Back to School Smiggle Haul Smiggle School Supplies Giveaway
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Back to School Smiggle Haul Smiggle School Supplies Giveaway

hi guys okay so last week we have a look
at least Smiggle dreamy alley backpack and this time we have something just as
amazing this Smiggle Sparkle go-girl backpack so guys that’s right
not just one backpack giveaway this month but two – so let’s have a look at the
Smiggle Sparkle go-girl backpack now I know you guys love all things shimmery
and all things sequins and this bag has both just look at this we have not just
one but two pockets to the front with press stud sealing on the back we have
our adjustable straps and of course this beautiful a blue shimmer all around and
now let’s take a look at what’s under this super swirly rainbow pattern
are you ready oh butterflies now if you’re not in the mood for a rainbow swirl backpack then
you can take a butterfly one this is just so fun and so cool and I just
love how you can switch you up now there are actually two ways to open this backpack and
the first way is to undo the buckle and the second way is to just pull up the
press stud like so and just like last week’s bag we have this drawstring here
which we just pull down and so the first thing we have is this simple Smiggle
exercise book now we have seen these in different designs before and I love them
because you actually get a ruler down the side which is so helpful and they lots of lined
pages to write whatever you want next up just like last week we have our
Smiggle hard top pencil case now this is the bubble hard top pencil case because
as you can see it’s got these 3d bubbles there which feel so cool and it comes in
this blue color with this hot pink zip that goes all the way around so we have
this blue sparkly pencil with a star eraser on the top and I just can’t quite
put my nose to what this scent is but I’m sure you guys can to me it’s kind of
like vanilla but not sure smells nice either way and it’s like a magic fairy wand okay so what do we have in our bubble
hard top pencil case next well let’s use the magic fairy wand to find out
whoa a Smiggle brick highlighter now these are cool because you can actually
connect them to other Smiggle brick highlighters and if you tend to lose
your little caps don’t worry because you can just stick on the top and a bonus it
smells like candy floss one two three whoa we have another spy
pen so we have like an ice-cream and I see a little cherry some really cute
designs on here let me show you and we all know how these work write your
secret message and use the torch to see what it says let’s see what else we have
today so we have some Smiggle erasers here in flavors berry happy wacky
watermelon pretty pineapple and sweet strawberry what twenty scented erasers
in each packet which means twenty forty sixty eighty erases these are just
adorable and they’re scented now last but not least our final item is a little
bit different because it seen as loads of you have been loving my slumber party
nail-a-peel video earlier today I thought I would put in a little nail
a peel item in so here it is a little nail a peell 3d nail art kit now both of
these giveaways will be closing at the end of this month which means at the end
of March and that gives you loads of time to enter and also share these
videos with your friends which would be much appreciated now just imagine if you
both won one for you and one for a friend how awesome is that but for now let’s
get on to the rules for today’s giveaway number one like this video because who
doesn’t love giveaways number two subscribe because all of my giveaways
are subscribers only so remember to hit that red button into grey and
number three head on over to my nail a peel slumber party video give that video
a big thumbs up and comment down below on that video what kind of nails you
like so it could be I love glitter nails I love 3D nails
I love stripey nails whatever kind of nails you like but remember to go and
comment on that video and not this one but you can comment on this one I
have entered or just give me a little heads up that you are entering the
giveaway so thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed good luck in entering both
of these giveaways and also comment down below what kind of videos
you’d like to see on my channel but for now I’ll see you later bye

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