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Back to School Shopping Spree! | MOM VLOG

(upbeat music) – Hey guys, what’s up? It’s Raven and Ziya. For today’s vlog, we just got dressed and we are getting ready
to head out to a few stores because basically, we need to do some back to school shopping. I know Ziya’s only three years old and she’s like in preschool, Montessori school, she’s not in real school yet. She’s not starting kindergarten or anything yet so it’s not like we
need to get a full list of school supplies and all that stuff. But it is still the start of a new season and she needs new clothes,
new shoes, underwear, pajamas. I wanna get some new
like home school supplies so it still is kinda like
back to school shopping for us but just kind of in our own little way. So, we’ve got a bunch of
stores that we need to go to and I thought I would take
you guys along with us while we shop. Are you ready to go shopping? (giggles) Where do you wanna go first? – Target. – Okay, this is Ziya’s
little OOTD by the way. These are the clothes that
she’s been wearing all summer. A lot of stuff from Walmart. I think both of these two
things are from Walmart. They had a lot of this like teal, coral, yellow, bright, colorful stuff for summer. She is wearing 3T right, but I’m gonna need to be
buying her stuff in 4T. And the shoes she’s wearing
right now are size eight, but she is going to be needing size nine. So her stuff from summer
definitely still fits but I wanna start getting
some stuff from fall, and just get her some new
stuff to wear to school that she can get dirty in. But also some cute little outfits, maybe some more stuff for her hair. She’s been loving these
little butterfly things that. I think those are from Walmart too. I got like a set of all
these different colors so I’ve been using those a lot this summer but she just needs some new stuff. – Yeah. – All right, let’s go. (ziya giggles) Okay, first stop is Target. We just pulled up. This is where Ziya said
she wanted to come first, and I wanted to come here first of course. Looking at clothing, shoes,
underwear, pajamas, hair stuff. They have some good home schooling stuff in their little dollar section as well. Maybe some more books from their book section. So I think there’s a lot of
stuff that we can get from here. So let’s go. (upbeat music) (Ziya mumbles) Yeah but we’re gonna eat
next store after this. Okay, we’re gonna get lunch after this. Just wanted to come here first. – So, Target do have some food for us. – [Raven] They do have some food, but it’s not the food I wanna get. We’re gonna go next store, okay. – Well I want some food. – [Raven] Okay, so these, they’ve already got all
the Halloween stuff out. There were some more books over here I saw the other day but let’s see. These are all a dollar each, little workbooks. This is third grade, first grade, Pre-K, wipe-clean play set. For Pre-K one. Practice printing, cursive, and drawing. This might be good. Practice letters. That Toy story thing, we’re
not looking at toys today. What do you think about this? Does that look fun. No, Ziya. We have to get some educational stuff, that’s what we’re here for. Huh. – There’s some stickers in the side. – [Raven] It has stickers in that book. Oh now you like it ’cause it has stickers. This is fun, neighborhood bingo, go for a walk in your neighborhood and circle the things that you find. Okay, we’ll get this one too. – [Ziya] Okay. – [Raven] So you got three workbooks. So that’ll be fun,
those are a dollar each. They have flashcards,
pencils, sticker books. Opposites, ages three plus. This one might be a good one. Dr. Seuss flash cards, colors and shapes. Alphabet. Look, a little money set. You wanna learn about counting money? Ooh, should we get some water color paint? – Yes
– Washable paint. – I wanna see this one. – [Raven] Those are washable markers. I don’t think we need any more markers. You got a lot of crayons and stuff. But we don’t have paint. (paint rattles) This might be a good little set to get. – Yeah.
– Wanna get that? – It’s pink, it’s pink. – [Raven] Or there’s this one
just like the regular paint. Oh, clay Model Magic clay. It’s like Play Doh. (wrapper rattles) But it’s kinda different than Play Doh. – [Ziya] Yeah, we can use that one. – [Raven] You wanna get that one? – We don’t have the other Play Doh because we don’t need the other one. – [Raven] Okay. One day, you’ll actually
get real school supplies like folders and binders
and pencils and pens and all this stuff. When you get bigger, when
you start real school. – Yeah, whenever I grow up, they come to do stuff whenever whenever I grow up. – [Raven] Yeah, when you grow up. – When I, I can be a grown up. – [Raven] Yeah. But right now, you don’t
need no books and things, not yet. – Well, I like this stuff. – [Raven] You like that stuff? – Yeah. And it has some cards. – [Raven] You need some new outfits? (clicks button) Let’s see. – A new. I need some pajamas. – [Raven] Some pajamas too, yeah. Awwn, look at this, little
cute little corduroy skirt. – [Ziya] I need new pajamas, mommy. – [Raven] This is all her
fall stuff, fluffy jackets. – Do I get to have some new pajamas? – [Raven] Yeah, let’s look at them. Here’s some pajamas on
clearance over here, 30% off. You need 4T, 4T is a teel color. Let’s see, oh, here’s a 4T footy pajamas, mermaids on it. I know you love the footy pajamas. Do you like this one with the mermaids? – Yeah, and the sharks, and the fish. – [Raven] Okay, hold that. – Monster pajamas, and mermaid pajamas. – [Raven] Monster pajamas, where
do you see monster pajamas? – There. – [Raven] Oh, those are cute. Do they have your size? – [Ziya] Can we have some
funny eyes and funny mouth. – [Raven] Oh, it comes with a set of two. Llamas, is that llamas? And monsters. Should we get this instead of the mermaid? – [Ziya] Yes. – [Raven] It’s not on clearance though but – [Ziya] Oh oh. it’s not a bad price for a set of two. Do you like this outfit, Ziya? You don’t like it? It’s so cute though. Which one do you like? Do you like the yellow one, instead? No see, you do like the pink one. That’s what I thought,
you’d like that one. It’s so cute. This is your size, that one’s 3T, and we gotta get 4T now, ’cause you’re gonna be
four before we know it. – I’m still three. – [Raven] Yeah, you’re
still three right now, but you’re gonna be four pretty soon, well not pretty soon, but you’re turning four next. – I’m four right now? – [Raven] Not right now. – Oh. – [Raven] On your birthday, next year. – Outfit. – [Raven] You like that top? I don’t know if we need a fancy white top ’cause that’s gonna get destroyed. Let’s see, they got some nice fall colors. Aww I love all these
little overall things. They don’t have this
one in her size though. I know you’re sad ’cause we’re
not gonna look at they toys but let’s look at the shoes. You can’t get toys every day. That’s now what we’re here for today. Can we look at the shoes please? Look, which ones do you like? We have these, I think you need some little boots for the fall. There’s like these little ones. And then there’s these boots, these Kitty cat boots, glitter boots. I don’t know about these rainbow ones. Oh, wait these are cute, with little glitter laces. Okay, so we have some options. We got these glittery ones, look at these. – I wanna try these ones first. – [Raven] Okay, so now we just need to try one. – Yeah. – See what the sizing’s looking like. ‘Cause I’m pretty sure
you’re gonna need nines. No, wrong foot, this foot. Might be a little big for you now, but before we know it, by the time it’s fall time, (Ziya laughs) you’re gonna need a nine. – [Ziya] I can walk. – They’re a little loose
around your little ankles, little ankles. What do you think about those? – I like them. – [Raven] Might be too loose
around your ankle though. (stomps foot) Let me see, let me feel where your toe is. ‘Cause size eight is
gonna be just too exact. You’re gonna grow out of
them in like two weeks. Okay so between the pink
ones, and the glitter ones, which ones do you like more? Which one is your favorite? – [Ziya] The glitter one. – [Raven] The glitter ones. Does the glitter come off? No not really so that’s good. ‘Cause this is her foot
on a size eight shoe. It still fits, but it’s just like very exact. Like that’s her exact size right now. So by the time we get
to the end of the year, I feel like these won’t even foot anymore. – [Ziya] Hey mommy, it says eight there. – [Raven] Yeah those are size eight. But you really need a nine. And they don’t have it. So we’ll have to get them somewhere else. Take this foot, and put it on the eight. You see the eight? Hmm, line it up. Yeah, it barely fits on the eight. Now put it on the nine. – [Ziya] Where’s nine? – [Raven] You see nine, right after eight. You line it up. – [Ziya] Bless you. – [Raven] Thank you. Yeah, so yeah, you need size nine. Lunch break. Ziya got Chick-Fil-A, and I went to this poke place and got a spicy tuna poke bowl. And we’re just sitting
outside at Chick-Fil-A having a little lunch break. Is it good? I got her a side of fruit from the other place. (upbeat music) – Now we’re at Walmart because I did at the restaurant, and we’re always at Target. Now we’re at at Walmart and and also we even got a book form the restaurant, it’s mine. – [Raven] You got a book
in your Chick-Fil-A mean? Where is it, where’d you put it? – It’s over there. And I got my book. – [Raven] Chick-Fil-A is educational, they don’t give you
toys, they give you books with your kids meal. What kind of book is that? – It’s about a squirrel and a bird. – [Raven] It’s about
a squirrel and a bird. Okay, you ready to go inside Walmart and get some more clothes and stuff? We still have to get underwear, socks. I need maybe a few more T shirts for you. – And a few more cozy jammies. – [Raven] A few more cozy jammies? Okay, we’ll see what
they have, let’s go look. Ooh, look at these cute
little plaid skirts and stuff. – Yeah, do they have pajamas? – [Raven] Huh? – Do they have, does Walmart
have pajamas I think? – [Raven] Yeah they do, we need to get you some new underwears, ’cause you bout to
outgrow the ones you got. – Oh, look at these ones, frozen. – [Raven] Frozen underwears. You want these Frozen ones, they also have Minnie Mouse and Peppa Pig. It’s two to three, and
four to five, I guess is the only way it goes. What? – Look at those fancy stuff. – [Raven] Huh? – Look at fancy stuff. – [Raven] Yeah, we’re gonna look at em. Lots of new underwear that fit. (Ziya laughs) And also socks. 3T to 5T, 10 pairs for $6.24. These are good. – [Ziya] Socks, these are cool mommy. – [Raven] Who’s that on there? Captain America. I don’t think you need
Captain America socks. You just need plain socks. Well, look at these fuzzy jackets. (Ziya laughs) We should probably get one now because last time I waited too late and all the good colors were sold out. They have gray, black,
pink, green, purple. Honestly black would be nice so it doesn’t get completely
stained at school. Ooh, this is nice and cozy. – Oh, it’s nice and cozy. Does it fit me? – [Raven] Does it fit you? Yeah, it’s 4T. Once it starts getting cold, you’re gonna need something
to wear to school. What color do you like
out of all of these? You have all these colors. Which one do you like? – Light pink. – [Raven] Light pink, I knew
you were gonna say that. Okay, we’ll get the pink one. – Yeah, it’s called light pink. – [Raven] Light pink, okay here. – Ooh, it’s so cozy. (laughs) What’s cozy? – [Raven] Always get your
T-shirts and stuff from Walmart ’cause it’s cheap and I know you’re gonna
destroy it at school. So no need in getting anything super nice. These pants? – No. – [Raven] No. – How about? – [Raven] These pants. – No. – [Raven] No? These? – Yes. – [Raven] You like these? (laughs) – [Raven] Guess you’re
supposed to wear this shirt but I don’t know about that. I don’t really like this shirt. What does it say? Love who you are. Do you like that shirt. – Yeah. – [Raven] You do? Can you grab this shirt that says 4T? See right here, that one says 3T, and then this one says 2T. Do you see 4T? – Where? – [Raven] The orange one. There it is, can you grab that? – Is it this one? – [Raven] Yeah. (laughs) Careful, you’ll knock
over the whole thing. There you go, that’s your size, 4T. Is that cute? – Yes. – [Raven] That’s a cute long sleeve shirt. So I’m dang near getting one of everything for these $4 dollar, just
plain long sleeve T-shirts, plain leggings, solid
colors, mix and match for her to wear to school
during the fall and winter. Pink leggings, black leggings, gray leggings with stripes. Oh this little striped dress is cute. Ziya, do you like this? – Yes, it’s so so beautiful, it has stripes on it. – [Raven] It’s got some
beautiful stripes on it? – Yeah, I love it. – [Raven] You love it? Okay, we’ll get that. And I always shop in the
boys section for her too ’cause I feel like little
plain stuff like this, this little hoodie, short
sleeve hoodie thing. That’s cute for girls too. – Come here. – [Raven] What’s over here? – Vampirina pajamas. – [Raven] Vampirina pajamas. (laughs) You already got two pairs
of pajamas at Target. Shoes, let’s see if they have
any good different shoes. Huh? – These are too big, they’re mommy’s. – [Raven] Yeah, we gotta
go all the way down to the end where your size is. These are the little baby sizes. This is your section right here. Ooh, I see some cute little pink boots. Them little UGG boots. Of course, they put kitty cats on every pair of little
girls shoes right now like every pair of shoes
has a kitty cat face on it. Kitty cats and glitter. More kitty cats, and all the
shoes at Target had kitty cats. These are the shoes
she’s wearing right now, these little $5, little white sneakers. Oh rain boots, you’re gonna
need rain boots for school, for your muddy days, when you’re
playing outside in the mud. – Yeah. – [Raven] And rainy days. Do you like pink, rainbow, unicorn, Paw Patrol? – I like pink. – [Raven] You like pink. Of course you like pink. Why am I even asking you that question? Oh look at these. – [Raven] These are cute actually. Look how small these little sandals are. I remember when Ziya’s
feet where this tiny. We are not getting character shoes, that is where I draw the line. No licensed characters. You have licensed characters on your pajamas and your
underwear but that’s it. Maybe a few Peppa Pig
T-shirts here and there, but we are not getting these obnoxious shimmer and shine. These look like cleats. I’m like no obnoxious sparkly
shimmer and shine shoes, and then like, I pick out these (laughs). But it’s different, okay. These are fashion. I got these for 86 cents, these for like a dollar, $2. So at Ziya’s school right now, they’re supposed to bring
an all about me poster. And I think we should get
some stuff to make the poster. We already have markers and everything but we can get like a, oh cute. I like this one. Stickers. – Nope. Look at those, some eggs. – [Raven] Ziya, you always
point out the most random stuff that we’re not looking for. (upbeat music) Okay, back from shopping. I thought we were going
to go to a lot more places but pretty much ended
up getting everything I was planning to get from just Target and Walmart. Let’s do a haul of
everything that we got, Ziya. – Bath bombs. – [Raven] Bath bombs. Yes, color-changing bath bombs, as well as some, just some bubbel bath from Walmart. – It has some seashells and a starfish. – [Raven] Hmm hmm. – And these are some panties. – [Raven] Size 4T panties for her, cause she was wearing 2T and 3T and those were getting too small. So we got the frozen ones, and then a six pack of just
like some regular, printed ones. We got two pairs of boots from Walmart. One pair of rain boots. – [Ziya] I’m gonna try one on. – [Raven] And then the glitter boots also from Walmart. Oh wow, do they fit? Let me see. Let me see from the side. (hums) Are they comfortable? – (murmurs) push back, push back. – [Raven] And then these are more so like just ’cause I thought they were cute, just to wear like on
the weekends and stuff for an actual cute outfit. These are like gonna definitely get
destroyed at school so. Oh, and then from Target, we got these boots, again just to be cute for more like dressed up occasions this fall and winter. So all her shoes are size nine now, these are size nine to 10, ’cause Walmart does like
that different kinda sizing. These are size nine to 10. I can’t believe that Ziya’s feet are already this big. – And this has pair of socks. – [Raven] And we got socks for the shoes, yes. Ten pairs of, let me see. Ten pairs of 3T to 5T, with he little cuff on em so those will be good for all her boots and everything, going to school. What else? – A fluffy, a nice coat. – [Raven] A nice, fluffy coat. – Yeah, it’s so cozy. – [Raven] Here, hold it like this. For when it starts getting cold. – Pink zipper. – [Raven] With a pink zipper. – Yeah. – [Raven] Okay, and what else? – A ton of stuff. – [Raven] Oh yeah, so let’s
show all of our homeschool type stuff that we got from Target. Can you dump out that whole bag? Dump it out. (bag rattles) – We got some Play Doh. – [Raven] Yeah, Model Magic modeling clay so we can do some sort of craft
activity with that one day. – We even have some paint. – [Raven] Water color paint,
okay, lay it down right here. Water colors, dry erase
little activity book. And then two other just regular activity books, My Neighborhood. It comes with stickers.
– It even has some. – [Raven] There’s a bunch
of stuff you can fill out about learning about the neighborhood, different buildings and stuff. – Stickers, and this. – [Raven] Maps. And then this one is about math concepts for Pre-K with stickers as well. – And some cards. – [Raven] Flash cards, these are Same or Different flash cards to learn about similarities
and differences obviously and then also this one is about opposites, like quiet versus loud. – Pennies to count them. – [Raven] Oh yeah, this
is the little play money, dollars and coins to learn
about counting money. So all of these learning things are form
the Target dollar spot, so all these things were
like a dollar or $3, and this I think was $3. It’s about shapes and numbers and it comes with different felt pieces so you can fill it in and answer the questions. And I like this one because
it’s in Spanish and English so that’s good for practicing her Spanish. And then I got another
one of these felt books just about the alphabet, so it just asks you like A is for apple, and then I think you
just put the letter in, so that would be good for her to practice. – Glitter glue. – [Raven] Glitter glue, so that’s for your all about me poster that we have to make, and the poster that we bought and the stickers are downstairs. And you gotta show all
your clothes and stuff that are in here. Oh, and then all this stuff form Walmart. – Then we have these, and what are they called? – [Raven] Those are called,
well I call em hair, hairballs. People call em different things. Hair bobbles, hair berets,
whatever you call em, these are the things. – [Ziya] What are these? – Some rainbow rubber bands, some just regular rubber bands, and some hair clips, just to upgrade her little
hair accessory collection. – And we have some, some beautiful colors. – [Raven] Yeah, so this is something else fun for the bathtub. These are like a dollar, fizzy tub colors, you just like put em in the bathtub and it turns the water colors and it’s just something
fun to do for the bathtub. I like to get here little
fun stuff like that. – We have some cozy ball pajamas. – And then also from Target,
I got her this really cute, really soft little sweater, with the little peplum on the bottom so this will be cute for fall. This cute two piece set, it’s a long sleeve pink shirt, and it comes apart so it’s
not like sewn together. So it’s a pink long sleeve shirt with this really cute dress, like overall type dress, black and white, or
gray and white stripes. I thought this was so cute. And then these leggings
I thought were so cute from Target too. It’s mustard color with this floral print. So I feel like she can
wear these leggins with this sweater. Like that would be a really
cute outfit for the fall. Also just these back stretchy pants with gold piping down the side. And then, I went ahead and
got two pairs of sweatpants, light pink, just really soft,
nice, thick, warm sweatpants, and then the same ones in gray. These are really good for when it starts getting colder, this is the type of stuff that she will actually wear to school ’cause they do still
play outside and stuff but of course you wanna
be warm and comfortable so got those two ’cause these are actually nice and thick. I did get some from Walmart, but the ones from Target
are actually better ’cause they’re actually thicker and warmer but I went ahead and got
some from Walmart too. So then here’s all the
clothes we got from Walmart. – We got a beautiful flower shirt. – Beautiful flower shirt, pink floral long sleeve shirt okay, and then here. – We got another shirt and it has flowers on it. And a leopard shirt. – Leopard shirt, good. And then this little
pullover, little sweater, with flowers on it. – [Ziya] Pants with some. – You gotta turn around. – These pants with some stripes. – Yes. – And we got. – Another pullover sweater thing. This one is a kitty cat, unicorn. – Kitty cat unicorn. What. – This really cute striped dress. Long sleeve striped dress. – [Ziya] With some cute stripes. – And then like I said, Walmart
also has the little soft sweatpants, but they’re
just not as thick or warm. I mean they’re pretty good
but the ones from Target are a lot better. But I did go ahead and get hot pink, kind of this red color, and then just plain black sweatpants for her from Walmart ’cause she would definitely need this as well as just plain leggings. – We got. – Plain shirt, plain black shirt. So just a bunch of basics, plain black, long sleeve shirt. Plain pink leggins, plain gray leggins, plain green leggings,
and plain black leggins. So just all these plain
solid color leggings to mix and match with the printed long sleeve shirts. This type of stuff,
she can wear to school, she can get it dirty, I don’t care, it was $4 each, you know what I mean so that’s like the school stuff. Also plain gray T-shirt to throw into the mix. And then, I just thought this was cute from the little boys section. It’s like a hoodie but it’s a short sleeve gray hoodie. And Ziya’s holding the last thing. You wanna show it? – Yeah, it’s some gray pants with red stripes and black stripes. – Hmm hmm. – And that.
– Is that everything? – Yes. Now can we go downstairs and get a nice treat, donut. – And get a nice donut, you think you deserve a donut after all this hard work with shopping? – Yes. – Okay so here’s an overview of everything that we bought
from Target and Walmart today. Two pajamas, one, two, three,
four, five, six leggings. One, two, three sweatpants. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight long sleeve shirts. A jacket, two dresses, a little hoodie, two more paris of sweatpants, a sweater, two more pairs of pants, lots of fun stuff to do for
homeschooling activities when she’s not at school. Underwear, hair stuff, bath
stuff, three pairs of boots, and some socks. So guys, it has been a
long, fun day of shopping. I pretty much got everything
that I was looking for so I think we’re good to go for the next coming months, this new fall season coming up. We got plenty of stuff to do at home. She’s got plenty of
stuff to wear to school so I think today was super successful. – Give this one a thumbs up and subscribe. See you in the next one, bye.

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