Back To School Stereotypes!
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Back To School Stereotypes!

I literally have no
clothes to wear tomorrow. Rachel, you literally have an
entire closet full of clothes. No. I know. But I have nothing
to wear tomorrow. Tomorrow is the
first day of school, ergo the most important
day of school. And this is finally going to be
the year that I become popular. OK. How’s this? No. Rachel, are you kidding me? You’re totally going
to get dress coded. Hmm? No. Fine. Hey, guys. It’s Rachel. So I did a summer
stereotypes video, so I thought it might be fun to
do a back to school stereotypes video. Also, if you want to see
behind the scenes from all of my videos when
I’m filming them, add me on SnapChat
because that’s where I film all the
behind the scenes. Just screen shot this
little box right here. And I’m currently
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ends on August 21st. Give this video a thumbs
up and comment down below which one of
these stereotypes literally happens at your
school every single day. Every day. OK. Let’s get on to the video. OK. I’ll set a bunch of
alarms just in case. [ALARM] OK. 5:30AM. That gives me two
hours to get ready. That should be enough time. [LAUGHING AND SCREAMING] And then, Jenna
told Jesse that he was going to hang
out with her and then he didn’t hang out
with her in the end. No way. But it’s OK. We’ll see Jenna in
Miss Jefferson’s class. It’s completely fine. Wait. How long– like, who’s
Jeffrey seeing then? I don’t know. Freshmen. Welcome back. Give me summer packets, please. I’m 100% sure everyone
did their summer packet to be completely honest. Great. Summer packet. Oh, I didn’t do it. Wait, you actually wanted that? Oh, my God. I hope Isaac sits next to me. He’s so cute. He’s literally the quarterback
of the football team. I have such a big crush on him. Hey, what’s up? I’ve been thinking
about you all summer. Want to go out? Yes. Rachel. Rachel. Rachel. Could you please read
page two of the syllabus? Yeah. Yeah, um– Hey, could you
pass this to Sarah? OK, class, we’re going
to write a welcome essay. Are you serious? Stop the chat snapping. OK, like I was
saying, you guys are going to have to
write a welcome essay and read “To Kill
a Mockingbird.” Wait. Read to what page of the book? The whole book. By when? Tomorrow. She assigned us
so much homework. I can’t. I know. This is ridiculous. Rachel, your midriff’s showing. That’s a dress code violation. I’m going to have
to write you up. Ugh. No. My name is Mr. Hamburger. I’m going to be your phys-ed
teacher for this year. Hey, what did you
do this summer? I went to Six Flags. For the whole summer? No. Once. [WHISTLE] Enough of that. Gym class is the most important
class in the entire world. It’s been proven scientifically,
so don’t argue against it. Why are you guys not
wearing your gym clothes? We didn’t know that we
had gym class today. And help each other galvanize
and come together as one group to succeed in dodgeball. Excuse me. With all due respect
sir, you’ve been talking for like 25 minutes. Are we gonna ball? [WHISTLE] Let’s play some dodgeball. Yo, why are we playing
with volleyballs, man? Ugh. Just pizza, please. Can I have some
mozzarella sticks? One more. One more. Can I have mozzarella
sticks too? Eww. You guys hear? Skittles out of the
vending machine. What? Who threw that? My bad, bro. Shouldn’t have
cheated off my test. Food fight! Oh, my God. Oh, my God. This food fight
is taking so long. All right, guys,
welcome to Algebra 101. Today– Isaac, hey,
how you doing, buddy? All right. Pop quiz, today. All set? Are you serious? So I hope you guys
enjoyed this video. If you didn’t see my
previous two videos, click those down
below and subscribe right over there if you’re
not subscribed already. OK. I love you guys so much. Bye. This detention was so worth it. No, it wasn’t. This detention was
so worth it, guys. No, it wasn’t.

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100 thoughts on “Back To School Stereotypes!

  1. I never liked how people assume you're one thing just because of what you wear or how you look. I wore glasses, got good grades, and even joined 2 sports teams. What you look like got nothing to do with who you are.

  2. I set a bunch of alarms any way and I always either 1. Sleep through all of them or 2. I wake up before them

  3. Am I the only one who only buys like enough outfits to last a week and one pair of new shoes😂 I only dress nice during the first week

  4. Hey rebeauty the twentieth of August is my birthday and I think it would be cool to get a Mac book air since I don’t have a laptop much less a-ford one so please can I have it

  5. If I gotta be honest..middle school was the worst year for me. 6-8 grade :/ i got bullied for NO reason. I always had anxiety and still have anxiety. It started off by school. I hate it. It gotten worst every mf year. The point where I cry, throw up, n shit.

  6. i love how in the beginning clip you can just see the guy standing awkwardly to the side holding a trashcan lid waiting for his que

  7. I hate school cause gym is the worst I am a boy and I guess boys like sports but I like soccer but I hate running a lot u fell me

  8. Me: I hope my crush sits next to me
    Crush: sits next to me
    Me: blushes
    Crush: are you blushing
    Me: I’m doomed

  9. Drama and people crying so annoying that’s why all the teachers like me because I don’t be in The drama everbody in the school start drama except me and my friends

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