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Back To School SLiME Challenge! / AllAroundAudrey

(playful music) – Hi, guys, it’s Audrey, and today I’m here with my sister! – Jordan, from JustJordan33. (laughs) – And today we are going to be doing another back to school video. ♪ Back to school video ♪ – Yeah. ♪ Back to school video ♪ And that back to school video
is, of course, our slime! So we’re gonna be making
back to school slime with back to school supplies,
back to school challenge. Jordan, are you ready for this?! (Jordan laughs) You have two minutes to
make clear glue slime. Go! (shouts) – Why is this so stressful? It’s two minutes. – First one to do it wins. Why does mine feel like hair gel? (Jordan laughing) – Why is mine sort of a lump? – Why does mine feel like hair gel? (Jordan laughs) – I don’t know what’s
wrong with this activator. Mine’s clumping like that, too. (Audrey makes frustrated sound) Oh, my gosh.
– You’re all like– – But look, mine’s just as bad. – Okay. – We need, like, water or something. This is, like– – Fix this. – We need water. – You’re the slime fixer queen. What do I do? – We need water. – Go! Fast! Take my glue bottle and
get the water in it. We’ll come back when our
slimes are fresh and slime. Okay, guys, so our slimes are done. This took way longer than
two minutes, by the way. Way, way longer. – Way longer. – Alright, but I think
it’s time to move on. So, we’re gonna do ready,
sweaty, go-ey to see which one of us goes first. Ready? – I didn’t understand any of that. – Go. – [Both] Ready, sweaty, go-ey. – Yes. I choose– – You, Pikachu. – Pikachu. Washi tape. Oh, what a joy. – Oh. Oh, wait, so now do I draw? – Yes. – Okay, I get… Wite-Out, yes. – Oh, so your clear
glue just became white. Okay, so this is our backpack. – Hey, this is good, it says,
“Wite-Out correction fluid,” so maybe it will help correct my slime. – And– – Ohhhh, I hate when this happens. – I do, too. Everything in this bowl is
school related, school supplies. – Back to school. – I don’t know what
I’m gonna do with tape. Ooh, listen, listen. (tape scraping) Alright, so I’m gonna make
an X for X marks the spot. – Do I just dump this all in, or what am I gonna do? – Not all of it. You just decorate. – Oh, it’s, ew, it’s its own slime. Ew, why is it its own slime? – X marks the spot. – Correct my slime, please. – Okay, I decided not to
go with X marks the spot. I decided to go the OG method, and I’ll tell you what I mean. So, this is the pattern that I made with my washi tape and my slime. And the reason I went with this is because I remember in third grade I wanted to learn how
to draw a star so badly, but I didn’t know how to draw a star, and so I would just do,
like, a bunch of lines, and so this is what my
stars would look like. – Yes, me, too, dude. – Until I finally figured
out how to draw a star. And then in my journal, I
wrote over and over again, “Look, I finally learned
how to draw a star!” And the whole page was covered
in yellow highlighter stars. – That’s a good story. – Yeah, so how’s your slime comin’ along? – My slime is reacting
really weird to the Wite-Out. I’m just making a full
on layer of Wite-Out, and, like, it’s crisping over. – Eww, crisping. (Jordan laughs) Ew. – I’m getting slime into this Wite-Out, so I’m sorry whoever’s gonna
use this Wite-Out next. You’ll just find chunks of slime, so. – Jordan. You know Wite-Out’s, like, five bucks. I feel like I’m baking. – I made a layer of Wite-Out, and it’s literally crisped over, like. – Time to bake. – I hope you see that. Oh, my gosh, it feels like chalk. (gags) It feels like– (both laughing) – Just making sure you’re awake. – What just happened? – I was stretching my slime. – Ew, ew, feel it. It feels like chalk. – Euh. – Euh, ew. Oh, my gosh, I hate the feeling of chalk. Oh, oh. Ohhh. – Now it’s on my finger. Okay, next round. Okay, this is what I got. (ululating) Paint. Ooh, I get to add some color. – Ah! – So it’s art class for me. What is it for you, Jordy? – Let’s see, um. Art class, jumbo crayons. Okay, well, here’s my jumbo crayon, so. – I’m just gonna add some of the red in. – Oh, my gosh. – Red’s actually my favorite color. I think I’ve said this
in, like, every video. (gasps) I love it! It’s a giant crayon. – Oh, my gosh, why are you drawing on me? – It matches your skin tone. (Jordan laughs) Just kidding. – (mumbles) – I feel like I just
added mustard and ketchup. – Yes, you did. Yes, you did. Okay, what am I supposed to do with this? – I don’t know, but time to mix. – Time to mix. – This is like baking. Ew. – The Audj and Jo– – [Both] Baking Show! – Everyone is cringing so hard. – I love the Audj and Jo Baking Show. – Wait, why is this still red? This is not a pretty color. – It’s turning gray. – Okay, ready? Next. I think my slime is failing. – Your slime looks like a blobfish. – Oh. – Had an accident. – Okay. – Ew, it looks like a membrane, actually. – Paperclips. – Hand sani. – It’s just hand– – Euh, I already know what’s gonna happen. – Does it deactivate? – Yes. – But at least it will smell fresh. – Oh, no, pourquoi? Can I use it all? Yes, I can. Whoo, it’s a, oh, it smells good. Oh, my gosh, that smells really good. – Don’t use it all. – Scent my slime, please. – Jordan, your slime is gonna deactivate. – But it will be smelling
good, and it will be sparkly. – Here’s my slime. (both laugh) It’s a hot mess. Jordan said red and blue makes purple. – It does! – It doesn’t make purple. – It does. – They lie to you in preschool. It makes gray. It makes the color of this. I don’t see a difference. – It’s okay, it’s okay. I am scared for what your slime is gonna look like at the very end. – Yours looks cute, ’cause
it’s now tinted pink. It’s, like, cotton candy. – I know, and it smells like
cotton candy, it smells– – Next round! Glue sticks, my favorite. – Hey, you get more glue. I got guuuuuuuuum! – [Audrey] Oh, that’s fun. – I love gum. No, I hate adding gum to my slime, though, ’cause then that loses all the, ahh, ’cause then I can’t chew the gum. What a waste of gum. – I got you the best brand of gum. It doesn’t break. Durability 100. – (laughs) I wanna try. Oh, it is durable. – Very durable. – Wow. I’m surprised. Oh, my crayon! Notice how I said crayon? – I gotta crush it up. Can you make slime with this kinda glue? Like, if you didn’t have the liquid kind? – I’ve heard you can, but I don’t know if that’s true or not. – Should we test it out? Leave a comment down below. Next round. I don’t think I can reach
in the backpack anymore. I feel like I’ve been in an art class. Oh, I’ll take this one,
it’s the chosen one. Marker ink, great. – Pink erasers. Actually, that goes with its aesthetic. – Yours is so cute. – Yay. – And then there’s mine. – So, I have my erasers, but I’m wondering if I
should, like, rip ’em up? – I would. Okay, so we got the marker. My mom opened it up for me. (both laughing) – You guys didn’t even
know why it’s funny, but it’s because she
gnawed on the back of it with her tooth. – Don’t do that at home. Do not try that at home, but my mom just loves doing it. (both laughing) – [Mom] I don’t love it. Hey, do you need– – It’s one of her hobbies. We’re gonna be adding the Christmas colors in today, red and green. I don’t know if it’s gonna– – Careful, these stain galore. Ooh. – My hands can’t get much worse. – And so, yeah, just be careful. Don’t, yeah, play with
these, because, yeah. – Okay, how do you do this? You press… – Meanwhile, I’m trying
to shred up this eraser with my nails, and it’s not working. – Okay, guys, this is how
my slime is turning out. Really fun. So, I think I’m gonna call this, like, (Jordan squeals) black space? ‘Cause it’s giving me, like, spacey vibes? You know? – I’m gonna, I don’t even
know what to call mine. – So, and this is all ink on my hands. – Oh, my gosh, Audrey! – But it’s washable, so don’t worry. – We’ll really see about that soon. – I’m going shopping
tomorrow with friends, so. (Jordan laughs) – I say we move on from this. – Moving on! Ooh, I choose you, Pikachu. Paper protectors, my favorite. Do you know what those are? – The little circle things? – Yeah. – I never knew what they
were in elementary school. I got paper. Mm-hmm. – Oh, you get paper, I get the protectors. Perfect. ‘Cause your thing is fun,
and my thing’s a hot mess. Whoo! – We did not just go with regular paper, we went with colorful, fun paper, because that is a fun thing to do. – Because yeah. So I went with colorful, coordinating colors, except for the green. And these– – Goody. – If you don’t know what these are, these are little circles that you put where the holes are in your paper, so that when the paper’s in your binder– – It doesn’t rip. – It won’t rip. Because teachers don’t like ripped paper. – And you’ll get docked points. – The paper has to be picture perfect. Yeah, you do get docked points. – Some teachers dock poitns. – It’s time to mix in my Froot Loops. Do you like ’em? – Aw, it’s cute. – Cute. – Okay.
– Okay, next. Pencil shavings. – Mini pencils. Perfect, I could shave
my mini pencils down, and you get the pencil shavings. – I spent 25 minutes before this video shaving down the pencils. (laughs) And I got the pencil shavings. – Okay. – BRB. You know, I don’t think my
slime can get much worse, so. – We’re good. Oh, my gosh. – Just sprinkle all that pixie dust on. – Oh, I get your mini pencil collection. I love that. So, Audrey did have a
collection of mini pencils. – Oh, I used to play house with them. – Okay, so, there’s the mini pencils. Audrey used to play house with them. She’d hide ’em in her little, um– – Pencil box.
– Pencil box. – I wouldn’t hide them. – She would just not, she
would refuse to get rid of ’em. Actually, I think this is not a smart idea to have pencils in your slime, because one wrong move and… It’s not a good idea. – But the same with the shavings, ’cause you’re gonna get a paper cut. I have to handle this. Careful. – I just don’t think you
should add in anything that has to do with a
pencil in your slime. Okay, just don’t. It’s not a smart idea. We’re being careful, okay? I’m very carefully picking
up my slime, as you can see. – You can see, like,
so many jewels in this. First you get the pencil shavings, but then when you dive deeper, you find the paperclip. And then you dive deeper,
and you might find, ooh, you find one of the
protectors of the papers. And, ooh, if you dive
really, really, really deep, you get a chunk of glue stick. Mine is the best slime. – Full of surprises. Mine, I just like. It looks like confetti. – I do like yours. – It looks like a back
to school confetti slime. – Alright, you guys, so
final reveal of our slimes. ♪ Duh duh duh-duh duh duh duh-duh ♪ ♪ Mission Impossible ♪ ♪ Mission Impossible ♪ ♪ Mission Impossible, duh-duh ♪ ♪ Duh duh duh-duh duh duh ♪ – What are we even doing? – [Audrey] I’m playing the band. – So, what should we, actually, I was gonna say, which would you rather
have, sticky or teary, but they’re both sticky and teary.
– And teary. (both laugh) – They both stick and tear. – You decide. – We tried. – Alright, that was fun. Alright, you guys, so
that’s it for today’s video. We hope you guys enjoyed it, and if you did, give it a big thumb’s up. Also, leave in the comments down below whose slime you like more. I think I can predict
which one’s gonna win. – Audrey’s! – Yeah! Also, remember to subscribe to
Aud Vlogs, my second channel. We have a party there every week. It’s pretty rad, so make sure you hop on
over there and subscribe. And we’ll see you guys next time. – [Both] Bye! (laugh track) – Hello. (laughs) – Oh, no, not that again. (both laughing) Help me. (mumbles) The background is swallowing me. Help me! – I can’t. – It’s getting in the slime. (Jordan shrieks) It’s not what I wanted to do today. (playful music)

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