your homework and just writing in general. So that’s why
I spent a little bit more on these nice pens. OK. So the last thing I got was a 10-pack
of colorful Ticonderoga pencils. Now, this brand, Ticonderoga is new to me. I’ve always
like – recently I’ve seen it in the stores and recently I’ve read about it but it never
really caught my eye before until I just keep seeing it everywhere and then I did my own
research and tried out the pencil and it’s like the best wooden pencil. I wish I would
have known about these when I was in school. I always use mechanical pencils. But if I was going to school, I would totally
get these because they just write really smoothly and they have a nice clean eraser. And this
brand makes fun, colorful colors only sold at Target like you can see here. Let me try
and zoom here. It says right there. Can you see that? It says, “Only at Target.” So you
can’t find them at the grocery store or other places. At least, I’ve never seen them. And so, this was $2.89. So it was a little
bit more expensive than your traditional yellow wooden pencil. But like I said, if I was going
to school, I would spend the extra money to get the colorful pencils and then go cheap
in other areas like getting the not so nice highlighters or notebook or something. So
yeah, so those were the pencils. OK. So that’s everything I found at Target.
The total amount spent was $20.56 so I was over by $0.56. Now, if I wanted to be under
budget, I probably would have pulled out the pink mini composition notebook just because
I feel like that’s like a nice to have, not really a need to have. Like I could really
only think of one purpose for it. And I really don’t need that. So I would have pulled that
out to be like a dollar and a half under budget. Now, the two things that I don’t have here
that I didn’t find at Target with dividers and a pencil case. I don’t know if I went
at a bad time but they just didn’t have any dividers that I was really crazy about. And
the pencil cases, I know they have a good selection. They just didn’t have any that
I really wanted to get that was under $2 that if I would have found it, I would have replaced
it with this. But I just didn’t see one. So anyways, that is everything I found at
target. I hope you found this video helpful. If you missed part 1 and part 2 of this back
to school supply haul, you can check them out on my channel. I basically did the same
thing you see here but I spent $20 at Dollar Tree then I spent $20 at Wal-Mart. Anyways,
I will link them below and you can check them out. If you want more back to school organizing
videos, you can check out my website at Alejandra.TV and I will see you soon. Bye!

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