BACK TO SCHOOL SUPPLIES 📚Middle School + High School
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BACK TO SCHOOL SUPPLIES 📚Middle School + High School

Hello LANDing Crew family and welcome to the video where I show you all of the supplies that we got for our middle schooler and high school. Danielle, my oldest, she’s about to be 15.
She’s in 10th grade this year in high school.
And then our 13 year old Lonnie Jr He’s in 8th grade
A lot of these supplies are for Lonnie Jr but some is for Danielle So we’re kind of gonna go through this,
show you guys I figured it’d be easier me doing it than one of the kids because they don’t know what everything is for so… Let’s go ahead and get started So now this isn’t all the supplies
Of course there are some that they already have like their backpack,
lunch bags, all of that But this towel is for Lonnie Jr, he has gym this year and this is just to help him dry off after being all sweaty in the gym
I got white because I figured it’d be the easiest to clean every weekend So over here we have a lot of the binders Two is Danielle’s, two is Lonnie Jr’s We have a white one, a purple one A black one and orange one.
Most of these I got from Target but like this one you see I got from Staples because Target was running out of supplies fast So I think this is Lonnie Jr’s, this is Danielle’s. I’m gonna try putting them in a pile and showing you guys at the end
I think all of these are Lonnie’s, he needed the most binders.
Alright so I got them both a lot of paper Now they only had so many college ruled paper so I got the college ruled for Danielle because
her being in high school I know she definitely needs college ruled.
And I figured Lonnie Jr being in middle school he could probably get away with wide ruled for now.
I will of course stock more up but that is what we have for right now
I got him 3 because one class requires 2 packages and this one he can just fill up his binders And this is Danielle’s
She also has another one under her we’ll get to
But they both need scissors, that was on their list so I got them both the same type of scissors So this is Lonnie Jr’s highlighters He also needed some glue sticks so I got him some of these.
This was only like a dollar-something at Staples so I don’t know if it’s any good as far as the quality but I guess we will see And then they’ll just be splitting these bags of pens
I got blue and black just to give them a variety
I got them both pencil bags. This is the one Danielle wanted which was super cute And then this one is just more a simple black one for Lonnie. I thought it was kind of cool but you know He’s just kind of in that age where he wants to be super cool so… this goes in his stuff. This goes in Danielle’s Oh and this is Lonnie Jr’s for science She wanted him to specifically have a Five Star five-subject college ruled notebook.
Now the only reason she requested Five Star is because
she said it usually lasts the longest. So I indulged in this. I don’t even know how much this was but all of these school supplies cost me $120 so it was a little bit pricey but, you know,
that’s part of public school I guess So I think one of these folders is Danielle’s And 2 of them are Lonnie Jr’s. They’re just the ones with the prongs These were only like I think 50 cents
or 58 cents or something at Target so it was pretty well priced because it’s the plastic ones
and those always last the longest So over here we have some lead refills. They’re #2, and it also comes with an eraser. Both their class school supplies They said they need an eraser
and they need either a pencil sharpener or back up lead
My kids love doing mechanical pencils.
So I also got them this humongous package of mechanical pencils
I mean look at that There is literally 40 pencils in here And I also bought them some before the
school year started so This will kind of just be a back up for them The same thing with this.
I’m not going to let them use all 3 in their little bags because I’m afraid that they’ll lose them So we’re just gonna kind of keep a supply that they
can stock up on at home That’s like the share pile
Alright so these two composition books are for Lonnie Jr So you can tell Lonnie Jr’s pile is a little bit crazy- oh this is another binder for Lonnie Jr it’s a red one.
I like these because I used them when I was in school and what I would do is I would print out like the subject, the name of the subject and put it in here so I kind of always knew what it was for until I got use to like what color was for what subject so I’m gonna offer to do that for him
if he’s not interested in it, that’s fine So these are for Lonnie Jr as well because after all those binders, of course he
needs some dividers going on Alright so these are for Lonnie Jr as well Just colored pencils and then washable markers. I almost got the fatter markers but I figured with him being in 8th grade he probably
just needs the skinny ones I think. If not, I can of course get him some newer ones later in the year if that’s needed So Danielle needed six different colored highlighters, and this was really hard to find Thankfully there’s 6 different colors 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 So there’s some bonus in there but that should definitely do here some good.
And then these are for Lonnie Jr. He only needed one dry erase marker but one was actually more expensive than just getting a package of 5 because back to school sales so that is what he got These are for Danielle.
Uh, this is her composition book for science, she’s taking Chemistry this year.
This is her spiral notebook for Chemistry as well And he specifically suggested that the cover to the spiral was kind of plastic so if you spilled something in it during lab or something that it wouldn’t like completely ruin the notebook.
We have graph paper for Lonnie Jr. He is Honors Algebra this year so definitely need some of that And this is Danielle’s other paper that I kind of mistaken and misplaced earlier Right here is Danielle’s pile
All of this is Lonnie Jr’s and then this is their share pile Now Danielle’s is a little bit different because
there were a couple classes that just asked for like a $5 donation or $20 or $24 just for different things or different supplies, it just made it
a little bit easier that I didn’t have to go get stuff
I was surprised that the high school pile was smaller than the middle school pile but that kind of gives me hope for next year.
Comment down below and let me know what is a school supply item you absolutely cannot live the year without because maybe I missed
something, maybe I need to get some more
The kids were actually homeschooled the last three years so this is the first year kind of back into a public school setting and before if they needed something that I didn’t have,
I would just run to the store and buy it. I can’t really do that when they’re in the
middle of class So I definitely want to make sure I’m not forgetting
any convenience items. They didn’t say they needed a ruler or anything but I’m sure there are some things that they may have not mentioned but I forgot but I love you guys. If you are new here, go ahead and hit that red subscribe button
and we will see you guys next time Byeeee [Ending Song]

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100 thoughts on “BACK TO SCHOOL SUPPLIES 📚Middle School + High School

  1. How are your kids adjusting to going back into public school? I was homeschooled up until high school (I had to stop because of my parents divorce) and I got bullied really really bad for being homeschooled and not being the typical public schooled kid. I hope that’s not the case with your children but it’s something to be aware of.

  2. When I was in high school I used a planner, sticky notes, and just a small notebook for extra writing down stuff.

  3. “ that kinda gives me hope for next year “ 😂😂 i got to an alternative school and bought no supplies but pencils and a lil notebook. Lol

  4. Lonnie's backpack is gunna be so heavy :0 I don't think I had a locker when I was in middle school. Either that or i didn't use it

  5. I am in 8th grade and it cost just my school supplies 120 not including backpack or clothing or lunch box or computer lol

  6. I can’t believe how much middle school and high school students need. I’m from the uk and I’m in the last year of school ( year 11) and they don’t ask for all these supplies. All we need is the basic things like ruler, pencils, pens, a rubber and highlighters. And when you start year 10 you need a folder. It’s crazy how different education can be

  7. I know this will probably sound silly but is that all just for your kids or for the teachers as well. As I know schools in America ask for supplies for all kids in the class. I’m in the U.K. so it’s different here

  8. Am I the only one who noticed that the extra lead won't fit in your pencils?  The pencils you got take .7 and the extra is .9… 🙁 I haven't been in school for over 10 years, but still love school supplies though!!!

  9. That is a great idea to send a hand towel to school for gym. Wish i thought about that. I always had to use the rough paper towel to wipe off the icky sweat.

  10. I used a planner in school to keep track of assignments, and I always needed index cards for studying or projects.

  11. I didn’t use all of my high school supplies back when I was in school kinda wasted my money but hey 🤷🏽‍♀️😂

  12. I'm a sophmore this year and I didnt get a supply list. Honestly though last year when I did get a supply list I didn't use more than half of it. You really dont need much lol

  13. It’s cool to see the US school supplies compared to what I get (in the UK). Up until Year 12 (11th grade) we have exercise books provided so you only need a notebook for homework. It seems much more convenient then all these binders and notebooks

    And in year 12/13 you only have 3/4 subjects to even then it’s not that many notebooks 😂

  14. A planner or maybe they are going to use their phones for that. Oh and a calculator be prepared the calculators are $$$$$!

  15. High school is so much different than the other levels. My kids just returned to school today (my senior was in basic training– I had the youngest out to attend his and his sister's graduations)… I'm waiting to see what kind of a shopping list there is for them this year! It all depends on the teachers!

  16. My eldest is going off to high school this year after being homeschooled so like you I did a large back to school haul. I’m still homeschooling 2 of my older girls though.

  17. Post its. And the page markers that post it’s make. Makes it easier to keep track of which chapters they are on

  18. I had a mini meltdown when I woke up.I was waiting for this video and you uploaded it when I needed it the most now I'm relaxed THANK YOU

  19. get them both whiteout and those little circle sticker things that repair ripped paper holes. we called them reminders. dont know why. google calls them reinforcement stickers. but even if they rip out one two many papers they can use those to put them back in

  20. Planner is one for me I need to have that I'm in school for nursing and planners are my life also colorful pens💗😍🤭

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  22. I really like having white out. It’s not really necessary and I don’t use it very often but it’s helpful.

  23. Do they have calculators for their math classes?

    Edit: in high school (and college), I used a 5 star notebook for multuple subjects usually because I wouldn't even end up using a whole section of paper and it's better than having 5 different notebooks in your backpack. But that also depends on the class

  24. Love watching your family. The area you live in close to me. I lived in largo my whole life. Now I stay in holiday.

    You got 2 different leads. The pencils and the refills don't match.

  25. You may want to consider getting those clear sheet protectors. They are letter size and have the 3 holes in them so they can fit in the binders. They protect important papers/handouts, etc. You can find at Staples.

  26. Great school haul. I always found high lighters, white out ( I think is what it's called ) and cue cards/recipe cards for study. I found all those items helpful 😊

  27. I always liked having post-it nots or a small note pad to jot things quickly on or to mark pages in book. They were also good for writing homework assignments on so I didn't have to bring out my agenda the school gave us.

  28. I forgot how much was on the supply lists! Once I got to high school (entered 2013, graduated 2017) we didn't receive lists. The teachers gave us recommendations, but told us to use whatever organization system worked best for us. I'm sure this really pleased my parents because when I had those looooong supply lists I would use half of it. I'm a really detailed note-taker, but each notebook would be 1/3 filled by the end of the year. Ugh, there was so much waste. Schools should really be more mindful when they send lists home, a lot of families can't afford to spend money on things that their kids won't use.

  29. We always buy regular pencils too just in case they run out of lead as well as sometimes state testing thats not done on computer needs regular pencils

  30. strange to see this as a scot, you could get away with only taking a pen to school as the rest is supplied, all the notebooks/folders/textbooks, you could be fancy and get more, i think it wasn't until 5/6th years (the last and optional ones) that i was asked to buy my own folders and even then that was only for some classes.

  31. If Lonnie is doing algebra I'd recommend getting a metallic ruler! He'll probably have to draw graphs and such, and metallic ones don't get deformed like plastic ones do so they're accurate for longer! Also maybe scissors? And I'm not sure If Lonnie is required to have a scientific calculator but maybe that as well x

  32. My daughter started college this year, which means she spent maybe $15 on "supplies" (1 notebook, 2 binders, 4 folders, and a fountain pen)… but then made up for it with $700 worth of textbooks.

  33. Wow Lonnie has so many supplies. My daughter is going to 8th grade too. But she doesn’t need that many. The only thing I suggest is a planner for Danielle so she can remember important assignments and tests. Also some white out could be useful. Idk if Danielle is taking math but if she is a scientific calculator can help her.

  34. Just a heads up the extra lead won’t fit those pencils cause its 0.9 and the pencils are 0.7. Also I would get papermate clearpoint mechanical pencils. They are more expensive and fewer but they will last years without breaking. I’ve had mine for 3 years. I would use those other pencils as extras if they need them or if a friend needs them

  35. I can't think of anything as far as school supplies needed. However this reminds me of the time a few years ago when my youngest brother started acting like a kid in a candy store over school supplies… He'll be 30 on his next birthday and hasn't gone to any type of school since he graduated high school.

  36. No graphing calculator for math? That was our biggest nuisance. Every few years they asked for a different model. (We still have 3? sitting in the drawer lol.)

    I flat out refused to carry a 2 inch binder per class. Especially if your locker was on the opposite end of the school & you had to catch a bus. So I just carried 1 binder with a divider for each subject. After every unit I'd stick those notes in a binder at home.

    What also worked for me was every day I'd use a different pen color to write in. So black, blue, real, pink, green, metallics, purple etc.

    Until I moved to Texas from Canada, after elementary school there never seemed to be a huge fussy list of things. Pens, binder, paper, ruler, pencil, eraser. Calculator once you hit grade 7, but it had to be a basic one.

    Come to Texas & in 1 year for 1 person we used more poster board than 3 kids in 6 years had. And poster board is EXPENSIVE! I had never needed pencil crayons in high school before, we never needed highlighters, no glue had been asked for. We didn't use personal white boards. Scissors were unnecessary. I had never used a composition notebook outside of elementary school.

    But in Canada it was a lot of note taking & textbook reading/assignments whereas in Texas the sheer number of "projects" was a bit overwhelming. Or the high school bio class where the teacher handed out coloring pages & you were graded on neatness. Seriously?

    I get that different people learn in different ways, but what do poster board projects actually teach kids? How is coloring a picture of a leaf or animal educational in high school?

  37. A big joke! You think your kids will need lead re-fills! I always lost those pencils before it ran out of lead.

  38. So my soon to be 11th grader is obsessed with stranger things…can we get a petition started to bring back our trapper keepers from the 80's?? I had to explain to her what it was and the embarrassment of needing and extra sheet of paper during a test and realizing that that velcro was the loudest thing on earth!!! 🤪😁

  39. As a senior this year it’s so weird that the high school has a supply list they usually just tell you the basics of pencils papers and a binder

  40. Planners are important but often the school supplies that so that they all have the same one. Learning to use the planner properly is part of having it. Lonnie probably needs more specific supplies because again they are learning to study as well. And the teachers like it when everyone has a certain type of notebook. By high school they have more freedom to use their preferred supplies.

  41. The one school supply I would die without was always the Pilot G2 pens. I found one on the floor at school sophomore year and I fell in love with them 😍

  42. I cannot live the year without tons of notebook paper! It all just seems to go by so fast. Also, as a senior in Hugh school I can assure you that in my personal experience you need less and less supplies as you get older! My back to school shopping this summer was a breeze!

  43. Calculators, geometry sets. I used them all through grade 8 and I’m going into grade 9, I already know that I’m gonna need them for math. I also suggest sticky notes, a planner, rulers, pocket protectors, but yea these things come in real handy

  44. Planner/Agenda for high school… could not live without one from high school through college and still use one everyday!

  45. As a middle school special ed teacher, check with Lonnie Jr.’s school about calculators. If he is in honors algebra, he may need a TI-84 or higher for graphing purposes. Those can be a bit pricey but if he plans on staying in advanced math in high school, they last for years. Also, get all the pencils. They will lose them/leave them in other classes. We have our students bring in 12-24 pencils each and then I buy an additional 200 for my classroom.

  46. I always buy a mini stapler so I don’t have to use the class one. It comes in handy when my teacher asks the class to staple their papers using the one class stapler (saves time)…. idk if that makes sense😂😂

  47. Lonnie is a great kid,so mature for his age & Stephanie I hope you feel really proud of yourself for the terrific job you have done home schooling Danielle & Lonnie 💖💖💖

  48. Yeah I struggled with the six colored highlighters for band do I add it up finding some overpriced sharpie ones that were neon so I was OK with that

  49. Usually middle school teachers require college rule too. And did you unzip that pencil case for Lonnie? It is not simple, it has shiny teeth!

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